ReCon Marijuana Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid 60% Indica / 40% Sativa

THC: 23%, CBD: 1%, CBN: 1%

ReCon is a slightly indica dominant hybrid strain (60% indica/40% sativa) that's a cross between the infamous LA Confidential and Cannadential Citrus strains. This highly potent bud offers the user an impressive THC level of 23% and an immediate cerebral high that makes the patient euphoric and offers mind relief. This indica high is followed by a creeping sativa high that offers full-body relaxation and relief and a calm sense of focus. ReCon is ideal for treating patients with anxiety, muscle spasms or cramps, mood swings, and inflammation. This strain has a citrus taste with touches of woodiness that sweetens upon exhaling, and a citrusy diesel aroma. Because of the high potency and intensity of the effects, ReCon is not recommended for novice users or seasoned users who have low medication tolerance. With a light green base covered in brown hairs and blanketed in crystals, the delicious-looking ReCon is just as nice to look at, as it is to smoke!
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Love this strain. My favorite hybrid for sure.

ReCon is a perfect combination for the everyday smoker. It's slightly dominant indica heritage, which you know the second you smell the dense trychome covered buds leaves you relaxed and calm. The euphoria creeps in slowly and settles into a creative state of bliss. ReCon leaves you relaxed enough to sleep but energetic enough to get things done if you have a busy day. Novice consumers beware night time use is recommended this strain has been tested as high as 27% THC with an average around 22 to 25%. If your looking for a sweet tasting heavy hitting smoke with indica roots then ReCon should be on your list

Starbuds has the best recon in town I'll take the Pepsi challenge with any other dispensary in this area starbuds is number 1

Absolutely beautiful exactly as described a quick head high with a nice comfy feeling after the head waves. 9/10 in in my opinion. Definitely not for first time users. And for those who have the choice of getting it please do us the favour and pic it.

Great for mood once you can get past the sleepy stage of it! Made me super focused so much so that I reorganized my bathroom

Very good taste while it did put me down in an hour after a joint.🚧not for novice smokers for sure💥

One of the best Body Indica's very relaxing, calming & focused

Great! Bought an 8th today in Denver.

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