Dutch Treat Marijuana Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid Strain Indica Dominant Hybrid 80% Indica / 20% Sativa

THC: 18% - 25%

Not surprisingly, Dutch Treat is an Amsterdam staple, an indica-dominant hybrid with a 20:80 sativa/indica ratio. The strain's limited sativa genetics produce a near-instant head rush, followed by a numbing body high somewhere short of couch-lock. Dutch Treat has THC levels reaching 18-25%, so it's strong but not aggressively so. It smells like eucalyptus and has a sweet, earthy pine flavor. The head high is intensely euphoric and upbeat, while the body high is deeply relaxed. Dutch Treat works well on anxiety and pain, and it's also helpful with insomnia. This strain is recommended for ADHD, PTSD, migraines, and arthritis. Adverse effects include dry mouth and red eyes. Outside Holland, Dutch Treat is most popular in the Pacific Northwest and the Southwest United States. It's a descendant of Northern Lights, a famed indica; skunk, a potent hybrid; and Haze, one of the most popular sativas of all time. That mixed but esteemed heritage makes Dutch Treat a fun, effective treatment for both mental and physical suffering. As a heavy indica, this strain can be a bit hard to find, but it's common enough in places where marijuana is legal.
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I like sativas much more than indicas and I’m not fond of couchlock unless it’s a hour before bed. But a friend of mine encouraged me to give it a try. I’ve smoked both Haze and Northern Lights and have liked both of them, so I figured I’d give it a try. I smoked it in the early afternoon and was not disappointed. I didn’t get couch lock but just a sense of being at ease. I wasn’t up for doing much, but with this high I didn’t care. Highly recommended

This strain is awesome.first time i have tried thiis strain.Great for insomnia and anxiety.you should try if you can find it.

Dabbing Dutch Treat wax and it's pure 90's taste all day❤You had to be there when silver haze, nl5 and skunk were the staple. This has that dank taste and uplifting then mellowed out buzz i love. Great strain.

Dutch Treat Indica Coffee was really a unique Haze pheno of DT. That's what 80/20 indica means 80%chance you get a indica leaning pheno & 20%chance at a haze(sativa) Both R classics . NL or Haze are staples in thousands of hybrids for a reason

Always a staple of mine... I prefer either making my own Alcohol extract or buying it already made, but the bud is equally as exciting... What I like the most about this strain is the creativity,,, I can't keep my hands off my guitar and inspiration seems to come from everywhere. Good shit!

The ONLY Indica that gives me anxiety. I thought it was reversed. Oh well I'll grind up some Snoop Dream that otta smooth it out. COFFEE INDICA. That just sounds funny. And strange. Tastes AWSOME.

44% joint tn !! Amazing

SUPER relaxing. Good for day and night. Definately what you want on a rainy day. It's got a really cool "vibe" to it as well. You're smoking a staple of europe and the signature strain of Amsterdam and you know instantly why it has all the hype and popularity. Really awesome strain from the bog fluffy popcorn fur and crystal coated nugs, it's really sweet tasting, smooth, dense smoke. This belongs in every stoner's stash for sure.

Got the alcohol extract concentrate produced by MedUSA Gardens and it is excellent. Just a small dab on a sandwich in the morning gives a mildly disorienting day-long high.

I read that Dutch Treat’s parents were supposed to be Northern Lights and Haze. My top CBD was a strain called Pearl CBD which nearly had 20% CBD and less than 0.5 THC by Panacea. I can’t seem to find it anywhere anymore. My second smoking type CBD is AC/DC by Panda. It says it’s a Sativa but it hits me like an Indica. Very low THC and high CBD. I now predominantly use CBD oil from Fairwinds. Tried Dutch Treat from Equinox for the first time today. It was a very long high and I only took two hits. Also, it’s very strong! I was very glad I didn’t exceed my two hit limit. This brand has it labeled as an Indica. Which is what I want. I don’t do Sativas for the most part at all. Very smooth. It certainly gave me “couch lock” and I’ve been yawning a lot. Plus, very quick dry mouth. But I’d have to let you know tomorrow to have my final vote on this strain.

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