LA Confidential Marijuana Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid 90% Indica / 10% Sativa

THC: 20% - 25%

Widely popular in the world from rap artists such as Snoop Dog or Cypress Hill, LA Confidential is a strong and potent Grade A Sativa/Indica hybrid that originates from Afghani Indica and California Indica. Dark green with deep red hairs, the leaves wrap around the dense buds with white crystals. The sweet piney smell is just like the forest, with a hint of skunk with a smooth thick vapor. It is a very resinous strain, making it good for hash. One puff is enough to make you feel instantly better and relaxed with a psychedelic twist, and with a comfortable body buzz. But be warned: taking too much will leave you droopy eyed and sleepy. LA Confidential can be heavily sedating, making it great for insomnia. Experienced smokers may find that it is more relaxing than sleepy, but it depends on how much and your tolerance. Other ailments, it is good for: pain, anxiety, ADHD, Bipolar Disorder, loss of appetite and stress.
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I absolutely love this strain. I never tried it until about a year ago finally, and it instantly jumped into my top 3 favorite all-time strains behind only Haze and Sour Diesel. The smell is intoxicating, and the nugs are always a beautiful green with hints of purple all throughout, and it's not just purple fan leaves. The taste is kinda just like it smells which is skunky and piney and a little earthy. Always potent when I get it at the dispensary so it definitely has a couch-lock effect to it, and will knock u out. Euphoric and kinda trippy as far as the high, as well as extremely relaxed. I love this strain and pretty much grab an 8th every time I see it on the dispensary menu.

Tastes harsh , doesn’t put me straight to bed… I guess it’s an enjoyable high though but not exactly what I’m looking for. It creeps in after a few minutes for sure. If you ever get the chance to try Razzleberry kush pick it up and even better is taking two hits of that and one hit of the confidential before bed. Very heavy and trippy.

lately I have preferred SFV OG, Northern Lights, Jack Premium. I have some LA Confidential and every once in a while I ingest some. It's definitely a Sativa-flavored Indica strain. I am a connoisseur for sure and LAC is A+ Grade A. 90% indica...10% sativa...

The perfect Indica dom Hybrid strain if your looking for a smooth piney skunky full on stonage that will relieve even the most experienced user

I totally love the La Confidential. Sticky, aromatic with hints of hash, skunk and pine. It is truly a masterpiece. The high is warm, fuzzy and very relax but with huge bursts of energy and great appetite to follow. To all those cannabis aficionados, don’t miss on this magical strain. My greatest respect for the growers and all those that made it possible for us to enjoy and experience the ultimate art in cannabis strains.

This is the third time I've ordered LA and it is consistently very good - the strain info is accurate - it is tasty with the mild shunk/pine flavor and , if you go at this to heavy...good night - even if you have a tolerance like me it with sedate you before you know it - I have smoked quite a bit since 1973 - this ranks up there as some of the better overall with quality and price ! - NICE JOBS GUYS

Best strain I’ve ever had in my life hands down. I can smoke this by the pound frl. The smell of kushy pine and hash makes me remember the good old days. And the effect hit fast lifting your mind high, and breaking down sound details in whatever you listening to music or a boring a conversation. Definitely will be keeping this on deck .

First off let me say these nugs were some of the most beautiful, and pretty damn dense flower ive had. It has a smell similar to Papaya Punch and thats pretty much the only strain that comes to mind when comparing. Anyway an awesome strain that smells,looks,tastes good & a good high

Hailing from the west coast, LA confidential is incredibly powerful. It is both relaxing and also psychedelic. The high is perfect for watching a movie, TV, or whatever you like to do to relax. It's great for mixing with other strains as well, providing a great foundation. This bud is perfect for when you need some laughs and relief from stress. The earthy flavors of this strain are predominant in the smoke, being very skunky and spicy with undertones of herbs and fuel. It is thick on the inhale and coats your mouth in terpenes that can stick around after a long smoke session. A great example of indica genetics, LA confidential punishes stress and pain and is a choice medical herb. Be ready for relaxation with a rush of creative energy, and sedation at higher doses. Munchies are a common effect of this strain so always be sure to keep snacks on deck.

Top 5 strain for a reason. Indica effects are predominant. HT CUP WINNER. Recommended night time Or chill out and medicated time or just watch a movie can't go wrong with this one a true classic.

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