Indica XXL Marijuana Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid Strain Indica Dominant Hybrid 90% Indica / 10% Sativa

THC: 21% - 29%

Indica XXL is a heavily indica dominant hybrid strain (90% indica/10% sativa) created through an unknown combination of other indica heavy strains. Although its true heritage is kept a closely guarded secret, Indica XXL is often sought out for its heavy high and beautifully oversized buds. Like its name suggests, Indica XXL has huge conical forest green nugs with minty undertones, thick sparse orange hairs and a coating of chunky bright white crystal trichomes. As you pull apart each sparkling little nugget, aromas of spicy hash and peppery dank are released, intensifying in pungency the more that you toke. The flavor is on the lighter side of things, with a spicy fruity grape overtone accented by skunky kush and a hint of fresh earthiness. The Indica XXL high is soothing in nature, with sedative effects that will have you dropping off and falling asleep before you know it. You’ll feel lifted at the onset, filled with a sense of happiness that leaves you with no room for negative or racing thoughts. A relaxing body high comes next, working its way into your body and dropping you off into pure sleepy sedation that will have you locked to the couch and dozing off before you know it. With these effects and its high 21-29% average THC level, Indica XXL is often chosen to treat patients suffering from conditions such as chronic pain, depression, chronic stress, insomnia and headaches or migraines.
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