Gravity OG Marijuana Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid Strain Indica Dominant Hybrid 90% Indica / 10% Sativa

THC: 27%

Gravity OG is indica dominant hybrid strain and it has a 90:10 indica/sativa ratio. Little is known about the strain and its heritage but one thing is for certain: it is not for the faint of heart. With an amazing 27% THC content it produces lush green buds with red hairs seeping through the surface. The nuggets are tight and dense and have relatively good trichome coverage. The taste and smell are what truly sets this strain apart from the rest of the crowd. It has a musky citrus scent with a nutty, rotten grapefruit flavor which is mouthwatering to say the least. One of the best things about this strain is that it offers a sensational high. Considering its body numbing effects, it will put you to sleep in no time. The effects tend to last longer and will keep you medicated for long. You may even feel euphoric and happy which is why it is often recommended to patients suffering from stress, depression and anxiety. The body buzz is great and can help you accomplish some of your daily tasks to a certain extent but that depends on how much of the strain you have already consumed. On the other hand, it does have other applications and can also be used to treat individuals suffering from mood disorders, anorexia and muscle spasms.
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The other review is 100% correct. The Gravity is fire. The seeds were popped in South MPLS and I was lucky enough to have run both the 5 x haze and Gravity. The Gravity took over all my projects for years and all my crew's. I knew the guy that popped the seeds and traded for a cut of Super Skunk. One of my all time favorites. The homie that popped the seeds said it was a 4 way cross of NL x Afghani x Hash Plant x ? no one has ever told me what the question mark was...I grew it for years and even asked Adam at THSeeds during a Cup in 05 or 06 he said the homies picked up the seeds from DuMac (and Nevil) and it was "white label" project DuMac brought out for a Cannabis Cup back in the day I want to say late 90's. The MN to Amsterdam leg happened in 06 I think. We sent it to CO at 13K ft in the early 00's and I myself sent some cuts to Humboldt myself in 07'. So it is fire and for sure has got around.

The real story behind the gravity was pretty simple two young kids from Minnesota obtained a batch of seeds while in Amsterdam 1 being the gravity and the other being Northern Lights Number 5xhaze. People who know the true story of the gravity would refer to it as G4 seeing that's what it was labeled when the seeds were germinated. The strain made a name for itself by shutting down the most seasoned veterans and freaking out all the rookies. The original strain that hit the elite list in the cannabible was the G4 it was clone only, I'm not sure if this is the true gravity people are referring to here, but the love was right around too many. So if someone knew the right person they may have got a cutting of the real gravity. The gravity traveled from Minnesota to Amsterdam from Amsterdam to Mexico back to Minnesota then out to California. Boy was she the s***. You can read a very brief story about the gravity if you go to th seeds and look up zero gravity, yes the seeds came from Amsterdam, but all I can say is you don't know the half

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