Grand Daddy Purple Marijuana Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid Strain Indica Dominant Hybrid 70% Indica / 30% Sativa

THC: 17% - 27%, CBD: 1%

Grand Daddy Purple is an indica dominant strain and is a cross between Big Bud and Purple Urkle. This blend explains why it has a complex berry and grape aroma while its nugs are oversized with a compact bud structure. The nugs are incredibly dense and fuzzy with deep purple hues that run throughout the buds. Additionally, the nugs are covered by orange hairs and contrast well with its resin-coated buds. What really sets this strain apart from the others is that it is easy to identify by the taste alone. Its taste lingers on the tongue for longer and will help you feel relaxed. The strain has a serious kick to it and its psychoactive effects are evidently detectable in both body and mind. It manages to deliver an overwhelming feeling of physical relaxation and cerebral euphoria. You will find yourself fixed in one spot while your thoughts float in a dreamy buzz for the duration of Grand Daddy Purple's effects. Just like any other indica dominant strain, it is primarily used for medical uses. The strain is quite effective for patients suffering from appetite loss, pain, insomnia, muscle spasms and stress.
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Good for pain! Relaxing help for anxiety.

Consumption Method: PipesEffects I Feel: Calming, Chronic PainHelp Me With: Anxiety, Fibromyalgia, Stress

Currently my favourite strain. I look forward to this as I’m driving home… Looks really pretty, smells great, tastes earthy & fruity, but pleasant and sweet. GDP is very relaxing, so nice, with an almost instant effect. Will put you to sleep if you let it.

Consumption Method: JointsEffects I Feel: Calming, Relaxing, SleepyHelp Me With: Anxiety, Insomnia, Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Absolutely my fav! The high is very relaxing.... but doesn't glue your butt to the couch (watchin' a bunch of bad TV & eatin' Twinkies..... lol) Smoking this strain when it's time to "wind down" is excellent!

Call me crazy but this tastes like one of those dipping sauces you can get at Thai restaurants. Peanut, garlic, cucumber, a little pepper. It's pretty smooth and the high is sedating without locking you on the couch.

I prefer pure Indica, but am not averse to hybrids as long as Indica effects dominate. GDadPurp fits that requirement. Nice taste and aromas as well.

I am a GDP head through and through. I love the high, I love the smell and the taste, the way it looks is beautiful, I love how dense and sticky it is, I love how it breaks up and how it smokes. This is easily one of my favorite strains ever behind Sour Diesel, Haze and OG. This strain gives me a nice couch-lock, stuck type of high. It helps with sleep for sure and if you have a lack of appetite, this will help that too. Helps with pain and headaches also. Has a great, sweet, grapey flavor. Definitely a heavy hitter, I would not recommend to someone who doesn't smoke only for the fact it's just going to knock them out.

I have been smoking cannabis for over 15 years. This is the strain that first made me really fall in love with cannabis and its still one of my favorite most sought after strains today. Very relaxing Indica, perfect for a wonderful evening, great with dinner and/or dessert and helps you have a very rested relaxing nights sleep

Perfect indica, must try for indica lovers and a must have on hand medicinally for pain, insomnia, anxiety, nausea, body relaxation. Just love it. Desert island top 5. I try to buy it one quarter at a time, keep at least a couple joints in weed box at all times. ✌🏻

Nice big fluffy bud with shades of purple all thru it. Smells like grapes mixed with pine. Nice mind and body feel. Great for pain, relaxation, and appetite loss.

Nice big fluffy bud with shades of purple all thru it. Smells like grapes mixed with pine. Nice mind and body feel. Great for pain, relaxation, and appetite loss.

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