Haze Marijuana Strain

Sativa Dominant Hybrid 80% Sativa / 20% Indica

THC: 14% - 23%

Haze is perhaps one of the most popular strains in the cannabis community. It is a sativa dominant hybrid strain with a 20:80 indica/sativa ratio. Considering its effects, it has been used to create several other highly potent and famous hybrid strains. The strains are like plants, dark green in color with orange hairs seeping through the surface. It has a spicy scent with hints of citrus along with earthy sweetness unlike any other. As for the taste, it is more or less the same. The strain is popular primarily because of its cerebral high. The high will cloud your mind, making it difficult for you to focus and concentrate. But then again, it does have uplifting and euphoric effects that will induce a sense of creativity. Additionally, it can cause individuals to feel a bit hungry and can give them the munchies. Smoking too much of the strain can have its drawbacks as the user may exhibit symptoms of headaches, paranoia and even dry mouth and eyes. That being said, it does have its benefits and can be used to treat a number of medical conditions including anorexia, nausea and even stress.
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Haze is a perfect name for this strain. My brain is differently in a hazy stupor. Not overly motivated, though could get into a fun activity with like minded friends. Hard to stay focused. Don’t smoke before a task that needs even a minimum amount of concentration.

Haze is a great name for this strain, as my mind is differently in a stupor of a haze. Very hard to focus, nor do I care that I can’t. Not super motivated, but given the right setting I could see being able to jump into an activity with like minded friends. Very floaty feeling. Not for those who want a clear head.

Fire the creator of many power haze strains haze is fire when grown properly tastes like sweet peppery and lil spice very nice flavour highs nice to

Available in concentrates in Maryland also to help with PTSD etc. If I have too much paranoid I do not cut back, only mix it with some CBD, which may have already been done in some situations with concentrates. With the concentrates medical users like this strain as it only smells like citrus so people find it hard to smell it on them at work :) I personally like to smoke the flower much better.

Uptown Piff is smooth smoking and quickly resettles your brain into "trip mode." Your day will be adventurous and active. Wonderful with friends. A truly premier sativa dominant strain.

Very energetic and nice high. Note to self super for adding to my dieting with cannabis method. Supresses hunger by 3 out of 5 points.

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