Hashplant Haze Marijuana Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid Strain Indica Dominant Hybrid 80% Indica / 20% Sativa

THC: 21%

Hashplant Haze is an indica dominant hybrid strain and it has an 80:20 indica/sativa ratio. The strain is produced by crossing Afghani strains with Hashplant and NL#1. It has an incredible 21% THC content and produces fuzzy buds that are quite rare to come across. The nuggets are not as impressive as you would have hoped it to be but they are mostly dense, which is a treat for most cannabis users. The buds do not have much to offer with its smell, that is, until it's broken down. It smells no different from floral lavender but its taste is more peppery with sandalwood undertones. The strain is a creeper nonetheless. The effects will hit you when you least expect it. The high starts off with feelings of euphoria which then transforms into a body stone. The strain is referred to as Hashplant Haze for good reason. It sets in at the back of the eyes and will then make its way throughout the rest of the body until you exhibit symptoms of couch-lock. Considering its effects, the strain is popularly used to treat insomnia, depression, anxiety and even anorexia.
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I forgot what I was going to type and now I really don't care. Pretty much sums up the effects of this strain. Good stuff for me and my anxiety . Old stoners like myself can't say hash without a biggass smile on their face. Thank You

This strain helps a lot with my restless legs.

Where do I find this strain in Pa? This is a perfect strain for serious pain relief head to toe-relaxed,comfy, no anxiety, no roaming head fuzz. Just finally relief from the fight of the pain which we know what follows-exhaustion, Procrastination due Pain depression due to pain because unable to move think shop cook clean shower get dressed plan life. Able to focus watch movie think of planning your life!!

Nice weed, a lil bit spicy but the initial euphoria and the post relax feeling worth it.

Hashplant Haze -Cannalope Haze x Cali Hadhplant-

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