Night Queen Marijuana Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid Strain Indica Dominant Hybrid 95% Indica / 5% Sativa

THC: 18% - 20%, CBD: 2%

Night Queen, also known as “Nightqueen,” is a heavily indica dominant hybrid (95% indica/5% sativa) strain with unknown parentage due to a high level of breeder secrecy about its origins. It is known, however, that infamous Dutch Passion breeder, Hank van Dalen, created this bud in 1987 as part of their classic medicinal line. And with its super high 18-20% average THC level and strong stoney effects, you'll soon understand why this remains one of Dutch Passion's most beloved buds. The high starts with a creeping effect that suddenly takes hold of your head with an unexpected power that launches your mind and launches it into stoney introspection. As this effect builds and builds, you'll become lost deeper and deeper within the recesses of your own thoughts, losing your body to a complete stone in the process. This state is incredibly sedative and long lasting, leaving many users quickly falling into a deep dream-free sleep. With these heavy effects, Night Queen is recommended for experienced users suffering from insomnia, muscle spasms or tremors, spasticity, and chronic pain. Night Queen buds have round dark green nugs with dark almost black leaves, light amber hairs, and a coating of chunky oversized crystal trichomes. The flavor and aroma are very sweet, with a dank kush effect that's accented by spicy herbs and rich earth.
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A wonderful way to go to sleep. If u have 'goodnight' problems this is the answer. Mix into a store bought cookie mix at 350 for 10 minutes. Store in refrig. I've heard Urkle Purple is very good for sleep too but I've never grown it. For indoor growing, place your plants very near an open window where hopefully direct sunlight will hit the plants in the am or pm as well as the very fresh outside air. If U time your flowering period to go with the shortest days of the year you wont need anything to block out light coming in from the windows. Dave, d two four five eight (in numbers) at yahoo

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