Dark Helmet Marijuana Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid Strain Indica Dominant Hybrid 70% Indica / 30% Sativa

THC: 24%

Dark Helmet is an indica dominant hybrid strain (70% indica/30% sativa) created through crossing the classic Forum Cut Girl Scout Cookies X Jawa Pie strains. Named for the infamous Spaceballs character, Dark Helmet is, surprisingly, one of the most calming strains on the market. In fact, even with its heavy indica dominance, most of the effects of Dark Helmet concentrate on the mind, leaving you in a state of pure blissful euphoria for hours and hours on end. You'll feel all negative or racing thoughts wash away, leaving you with a sense of deep peace and relaxation that permeates both mind and body without causing sedation. Thanks to these hard-hitting cerebral effects and its high 13-24% average THC level, Dark Helmet is often chosen to treat those suffering from conditions such as migraines or headaches, depression, nausea or appetite loss, mood swings, and chronic stress. This bud has a sweet an sour nutty lime flavor, almost like a key lime pie, with a punch of pungency upon exhale. The aroma is very earthy and pungent, with a rich herbal overtone that's accented by sour citrus. Dark Helmet buds have rounded olive green nugs with thick amber hairs, chunky matching trichomes, and a thick gooey layer of sweet syrupy resin covering each and every leaf.
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Okay so my first bowl of Dark Helmet was 30 minutes after a bowl of Cold Creek Kush lastnight and here is what happened: It was immediately a wild f*cking ride and I knew the moment I toked it. It was basically like I got kicked in the head by a horse, was then hanging off a fast train for a bit (5-10 minutes) and then completely mellowed out to a state where I was just pleasantly stoned. I then became stuck to my bed so I ended up napping for a bit and then got the mad munchies and then went to bed and slept like a baby.


I would consider myself in the middle of amateur smoker and intermediate. I go between smoking everyday all day non stop to nothing. Well, I'm coming back into smoking after a bout with heroin. I took 3 tokes off of a joint before work and BAD IDEA lol. I felt too much in my head, anxiety, the whole shebang. But since I've been seasoned in the past, I was able to calm myself down and went to work without anyone noticing me screaming on the inside. Next time I toked, (about 30 min ago), I took only 1 drag. I can definitely enjoy the effects now. But it is not a strain for beginner beginners lol.

Having a morning session with this little friend, Dark Helmet. Fitting, as Space Balls is in my top 5 of favorite classic comedies. I had to slow my tokes after 4 big bong hits. This one had me second guessing my tolerance (daily smoker for 23 years). Flat out, this one is great! Its really heightening my senses and my attention to detail is really good right now. Its so good that I took a 45 minute break and am now trying to remember what I was going to write. In all reality, this one is a good strain if you want a good indica feel without wanting to nod off..if that makes sense. Very relaxing but not enough to fall asleep on. Gonna turn on Space Balls now and relax with some random laughs. ✌

Definitely NOT a beginner strain. Has a slow climb and then eases you into the couch for a short while. Good meditation strain as it erases stress. After the meditation it brings a nice easy buzz that allows for creativity

This is one of those strains, that when you leave in a cold environment long enough, the leaves will literally turn super dark purple, almost black. I love this strain so much. Its my go to when I'm having super bipolar issues. The flavor is on point, the potency is very satisfying, and the bag appeal is mouth watering. Dont give to amateurs tho, you're just asking for trouble.

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