Grand Daddy Purple Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid 70% Indica / 30% Sativa

THC: 17% - 27%, CBD: 1%

Grand Daddy Purple is an indica dominant strain and is a cross between Big Bud and Purple Urkle. This blend explains why it has a complex berry and grape aroma while its nugs are oversized with a compact bud structure. The nugs are incredibly dense and fuzzy with deep purple hues that run throughout the buds. Additionally, the nugs are covered by orange hairs and contrast well with its resin-coated buds. What really sets this strain apart from the others is that it is easy to identify by the taste alone. Its taste lingers on the tongue for longer and will help you feel relaxed. The strain has a serious kick to it and its psychoactive effects are evidently detectable in both body and mind. It manages to deliver an overwhelming feeling of physical relaxation and cerebral euphoria. You will find yourself fixed in one spot while your thoughts float in a dreamy buzz for the duration of Grand Daddy Purple's effects. Just like any other indica dominant strain, it is primarily used for medical uses. The strain is quite effective for patients suffering from appetite loss, pain, insomnia, muscle spasms and stress.
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Great fluffy nugs with a light purple hue mixed throughout break up nicely and smoke perfect. This would be just as good in joints and blunts as in bowls in bongs. Powerful euphoria puts you in a good mood that lasts for hours. It was great when I had it about 5-6 years ago but this most recent batch is off the charts. Great clean, almost fruity taste and smell. Not as flavorful or pungent as some, but that's negligible compared to the awesome buzz. Not to mention this strain has made quite a name for itself over the years so you get some street cred to go along with it all. Highly recommend.

"The strain has a serious kick to it and its psychoactive effects are evidently detectable in both body and mind". Roll up, light up, sit back and enjoy. The description is on point. If you get lucky, enjoy this strain and stash some for a rainy day

Coming from California, I've had my share of GDP. I had a number of sessions with Grandaddy Purple, from Venice Beach-to-San Francisco. This is a really tasty strain that is sticky icky icky! I found myself drawn to this Indica dominant strain; very rare for me, but I believe it was the amount of clarity that this strain was bringing me. This was some 6-7 years ago, so I've long moved on to strains that perform much better as meditational supplements and/or focus strengtheners, but I do recall this being a potent, but at the same time, a mentally manageable Indica for me. I also don't remember this particular Indica inhibiting my regular activity, like most Indicas do to me. However, you can still expect to get the physical rest that is cherished by so many Indica users.

The best strain I ever had in my life I could smoke this 1 strain 4ever first hit it in 2004 been in love ev er you since

Great strain for the right reasons. The taste can be better but better than most.

I’m high now off of it

GDP is as Classic a Strain as one can get. Still Smooth and Relaxing as ever.

wow I loved this strain great for anxiety used to take Xanax now I find the oil really working depression gone uplifiting

The first bud I purchased for myself years ago... and still my "go to" when my muscles are achy and sore. The relaxed & happy mind makes it easy to get some sleep - which is medically beneficial for those with sleep deprivation issues.

A friend gave me some gdp, I smoked some on a Saturday morning and then decided to kayak down the Delaware river, met about fifty new friends that day. Best bud I’ve ever had in 45 yrs of having.

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