Grandpa’s Breath Marijuana Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid Strain Indica Dominant Hybrid 70% Indica / 30% Sativa

Grandpa's Breath is an indica dominant hybrid strain created through crossing the classic OG Kush with the infamous Grand Daddy Purple strain. This celebrity child packs potent full-bodied effects that are perfect for when you need high-powered relief that lasts and lasts. You'll feel an immediate clear-headed effect after your first hit or two of Grandpa's Breath, leaving you mentally pain-free and euphoric. This is accompanied by a touch of creativity that quickly turns unfocused and sleepy as the high continues to work its way through your mind. Depending on how much you toke, you may fall asleep at this point in the high or experience a rally of mental energy. With these effects and its high THC level, Grandpa's Breath is often chosen to treat conditions such as chronic stress or anxiety, PTSD, depression, chronic fatigue, and insomnia. Grandpa's Breath has a super dank and spicy diesel flavor with hints of fresh apricot hidden throughout. The aroma is very earthy and pungent with a fruity diesel overtone that's almost sweet at times. Grandpa's Breath buds have heavy dense dark olive green nugs with purple undertones, almost clear amber hairs, and a coating of super sticky resin dotted with clear crystal trichomes.
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This is an awesome Indica dominant strain thatI use for after work pains and to get to sleep after a long day at the warehouse. ✌👍✌👍✌👍✌👍✌ THANX ✌ and I'm out Yo I'M LOVIN IT 💚💚🖤💚🖤💚💚

This is the first weed strain I’ve ever commented on. Good weed, but do not lay down or you will be out like a light. For me I get tired as hell and pass the fuck out on this. And then the nostalgic feeling of smoking a weed that is named after grandpas breath lol definitely. Super body high, good arthritis relief, helps my appetite.

How is this strain sativa dominant if its parents are both 75/25 and 70/30 indica dominant?

This strain is awesome! Clear headed yet with a stoner "Oh Wow, man" effect and leaves you calm and relaxed. I got the last three 1/8ths at local delivery biz out of Anchorage. I will keep buying whenevr available. It works better at easing my depression better than the meds I take.

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