Indica Dominant Hybrid 80% Indica / 20% Sativa

THC: 18% - 25%

Not surprisingly, Dutch Treat is an Amsterdam staple, an indica-dominant hybrid with a 20:80 sativa/indica ratio. The strain's limited sativa genetics produce a near-instant head rush, followed by a numbing body high somewhere short of couch-lock. Dutch Treat has THC levels reaching 18-25%, so it's strong but not aggressively so. It smells like eucalyptus and has a sweet, earthy pine flavor. The head high is intensely euphoric and upbeat, while the body high is deeply relaxed. Dutch Treat works well on anxiety and pain, and it's also helpful with insomnia. This strain is recommended for ADHD, PTSD, migraines, and arthritis. Adverse effects include dry mouth and red eyes. Outside Holland, Dutch Treat is most popular in the Pacific Northwest and the Southwest United States. It's a descendant of Northern Lights, a famed indica; skunk, a potent hybrid; and Haze, one of the most popular sativas of all time. That mixed but esteemed heritage makes Dutch Treat a fun, effective treatment for both mental and physical suffering. As a heavy indica, this strain can be a bit hard to find, but it's common enough in places where marijuana is legal.
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Really good, compares to the Hawaiian strains. Hybrid is a Vancouver Island/Pacific Northwest origin.

I'm giving Dutch Treat 5 stars, not for strength but for its quality high. Some sativas and hybrids give me bad anxiety, but not Dutch Treat. It gives you enough energy to keep your thoughts going, while at the same time the dominant indica relaxes your body. I found this particular combo actually allowed me to feel happy for a change and not anxious! True connoisseur strain with excellent medicinal values

This strains fucking dope man

I'm a Old time Smoker & have tried many many strains but have never smoked Dutch treat by its self only in mix strains. So I was at Green Light in Spokane having a huge sale with $5 joints all flower of many great strains but 1,st time I've seen Dutch treat so I got one & have to say it was the best Sativa Dom high I've ever had reminds me of Sour D in high . Really liked it Will buy again in fact all ready have so Enjoy

One of my favorites for ADHD and PTSD. Huge relief of nightmares and insomnia.

I smoked this in flower form, very nice (except they aint), but yes, I thought a wee bit overrated. Then I bought and vaped some oil here in WA, it's the only way to truly enjoy. Granted, at her levels at 68.9% THC, 2.25% CBD most strains will fuck you up. But her genetics truly shine here, fans of indica leaning hybrids should try. But it must be exceptional buds, or concentrates to fully enjoy.

Dutch Treat is a lovely smoke, very distinct flavor and aroma with enough sativa to smack you in the head and enough of the indica roots to make you want to sit back and contemplate the meaning of life while stuffing your face with chocolate chip cookies and keeping the couch pinned under your ass. Sweet A's has a nice Dutch Treat, I can't see paying more than $10/gm though. I personally look for Sweet A's in the half OZ or OZ size (bulk and budget), and pick it up for well under $10/gm. Do not let some of these hack rec shops try and tell you this is top shelf smoke, it is not even close: tiny nugs and I've noticed all strains from this grower have similar aftertaste, this usually means poor fertilizer and pest control applications and lack of flushing for the last 2 weeks IMHO (In My Humboldt Opinion). If you are buying prerolls, these are even lower quality, the price should reflect that...

One of my very favorites; the pine smell coupled with the lemon mouth feel adds culinary delight to this smoke. When you want to reward yourself, this will work.

I used to buy Auric AG's Dutch Treat all the time, this and the skunk #1, both were great for the budget smoker... Somehow though they have gone from $35/ eighth to $50/eighth... I won't even sample their products anymore at that price, they are not a top shelf farm, but for some reason they are taking up top shelf real estate. If that is the case at your local shop, tell your bud tender to share whatever he has been smoking because he has got to be high.

This is a very nice version of Dutch treat lots of flavor , a great smell and a wonderful high the full package

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