Gelato Marijuana Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid Strain Indica Dominant Hybrid 55% Indica / 45% Sativa

THC: 20%

Gelato is a slightly indica dominant hybrid (55% indica/45% sativa) strain created through a cross of the infamous Sunset Sherbet X Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies strains. This dank bud is infamous for its insanely delicious flavor and hugely powerful effects that are fueled by a THC level that hits its low point at 20% on average. Gelato has a flavor that's said to be much like a sweet sherbet, with fruity blueberry and orange flavors. The aroma is just as sickly sweet, with a lavender citrus berry bouquet that has a woody effect as the nugs are broken apart and smoked. Although it has a tasty flavor, Gelato is definitely best loved for its effects. Even with its slight indica dominance, the high is head heavy in nature and won't leave you sedated or couch-locked. It starts with a cerebral head rush that hits you in the forehead with an uplifted euphoria and a sense of slightly focused energy. As this head high blissfully builds, a creeping body buzz will slowly wash over you, leaving you completely relaxed and calm with a sense of peace and well being. These powerful and surprisingly well balanced effects make Gelato the perfect choice for patients suffering from muscle spasms, chronic pain, inflammation, chronic fatigue, and headaches or migraines. Gelato buds have large and lumpy super dense grape-shaped dark forest green nugs with rich purple and orange hairs and a super sticky coating of visible resin droplets.
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Very flavorful, nice mild psychedelic effects to begin with elevated mood and turn slowly into a very relaxed body high. Easy to to overboard with Gelato, which turns your limbs to spaghetti for a while if you overdo it. On the other hand, it works also as a great cure for falling to sleep problems.

I used it to make my pain management capsules. The description of the effects, are spot-on, but with me, the heat starts at the ears. Amazing strain, it keeps me mobil, after 5 surgeries, 4 of them major.

Really good strain. I was relaxed but could still function.

Really tasty nice n sticky good to smoke in a fat blunt but like all good weed it's £££but at £79 for 3.5g is it worth it ? I know a great legit UK site that has at least 5 strains pricey but worth it even comes in those tins like cat food lol

Works perfect for treating disorders as adhd/add anxiety and pain depression borderline Skitzofrenia ect. That’s how it works for me 👌🏾🙏🏾

Gelato has a clear high that takes no time to uplift and motivate the brain and soul. The Indica effects increase over the long-term creating relaxation and even lethargy if not being active. A great strain for social activities as with just a few tokes it will invite joy and laughter. The taste is herbal and has pine overtones. Not a strain that is inclined to create paranoia, but I like Gelato in small does personally, as effects multiply and is one-hit category strain that has many faces...

The cookie crossover is called Toffee. It has the exact same genetics and is absolutely the best strain I’ve ever had. Very smooth and delicious smoke and the effects are euphoric pure bliss all your worries will just fade. Tread lightly if you are just a casual smoker. This is a one hitta 🔥

My review is on Gelato 33. This Cookie crossover is the best smoke out right now. Everything is Top Shelf. The euphoria is out of this world. Intense joy and inspiration that some might find to be a bit strong if they chose to to over consume. Novices start out with one hit. Take a 3 to 5 min rest. If you feel like 1 more hit should do the trick take it, but don't go beyond 2. I'm a 22 year old vet who has smoked my fair share of fire so i took 3 hits and had some of the most intense feelings of surrealism I've ever had. I went from looking like a clown from smiling and laughing to feeling as if Larry Bird had just gave me one of his NBA Championship Trophies. I know my experience lasted almost 2 hours with the first noticeable effects hitting me like a ton of bricks before the 10 min mark. No creeper strain here. Be easy with this strain. Don't hit this strain like an OG unless you know for an absolute fact that you can.

OBLITERATES PAIN It's a necessary part of my "medicine bag". I decarb and use in edibles, and pain balm. It's a nice smooth smoke that doesn't make me dopey.

Gelato has become a staple in the 21st century of cannabis. A most excellent balanced Indica hybrid that requires a big scoop for any bowl or J bird to take you to dessert flavor town.

Delicious clean smoke with a fresh finish and fantastic head high within minutes. Doesn't take much of this delightful strain to get you there and I'm a seasoned smoker. Creative head high without the typical Indica couch lock. Great for pain management too. Powerful and worth it.

As both a medical & recreational user, I consider this gelato strain to be a good middle of the road high, that starts with more of a sativa energy but continued consumption acts more sedating. I've used both the wax & thc oil vape versions. I do need much more of this strain to get a desired effect so that could be a pro for others but it's a con for me.

This stuff is like rolling thunder in North Carolina. Nice cannabis to go on a walkabout town. Puts me in a great mood. Makes for a great pain free day with lots of smiles. Good to smoke anytime.

I love this strain. It’s a good strain to use if you have asthma as it’s not so harsh on the lungs and the effects are great!

Just picked up a 3.5 of this at the SQDC . some of the best tasting cannabis ever with a well balanced high . LOVE it .

Fantastic strain. Excellent for insomnia. Nice uniform buds. Smells and tastes delicious.

Amazing! This is the 1st strain that helps my fibromyalgia pain during the day and helps me sleep through the night!

Very euphoric. I have a huge smile on my face and a nice relaxing feeling running through my body. Not one to be missed 😎🌱💨

Vaping a bowl as I write this. I’ve been a daily medical user for 15 years so my tolerance is pretty high. I find the taste and smell to be fantastic. Very rich creamy vapour. I give it 4 stars because the double punch of its hybrid stone is strong at first but I find the heavy stone only lasts 15-30 minutes. It’s an absolute pleasure to smoke this recreationally but medically I need something to last a little longer throughout the day.

Northeast Alliance 27% and the prettiest purple buds and the taste is the best berry flavor,and it hits you then it hits you.#Mainegreenbud

Impossible to mistaken the flavours with any other strain. Very specific terpenes, very very pleasant. I always have it in my stash cause I just want to vape it and vape it and vape it! Very relaxing once starts clearing and you just cannot help but fall asleep. Proper insomnia medicine. 🪐💫🇱🇹

Great buzz. Nice tasting strain some are more fruity than others, but Gelatos one of my gotos. If its on the menu Im definitely giving it a taste. Always worth the chance.

Definitely a nice strain to smoke late morning - mid afternoon when you still have things to do. Calming but yet still focused! Very good taste too!!

My favorite for the time being. I smoke way to much weed as it is, yet gelato is euphoria extreme. Delightful taste that I’m told resembles an actual gelato as I’ve never had one. On my next grow list!

Very tasty, soft sticky buds with a forest green color of round buds. Nice head high and after about an hour or so of buzzing , Ihad an appetite. Not crazy hungry but enough of an appetite to have a decent size cheeseburger & fries. This will not make you sleepy.

Gelato, in any one of her many forms, is the greatest cultivar of all time. I smoked for close to 30 years now, 8 legally since I live in WA. I tried a lot of strains, some good, some great, and a few outofthisworlds... and it all comes back to Gelato for me. When cured right and proper, the smell, taste, smoothness, and her strong but mellow and soothing perfect high are unequaled. Many of my other favorites start with Gelato...or one of her phenotypes...The perfect strain anytime. Was hesitant to review because I don't feel I can express just how awesome this strain is. Unless you are a stoner under a rock, everyone loves Gelato!😊☺️😊☺️Don't live under a rock...unless it's a nice comfy rock with moss, and grubs...🙃...and Gelato! At the undertherock dispensary 😶

Gelato is a piece of wonder. The only thing so far that not only removes symptoms of my hand arthritis when high but also has a long term effect - in fact, the associated swelling became very small and almost not painful. God bless those who created it. And the high is just awesome. Creative and makes talking much fun. Not a rare thing to start giggling over a simple thought. Not to say a "complicated" thought. And then comes a very profound sleep with tons of colorful dreams. And this is just cuttings...

Really nice heady high for an hour and then BAM, goodnight

This review is for Gelato #33. The flower is as described above: berry sweet, blissfully smooth, creative, and euphoric. My God - this is almost as good as MAC 1.

It was so strong that I thought it was treated. It smells GREAT, is fast acting, and reminded me of LSD. On the negative side, I was so high, that I couldn't be around people, and sent my company home. So.. is that a good review, or a bad review? You decide.

Great weed, smooth taste ! Very relaxing nice buzz. I love me some Indica !

I really like this strain, it gets me in the mood to do things. I took a couple good bong toke, my aches and pains went away. I went to my little home gym got a few sets in THEN it put me in the mood for the night activities 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

Good high and effects for medical use. Stopped racing thoughts, OCD tendencies. A little sweet on the taste for myself. I prefer strains with earthy, woodsy, mocha tones. I can see why it's a go to strain for many. Very fruity and sweet.

One of the best hybrids. It can be very potent even for heavy hitters, as others have mentioned. The high is a rush of euphoria and creativity followed by overall mellowness, but it's not very long lasting in my experience. It doesn't make me sleepy in normal doses, but it can if I up the dosage later at night. Overall I'd say this strain is comparable to OG Kush in terms of uses and effects.

Good taste, mellow euphoric high

Beautiful Beautiful to look at.. dense, yet soft and fluffy purple nugs COVERED in trichs... smell is very sweet like sugary cereal leftovers from the bottom of the Fruit Loops bag.. like everyone else says it is a true 50/50 hybrid slightly leaning more to indica; which i wish it leaned in more towards... I feel bad because it tastes really good but duration is lacking so I end up consuming more than I would like.. that being said.. it doesn’t cause headaches

Terrific strain. Taste is on point and the ratio to head and body is what makes it a anytime strain.

The fact that you can clearly sense the balance between headhigh and the body high, despite the heavy and intense effect, it is very amazing. It smells very citrusy, with some sweet, and earthy, it's almost like smelling a piece of cake, same goes for the taste, very smooth, and damn tasty, which remains on the palate quit long. Now let's get into the high, which is one of the best I have ever had so far. It came smoothly, and I started to be focused, but once I moved my head, I realised I was having a strong headbuzz. Over around 20 minutes, I could feel myself sedated, but not that much ( doesn't mean the high wasn't powerfull ) I can still do things with slowness, my thoughts became more clear, I'm quit a thinking machine in life, and this helps to stop thinking fast, and not to worry a lot about life, it helped me alot with my stress. Conclusion : Very nice strains, in the smell, the taste, the effects, novice or first time smokers go easy, I don't know what was the amount of thc in it, but since it hit me hard even with high tolerance, I'd say between 22% 25%

This strain worked great for bed time !

How do I get this from the UK?? Any help would be appreciated thanks

A go to strain for me haven’t had a bad Bach yet 🔥

Slow but quick steady creeping head high that will catch you off guard if you overdo it. This strain I've seen average at 25% THC solid. Earthy orange-citrus berry spice flavor with a hint of lavender gas and mint, complex flavor. This one lives mostly in the head and is great for relaxing in the evening. Its mostly indica but has a slow but steady hard hitting head high behind the eyes and forehead I've noticed that lasts for 3-4 hours solid. Very relaxing positive vibe filled strain that comes on slow and dies off slower.

The first time I tried this I knew it was for me. I do smoke very little but I use the rso daily and it always seems to help with depression and anxiety and body feeling good.

My first time with this strain I fell in love with it. Mentally motivated and energetic.

COMPLETELY AWESOME!! My Favourite strain So far! - Taste: Very fruity - Smell : Luscious - Effect: The Best ! 😋 quite Rare however & Hard to Find here in Britain (where it's STILL illegal? Come on politicians, Wake up & smell the Cannabis!) Well-balanced hybrids are Great All-day Weed for me.. 😁 Tangerine Kush is Another one i Love!

Gelato is a nice hybrid, it tastes very sweet with hints of mint. The high is mild but can make you a bit sleepy if you dont have caution. Very pretty buds and dense 🔥🔥4 out of 5.

I think it was the cultivator I did not like. Brand Ascend is garbage and tastes like crap, and makes me feel like I smoked homegrown weed from Woodstock. I like the keif from Columbia Care in gelato.

Good ole Gelato, not a classic, but has been around long enough to have created a strong fam. base. I call this my "Neighborhood Strain", because fortunately, this strain seems to always be available in my area, it's always the same, very consistent, and aside from a couple of things, this Cookies Fam strain has really gained my appreciation for a number of reasons. • Climb: Smooth and steady. • Peak: Powerful, yet stable.  • Come Down: Smooth, not too hungry, good sleep. • Wake Up: Good. • Final Notes: One of very few Indicas that I can use, although it puts a slight drag on my legs and respiratory.  However, surprisingly, this strain has brought me the longest FOCUSED deep meditation sessions that I've ever had, so that brings its score way up for me. Keep up the good work, Cookies Fam!


Only had the carts from Cookies. But it’s fire. If I keep smoking on it, it looses its spunk, I think that’s with all carts though. The effects I do get are great. Really relaxing but not sedating. Although can be if you want to smoke enough.

Got to be one of my top 5 faves. Tried this right after minor surgery. This got me with a euphoric head high, with a feeling of calmness and peace. Not a lot of body effects (which I like) but the bit of body buzz that eventually creeps in may make you a bit sleepy. Great for getting things done and getting a light nap after.

Purple Scoops from RocBuds Inc. Has an incredible Gelato auto hybrid that is a monster. Even the photoperiod snobs I know, bowed down to this beast.

Loudest strain I have had. Great solid high from head too toe. 👍

This is a good 1 no Doubt about it when smoking in my bong it hits my lungs smoothly and easily holding it a few seconds then out it goes with a little cough and a nice dank sweet flavour your gonna feel it right between the eyes as it kicks in full effect you feel Relaxed happy basically Euphoric then you’ll get sleepy slowly and Peacefully until you’re out for a nap really good stuff

Long time toker first time joker. I just love that there are haters. This is a very good strain man. Also try Skywalker og or da Jesus og this strain has a bit more head high though I think.

Again always hyped up but never worth it. You're a hyper day person.. By all means

Grape gelato the best I’ve got both the cart and the flower 💜💜💜

Bro this was the first strain I ever smoked and it was good af I literally only had 1 bad high off of it out of like 20-30 highs. it wasnt even that bad either

I’m a Veteran diagnosed with chronic ptsd and first time smoking it... uplifting high and great to chill.

I can see how this would be great for pain, it is very physically relaxing. I realized I need to buy some higher sativa before I just spend the rest of my days on the couch smiling. I have issues with focus, energy, and self control, however. I'm glad I got a lot of it. I think this would work great with sour diesel. My disclaimer: I don't have a super high tolerance as of right now, I haven't had to take a break yet and I know other people struggling to handle their tolerance rn, so I don't feel comfortable speaking on that. (sidenote: I wish they would add another text box for the reviewer to provide some basic stats. Or at least whether or not it's recreational or medical. Because when someone complains about it not working, I have no idea how high their tolerance is. Same with other effects. These reviews are not as useful as they could/should be. At the very least, if you the reader are unhappy with something, please include the necessary details of your situation. Every person needs something different from their weed. That's my rant, thanks.)

I picked up an ounce of this stuff. Really disappointed, my boyfriend and I have to roll 3 blunts to get high... Spent a lot of money on this stuff. The first smoke was great, only needed one blunt now we're not even getting high anymore. Last time I'll ever buy this strain

I smoked my last gelato zoot while my then ex girlfriend sucked my penis it was amazing, never before have I had weed like it!! I miss that weed!!

My favorite ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ showed up in The "D" woohoo no pain relaxing yet active love the balance of indica setiva it's perfect for my fibromyalgia 🌿😁

Super high every time i smoke gelato at night time i do masterbate on the couch watching jeniffer lopez

I'm vaping Gelato thc oil, taste is good, the high comes quick, time to put the headphones on and zone out.

This had me stuck on my couch for a while. Very relaxing, great taste and love the smell.

Gelato will give you a peaceful easy feeling. That sounds like it should be a song. lol. Great smoke. Do not assume Gelato #25 and Gelato #33 are the same as Gelato, they are different smokes, trust me. Look for Gelato. And to the guy that thinks it is "normal street weed from the deep midwest"... Your grower does not know what he is doing or you were sold something else.

Very fantastic night time smoke. Heavy body high. I'm figuratively stuck in my bed right now even though I'm literally not. Very stoney but focused. Happy euphoric and slight arousing. Not sure how people could function during the day time on this honestly lol. It is great though. Anything with sunset sherbert as its parent I'm 100% okay with heh heh

Weed is weed people........

Its iet. Good for making music, but other than that it's normal icky sticky. (not that icky sticky is bad, just average now days)

Love, love, love this! One of my favorites, I only smoke at night so this strain is perfect for me!

Super overrated strain. Just like normal street bud from the deep midwest. Do not recomend.

Just love it, best strain i have ever smoked and thats saying someting as i have smoked a long time now !!!

Great strain! Taste is nice. Gets the job done. One of my favorites

Great taste, gets the job done

Great for a night cap!.. I usually avoid indicas because a lot are too heavy!.. but this strain is really nice!.. chill.. with a little heaviness in the body but not too much.. still getting work done before bed so no issues with mental blocks or anything.. YASS 🙏🏽❣️

Just tried it. PARANOID! I found it hard to move or do anything. I think you call it couch locked. I won't do this again. Yuck.

Love this strain very potent but perfect for morning or day. Instant head high, followed by a feel good, and clear high and actually motivates to get things done. And the by far the best tasting/smelling strain would highly recommend!

Crossed it with Malawi. Got what I wanted. Satvia dominant. High THC. Very mellow long lasting high.

My current absolute favorite. Absolutely perfect 😁

A great strain. An instant classic. It covers all. Head high body high.smooth blazing great Tate & smell. Awesome strain. Please do yourself a favor and pick up a quarter of this at a time of not more. It's worth every cent

The high comes in very fast and is a little racy at first. After about 15 minutes this racyness morphs into a very relaxing, calming and slightly spacey stone that sticks with you for a solid hour, before tiredness gets you.

Gelato and Ice cream cake (a descendant of Gelato and wedding cake) are my two favorite strains on earth. I have a tendency to paranoia, and Gelato NEVER gives me the heebies!

Tasty AF. I have a pretty high tolerance and about .7 gets me pretty stoned

This is by far my current fav strain. It helps a great deal with my pain management and muscle spasms from my spinal condition.

The legendary genetics of gelato make this plant one for the record books. Hitting 20% THC minimum on average, this strain is very powerful and treats a wide variety of conditions. The high is very characteristic of a strong hybrid, being a powerful yet balanced high that is incredibly euphoric. The terpenes of this strain are incredibly unique as well. Bud of this strain comes in a multitude of different colors, ranging from yellows to almost blue-greens. The terpenes of the buds themselves are very fruity and sweet, and can be almost musky. The smoke tastes nearly as good as the buds smell, being citrusy, fruity, and musky. Dabs are similar in flavor and can taste almost like lemon Italian ice. Very few strains I've tried capture this exact flavor and scent. Overall, the hybrid effects of gelato make it a great strain for morning and midday smoking for medical patients and the average stoner alike. This strain has reached critical acclaim among cannabis users for many reasons and is well deserving of the praise it gets. It's a wonderful choice for those that suffer from mood disorders, as well as those that need a creative boost or those that just like to get high.

ive always like gelato, I feel that it is sedating where I get a sweet couch lock and head high together after a few small bowls, very nice. Ive always like sunset sherbet a lot as well, a good hybrid every conni should try.

Amazing mental buzz, yet energized physically. Good for day-time use.

Great!! 1st. Time getting "Flower." I got a "PREROLL." It came nicely wrapped in "raw" rolling paper, the one that kind of has a "mini-filter" on it, that one. I noticed someone wrote "Earthy" as a description on the reviews for this. I would completely agree, in the flavor & in feel & smell. Maybe this is because I was picturing: "Italian ice-cream," Ergo- "Gelato." Amazing Product!! 100%--Is: As Advertised, in The Description!

Very strong stuff, was a little harsh for me when I first started. It is very Earthy and Woody. Great to calm mania and depression while smoothing out the Bipolar DO. Wow helps fatigue and fibromyalgia too. MM MM Good give me more!!!

Very strong stuff, was a little harsh for me when I first started. It is very Earthy and Woody. Great to calm mania and depression while smoothing out the Bipolar DO. Wow helps fatigue and fibromyalgia too. MM MM Good give me more!!!

Me and my husband we love. It does just what is says it will do Positive vibes only ❤

Pungent skunky sweet orange/clementine aroma with mild earthy/berry undertones. The high is clearly more Indica dominant. It says 55%/45% Indica but it feels way more like a 70/30 Indica. -Intense head high for the first 35 minutes then it mellows out for the entire experience - tranquil pain-free beatitude along dreamy focused blissful happiness. Most of the trichomes are golden amber. -Fast-acting head-high and it can be overwhelming for users not accustomed from a high THC strain. Makes you feel talkative, strongly giggly/euphoric and really uplifted for the first 35 min - at least for me! Excacerbate sights and sounds -you feel in symbiosis with your entire surroundings. Strong time-dilation - hours seem minutes. -The second wave of effects are alert, not foggy in your mind at all. Mid couch-lock and really effective for pain and anxiety but it's a soothing/friendly high for the most part. It's a long-lasting one though. Expect to be medicated for 3 hours and more. -Expect to have a good invigorating sleep. Strongly recommended to any lovers of strong citrus/orange flavours and well-balanced roller-coasters! Acquired from RocketChronic

Best strain in my opinion. It will make anything your doing fun.

Got my gelato vape cart at NETA in Brookline, using a RUBI pen. First experience: ‘what a ride!’ I have a nice spice rack, and really am trying lots of strains to find a psychedelic exp. The Parent genetics w/ gelato are clearly defined, as a pretty hefty rip off the RUBI was almost too much to handle - within 5 minutes, my mind went into launch sequence. A great combo of heady high with definite body effects - my mind was going at the speed of light, but def processing ideas - moving around felt like walking on clouds while up and moving, but once on couch, I did get locked in a little. One element was I made a sandwich, spaced out for a while, and when I tuned back in I couldn’t remember what I did with the sandwich. I think I ate it, but walked around the house making sure I didn’t leave it somewhere... big rips of Gelato will bend time and send you to Pluto, so beware, and proceed with caution! Heady highs are my favorite so this is a 4.5 out of 5 for me, but if you don’t have the self awareness to process all the thoughts that come with a session - I.e. Think meditation -acknowledge bad thoughts, let them pass through - be careful. Overall great strain, nearly a 5 star review, but I’m reserving a 5 for the strain that induces a DMT trip exp. :)

i have ptsd and depression as well as mood swings from monthly ovulation and this strain is perfect for my moods and keeping me feeling relaxed but not \sleepy or drowsy. its so powerful i love cookies and sunset sherbert best hybrid besides forbidden fruit

Nice strain. One of the oils I actually like. Good flavor and good feeling.

absolutely amazing! Increased focus, mood, and decreased anxiety and muscle and joint pains. Highly recommend any time of day.

I have to say I'm pretty disappointed in King Pen Gelato's changes. The new vape cartridges are now only 67%THC and have no CBD where as the previous had at least some. Thats a ~20% drop.... Also the oil looks lighter in color and viscosity as if it's been watered-down....I would take a picture of the the new box/percentages and oil if I could post pictures here...... Finding a dependable, high quality, brand that doesn't change over time is almost impossible.....

Jeez, I feel bad, this strain gets rave reviews...I tried the vape, nothing special. Might give the flower a go - really scratching my head on this one, perhaps my body chem is different enough?....

Outstanding taste and affects

As advertised good stuff

I believe I have a new favorite strain, taste just as good as Mango Kush and very relaxing.

This strain is one of my top go-to strain. I love the uplifting feel and euphoria. My mind is clear and relaxed. This is a strain I use sometimes when I work, definitely kills any pain I might have. Great recreationaly and awesome medical benefits.

Wow this strain is strong. Got me very high and a bit couch-locked. Flavor is a hint of sweet, yet earthy herbs. I wouldn't use this strain again except in the evening. My variety was #25.

Night or day, this is your go-to bud. Excellent strain!

Seeing that each strain effects each individual differently, the effects may not be felt by everyone. So far, this strain has lived up to its description. One issue I noticed myself is, it doesn't last long for me. Being hyperactive, my system seems to soak it up and use it quick. Otherwise, no complaints here :)

Absolutely amazing head and body high definitely a euphoric strain... Just smoked... Incredible! BTW this is a shout out to all South Africans out there keep blazing.

"It starts with a cerebral head rush that hits you in the forehead with an uplifted euphoria and a sense of slightly focused energy... As this builds, a creeping body buzz will slowly wash over you" This is exactly what I felt when I smoked Gelato 33 in Portland, Oregon. 1000% accurate. The euphoria is more like OG Kush than Blue Dream, extremely pleasant and "stoned to the bone" after one bowl.

Great sex strain, honestly.

I like this strain but it seems the flavor of the concentrates is more unique. And gelato shatter or oil do not taste like this site describes for sure.. anyone feel what I am saying?Any concentrate from gelato has a unique taste I personally don't think is that great. Depending Who is making right now I got some gooey shatter from a Michigan dispensary that is good but strong taste that don't tatse like the flower did!

bought an 1/8, rolled it in four honey berry backwoods leafes, the taste is amazing, and the body and mind high will keep you relaxed for the day to come👌, check out gelato sunrise, in an Elevate dispensary

Great buzz ... not to relaxed but just enough.... highly recommended

Good buzz, no anxiety. I'm more talkative and outgoing than on other strain. It's a must try!

Same it was just okay👌🏼. Nothing Crazy like bubba or Pineapple Express

I'm prone to paranoia and anxiety, but this provided a social, creative buzz while totally calm. Amazing!!

Beyond beyond great. I don’t know how they did it but this seems a new level of balance: analgesia, clear head, relaxation,fun. An instant classic.

I cannot summon up enough positive words for a review on this herb. Oh my goodness. Simply WOW!

Exactly as described ! Love Gelato for day time use!!

I love this strain. Definitely my favorite that I've had in some time. It gives me great focus and follow-through to get projects done. Euphoria, creativity and energy. Perfect combo!

Gelato snuck up strong soon after one glass of Merlot with two hits of this citrusy sage and tobacco. Nausea and dizziness gone after 30 minutes and then all good. Not sure it's worth the good.

It's Ok ,took me about 18 hits until I got a medium buzz.....

This is by far one of my top 3’s. A good one to smoke before work or on a break to keep you focused. Doesn’t make me lazy or couch stuck, but motivates me and keeps my head on the positive side. Nice mellow body buzz. Just don’t smoke to much;p

I prefer the 710 kingpen when it comes to Gelato. I also picked up half an oz of the buds in NYC from my connection.

Very smooth, the flavor was easily tasted; it also left a really duffle yet clean aftertaste. Best out of a tightly packed backwood in my opinion. It’ll give you a really “comfy” smoking experience.

smolked a mole bowl with my brother carl, now he's my braindead. sick kush tho. cheers, mike

Greatest strain of my life.


Smokes good relaxed high very good vibes.

First, I am an every day smoker. I wanted to try Gelato because the buds looked cool as hell. No disappointment there. They are tight neon nugs with long orange hairs. It breaks apart great for rolling. Mine was dryer and had very little sticky, but I’d imagine a fresher batch would be sticky. I rolled a blunt natural wrap. It was my wake and bake and it was a great way to start my day off. Great head buzz and body relax. Buzz lasted about an hour which is not bad for a pot head. After smoking twice about 12 tokes I felt the let down. After the buzz faded the second time the tired feeling and yawns set in. It’s a good buzz and good smoke. Not quite as dank as I like it, but you’ll enjoy the ride while it lasts

Amazing flavor,aroma just everything i highly recommend this strain

Wow how this info is so real I got some it's true it's great for pain and anxiety.. And my boy has cookie all the time funny that it is it's family character. Thanks for this info.. All bud.

Two hits, perfect high. Just made some brownies w this strain. One of the strongest batches I’ve ever had, tastes great too, and the smell from the oven was so sweet it didn’t boof my floor

If nothing else, Gelato's effects are very predictable. I prefer the 80% THC vape cartridges which have the same psychoactive properties as described above. What a great strain! Evolution at its finest. Enjoy.

I would recommend it a lot and the effects and flavours are exactly as described

Absolutely a top 3 favorite. Euphoric, not overpowering, non-paranoia effect and a great strain for social events, especially the oil cartridges when available for its stealth capabilities including no chance of scent detection. Once you try Gelato Oil, if you're anything like me, it will always be Ur go to preference!

Great strain one I really like also one of top 10

This is a smooth hitting indica with some of the best flavors I've had since 2002 when I started medicating. I feel happy, focused, pain from working out shoulders is minimal and as I look at half of my blunt, I'm going to put it out and save it for later. I'm feeling satisfied. And eat mangoes 30 mins prior to consuming cannabis. You're welcome.

Good solid smell n consistent feeling of mellow but not tired after smoking. Reccomend

The best Taste I hate that throat burn this has a smooth taste I'm blowing 🍊

Very good and totally relaxing.

One of the best strain to smoke

Very good. Relaxed me very well. Not tired. Relaxed.

Very powerful stuff. My head was already feeling the impact after one toke, and I have a high tolerance, as I've been smoking weed for 40 years. Excellent, lost-lasting high, but best to smoke if you have nothing important to do afterwards,

The best..ive had and its very relaxin..

This strain has a sweet stench to it that only gets better after you break it up. Sweetest strain I've ever smoked. Warning though it's like lays potato chips once you start you can't stop.

Great stuff very satisfying

Good stuff I'm a vet and weed helps me cope day to day

Awesome stuff!!! I love this strain!!!!

Some of the best weeds I smoked

This strain is awesome. I'm smoking it right now. I got about an ounce left. Two thumbs up

🍨🍪 Gelato looks prettier than any real gelato tastes. It's so beautiful, I was hesitant to put her through the grinder. The inhale was filled with all that terpy throat-rape that you can just tell it's gonna hit. The exhale embodies everything that is 'Cookie'. Just unbelievable stuff...No wonder everybody talks about this strain! This is a euphoric medication that will fix everything and enhance anything. I think I have found my favorite Cookie family member. Damn. Limonene: 5.658 mg/g, B-Caryophyllene: 2.034 mg/g, Linalool: 1.514 mg/g.

Okay,how much THC is in kuch? Since this has 20 percent in it

best weed on earth hands down

Nice heavy medicated high.

I love it! Smoking si me right now💪💨

The best I've ever had & I've smoked hundreds of different strains.. this is so pungent & taste is the most amazing I've ever had.. its like smoking ice cream with cookies

Smoking this now...and its legit

Gelato Really Is A Very Smooth Smoke I Must Agree!!! And Tasty Too!!!!

following a plant of gellato myself at the moment. will keep you posted!

Great taste u can taste and smell the gsc like a mf good for daytime and nighttime not for amateurs

Allgasnobrakes - you've completely misunderstood what "chanmasta" has written. Take a dab and chill out.

5/5 strain. Probably the best smoke for it's qualities especially back pain. It is the most balanced flower y have smoked

Really really works for my back pain due to CIDP! Thank You! MM

One of the most enjoyable flowers around quick effects that linger and ease the mood..

bomb strain would buy this over && over very sweet tasteing

Uhh?... chanmasta what the hell are you talking about man? Saying, "Cannna has done it again!" And then you told them (Cannna) to keep up the good work... First off who is "Cannna"??? Hes not the Creator of this amazing strain in any way shape or form whoever he is? The Cookie Fam Created and Originated this strain, and many other hard hitters that all changed the weed game period. So give the proper credit to the Originators that bred and created all their amazing Gelato phenos by crossing their Sunset Sherbert to their Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, and their Original Strain Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies made and from San Francisco only, that put the Cookie Fam on the map and made them famous,so that is the short CORRECT STORY of the truth of who the Original Creators, Breeders, Growers, and Pollen Chuckers of the Cookie Fam. I'm giving proper credit and major love and respect to the Cookie Fam for creating some of the best strains I've ever smoked in my life and I'm a picky connoisseur so it takes a lot to impress me with top shelf quality Cannabis, and they keep impressing me over and over again!!! And I am sooo very lucky to have their Official Real Deal Gelato #45, two different phenotypes from seed, Mothered

Gelato is among the top 3 strains I have ever smoked and could possibly be the best would recommend to anyone except novice users approach this strain with caution⛽️

It's the best from the west

best strain ever

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