LA Punk Marijuana Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid Strain Indica Dominant Hybrid 80% Indica / 20% Sativa

THC: 24% - 25%

LA Punk is an indica dominant hybrid strain (80% indica/20% sativa) created as a phenotype of the iconic Sunset Sherbet strain. Best known for its super vibrant flavor and soothing high, LA Punk is a great choice for anyone who's after some sweet relief before they finally get to sleep. You'll feel the effects hit you almost as soon as you exhale, launching through your brain with an almost electric sense of pure giddy euphoria. You'll feel sociable and giggly in this state, easily chatting with those around you before falling into fits of laughter here and there. At the same time, a light relaxation will settle into your limbs, locking you to the couch as your mind flies higher and higher. With these effects and its high 24-25% average THC level, LA Punk is often chosen to treat those suffering from conditions such as depression, chronic stress or anxiety, mood swings and bipolar disorder. This bud has a super sour and creamy citrusy blueberry flavor with a lightly earthy exhale. The aroma is just as delicious, with a sour citrusy overtone accented by fresh flowers and rich blueberries. LA Punk buds have small rounded forest green nugs with amber undertones, thin orange hairs and a coating of chunky amber-tinted white crystal trichomes.
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