Queen Sweet Pea Marijuana Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid 75% Indica / 25% Sativa

THC: 14% - 15%, CBD: 5%

Queen Sweet Pea is a rare indica dominant hybrid strain (75% indica/25% sativa) created through crossing the potent Cannatonic Perkins Cut X Nom Nom strains. Named for its sweet flavor and cute little nuggets, Queen Sweet Pea is a great bud for any indica lover who's looking for some sweet relaxation after a long and stressful day. The high starts with a subtle build of cerebral effects, working its way slowly into your mind and leaving you feeling lifted and unfocused, without a care in the world. A sense of happiness will wash over you in this state, rinsing away any negative or racing thoughts. As your mind settles, your body will begin to drop into a state of pure sedation and ease, relaxing aching or sore muscles and letting you really kick back. With these effects and its moderate 14-15% THC level and super high 4-5% CBD level, Queen Sweet Pea is often chosen to treat conditions such as inflammation, chronic pain, cramps or muscle spasms, arthritis and insomnia. This bud has a classic sweet and citrusy berry woody flavor. The aroma is spicier and earthier, with a sour citrus overtone that's accented by woody pine and herbs. Queen Sweet Pea buds have grape-shaped fluffy minty green nugs with thin orange hairs and a coating of tiny frosty white crystal trichomes.
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