Kraken Marijuana Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid Strain Indica Dominant Hybrid 70% Indica / 30% Sativa

THC: 10% - 15%

Kraken is a super rare indica dominant hybrid strain of unknown heritage from the breeders at the infamous Buddha Seeds. Although its exact parentage is unknown, Kraken is thought to be a distant member of the Kush family because of its earthy floral aroma. The flavor of Kraken is very unique, with a nutty diesel earthy taste that's accented by sweet florals and a hint of vanilla. Kraken's effects are very upbeat and social, making them perfect for anyone suffering from social difficulties, but not ideal for anyone with a high level of anxiety. The high starts with a euphoric and focused cerebral rush that leaves you super talkative and outgoing, although you'll have the tendency to fall victim to uncontrollable bouts of giggles at times. This head high is accompanied by a surprisingly relaxing body buzz that envelops your limbs and leaves you slightly sedated while your mind soars. Because of these effects and its moderate 10-15% average THC level, Kraken is ideal for treating conditions such as eye pressure, chronic headaches, insomnia, and inflammation. Kraken buds have spade-shaped airy neon green nugs with sparse orange hairs and a fine coating of tiny golden crystal trichomes.
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100% to the description. I was buzzing like the inside of a barber shop. Spinning around and around like a whirlpool in the ocean. The kracken will pull you in 🌊🐙🌊 *diving gear not included* so bring your lifejacket

Description is dead on. not sedating, energizing and social but relaxed. very nice for pain. mentally uplifting. have that nice faded feeling but your eyes arent heavy at all. Can easily be used from morning to night time. One my top balanced strain for flavor and effect. won't leave you paranoid or couch locked. easy to get things done and if anything the mental boost will make you want to get more done. great focus and concentration without your mind wandering. absolutely can not be disappointed by this strain

Although most of my Kraken came,up green, a few had beautiful purples throughout the buds mixed in with green. Great plant for growers, they have a high calyx to leaf ratio....easy trimming, and they take kindly to vigorous pruning. Wish I could get regular Kraken seeds for breeding. Only negative trait is some of the girls will hermie in the later stages of flowering.

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