Lavender Marijuana Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid Strain Indica Dominant Hybrid 60% Indica / 40% Sativa

THC: 27%, CBD: 1%

Also known as Lavender Kush, this strain gets its name from its odor and the dark purple coloration on its leaves. It's an indica-dominant mix of Super Skunk, Big Skunk Korean, and Afghani Hawaiian, and it has a 40:60 sativa/indica ratio. Lavender has a spicy aroma with floral tones and has a sweet lavender taste. This strain is well known for its unique flavor and smell. It produces a strong, relaxing high with euphoria and happiness. It's frequently used to treat GI problems and mental disorders, as its soothing effects wash anxiety away and lift depression. Dry mouth and red eyes are possible, as is paranoia and headaches, though those are very limited. Lavender hits THC levels as high as 27%, making it one of the more potent and effective strains on the market. It causes a slight head high and then a powerful body high driven by the indica-dominant genes. Lavender is most popular on the West Coast, less so in the rest of the country. Its short vegetative cycle and easy cultivating makes it a good choice for patients who home grow. This
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Got this as some waxy budder, blasted by I-70 extracts in Colorado. Total THC=65.03% (kinda low for concentrate), CBGA=0.96%,CBDA=0.32%, CBNA=1.02%. Color is a waxy light brown, nothing too dark. Hit is very smooth out of my electronic NC. Smell is Lavender as well as the taste. Extremely floral. Upon taking a hit you can feel a tingly rush race through your body (from my chest to my feet then all the way up to my head, where it slams into my brain.) Body immediately starts relaxing, with you being weighed down from a giant invisible blanket. Movement becomes unnecessary. I can feel my eyes droop and my worries disappeared. My thoughts flow slower after 2 dabs. A nap sounds lovely as well, though I'm not just going to fall asleep in my chair. Definitely a night time flower.

Consumption Method: DabbingEffects I Feel: Body High, Euphoria, SleepyHelp Me With: Bipolar Disorder, Insomnia, Mood SwingsAromas: Floral, LavenderFlavors: Floral, Lavender

Lavender smells and tastes like lavender so there is a good chance you may have a genetically degenerated cloned version of lavender. I would love to see this review done some justice because if there was any mistake of it smelling and tasting and even nearly looking like lavender colored, then it was just that, a mistake and you have to try again. My review is lavender smells and tastes like lavender and has deep to light violet colors flecked into a dull light green colored bud. Lavender is on my top 5 all time strains. If it's not lavender, then it's not lavender and this will be the easiest strain to pick out of all marijuana strains because very few strains are named after what they taste smell and look like and this is absolutely one of those strains.

I love lavender on my favorites so far in my journey of trying different strains

Perfect for sleep. It will put me nicely to sleep in about 10 min. after vaping. I start to slowly get sleepy and feel like going to bed, instead of being glued to my computer monitor. I get a good night's sleep. Love it after a lifetime of insomnia. the old school aroma.

I smoke this but in the vape @89% thc. I am a new smoker and this strain to me is perfect! It helps me sleep and calms my pain. I had a thyroid med issue and my heart rate kept going high. One hit of this brought it right back down. So for last 3 months I sleep with my lavender cartridge on my night stand. If I wake up I hit it and pass back out.

I hate this strain. Although I have been smoking for over a decade, I tend to stay away from extremely potent strains. The batch of this that I ended up with was labeled 22% thx-a (I think it may have been higher). I smoked a bowl of this rather quickly before bed. It was not at all the relaxing sleepy bud that I had expected. I didn’t feel much except some tingling in my legs for what felt like 45 minutes and then “bam!” I felt the most intense head high of my life, along with nausea and a crazy loss of coordination. This lasted for about an hour. It may have just hit me wrong, I don’t know. I have never had such an unpleasant high.

I also am confound as to why people don't do their homework and complain about how bad a really potent strain is. I'm also confused as to why more people don't have CBD oil on hand (as this works as an antidote to a snowballing high as I call it; even if it is counterproductive to smoking) if they can't handle the bud. Forty percent sativa and high THC is going to give you a rush and it is going to be intense; much as how this dank bud performs through and through. Eventually the euphoria evolves into an insane couchlock and a case of the extreme munchies; so make sure you have a stoner's munchie kit nearby. You are gonna need it. People do your homework before buying and smoking bud; find out what strain is right for you instead of jumping into the shallow end of the pool head first. This bud is for seasoned smokers.

This strain is not for inexperienced users or people who can't handle high thc strains. You get a rush of steady yet somewhat short lived euphoria, followed by the indica takeover of moderate to intense couchlock. I'd recommend as an evening strain, it hits hard. The moderately high sativa component can catch novices off guard and cause them to have a rush though. Very very pleasant strain; dont listen to the negative reviews. People didn't do their homework!

I don't know why people hate this strain so much. If you read the specs, it clearly says it's 40% sativa and high THC content. So don't complain about it keeping you up at night without taking a sedative. If you can't handle high THC, don't take it. Simple as that. I love this strain. I felt incredibly euphoric and creatively inspired. I felt like I was floating pretty much the whole time, and I kept having these beautiful closed-eye visuals, especially with music playing.

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