Cookies Detroit Marijuana Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid Strain Indica Dominant Hybrid 70% Indica / 30% Sativa

THC: 25%

Cookies Detroit is a rare indica dominant hybrid strain created as a phenotype of the infamous Cookies strain, although it has been said to be a cross of another high-powered indica as well. If you love its parent strain, you'll be head over heels for this bud. It takes the effects of Cookies and amplifies them with an even higher level of potency, which can prove to be too much for even the most experienced of patients. The high comes in with a rushing cerebral effect, slamming into your mind with a high-flying euphoria and introspective energy that has you fading in and out of racing happy thoughts with creativity galore. A slightly relaxing physical high accompanies this heady state, keeping your physical form calm and at ease as your mind reaches new heights. With these hard-hitting effects and its super high 25%+ average THC level, Cookies Detroit is often said to be perfect for treating conditions such as appetite loss or nausea, chronic stress, depression, migraines or headaches and chronic fatigue. This bud has a sweet and nutty spicy vanilla flavor with a lightly sour exhale. The aroma is just as delicious, with a spicy herbal overtone that's accented by deliciously sweet and nutty vanilla cookies. This bud has oversized spade-shaped airy olive green nugs with dark undertones, thick orange hairs and a coating of frosty tiny amber crystal trichomes.
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