Crown Royale Marijuana Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid Strain Indica Dominant Hybrid 70% Indica / 30% Sativa

THC: 17% - 21%, CBD: 2%

Crown Royale is a Indica Dominant Hybrid crossed between Blueberry and Purple Kush that is produced by mating Mikadofrom Hawaii. It produces dark green colored buds that are compressed and curved. It has a THC level of approximately 21 percent and a CBD level of 2.10 percent. Some sources regard its feminized form to be an Indica dominant strain with 70 percent Indica variety. Crown Royal produces a cerebral high on your body that slowly tends to take over your system. Its body buzz is very strong and energizing. It has a lovely taste that is a mixture of citrus, dank, flowery and spicy flavors. The aroma of this strain is nice and smooth. It is a good blend of pine and citrus flavors. The strain has a flowering period of nine weeks. Crown Royale is most suitable for the medical patients suffering from depression and stress as it relaxes their nerves and relieves all the symptoms of stress. It has a positive effect on terrible migraines and different types of pain, including arthritis pains. You can also use it for treating nausea and loss of appetite. It is a safe strain, but tends to dry your mouth at times.
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First time trying Crown Royal. Very impressive cerebral action. Mello, relaxing, carefree. When it moves to the body, there is no mistaking the pain relief. Full body relaxation. No doubt my new go to for nighttime

Calypso grew this strain for PA's MMJ program. Mine came in around 22%, with b carophylene and myrcine as dominant terps. Just had one small bowl (6 hits) to sample and write quick review. terms. Feeling typical indica effects. Smoke was smooth and flavorful. Giving 5 stars as my nugs were perfectly cured. If you're a fan of indicas with just enough sativa for the head, give this one a try.

Really like this stuff. It's got amazing colors....the buds look amazing, taste is a very nice citrus and the high is very relaxing. If you live in the North OC area I highly recommend Hill Valley Healers who have some of the best nugs I have ever seen in my life, good prices and their own delivery people so you never get pinched by some random delivery guy. Try this or the Tahoe Purps or the Pure Kush and you will be very happy

Just got this first time.. heavy smoker with high intake. I usually go for the higher thc strain, but this made me go back for more. I absolutely love it.. I suffer from horrible migraines, acute anxiety, and nerve pain from radiation and chemo.. I promise this is a gigantic help with all... for me -noways.. I definitely would recommend 😍

I suffer from degenerative arthritis in both knees and my back. This strain has helped me decrease my intake of hydrocodone. I was taking 180 10/350 a month a year ago. I'm down to about 60 a month now and I'm hoping to get completely off of them in the near future.

Vaped some home grown CR and it was fantastic! Great body buzz that allowed me to have a humorous night without being paranoid.

Very smooth and drifting, very nice calm. It’s a couch locker tho.😴

If you ever get anxiety from smoking cannabis, this is the perfect strain for you! Nothing but pleasant effects and this strain sure takes care of pain! Aside from purple Kush, I might say this is my new favorite strain!

I have nerve issues in my feet and legs from back surgery years ago...Fantastic, full body high, no pain, can't say enough good things about it

Nice light experience. Went for 2 more hits after 2 hours. Went for 2 more, and two more again. Giggles set in and now bed! Pain level before: 6 out of 10 being worst. Pain level 60 min later was 0!!! Using for back pain (cervical & lumbar). Helps with my anxiety BIG time. Indica body buzz with barely a head buzz.

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