Rockstar Kush Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid 75% Indica / 25% Sativa

THC: 22% - 25%

Rockstar Kush, also commonly called “Rockstar OG” by medical patients, is an indica dominant hybrid (75% indica/25% sativa) strain created through a cross of the insanely potent Rockstar X Bubba Kush strains. This powerful bud has a well-balanced but extremely potent high that is powered by an intensely high THC level that typically falls between 22-25% on average. The high starts with a feeling of uplifted euphoria with a hazy introspection that immediately relieves any feelings of anxiety or racing thoughts. This high slowly spreads throughout the body leaving you completely relaxed with a slight sense of sedation. This sedative feeling eventually leads to a pretty heavy couch-lock with an intense case of the munchies. In fact, the couch-lock can be so intense for some users that it can cause feelings of paranoia and fear. Because of these relaxing and heavy effects, Rockstar Kush is a favorite strain for treating chronic pain, chronic stress or anxiety, and inflammation. This bud has a delicious classic aroma of earthy skunky blueberry that becomes spicy and pungent when the nugs are broken apart. The taste is similar, with a flavor of rich spicy blueberry earth that has a pungent skunky aftertaste that intensifies upon exhale. Rockstar Kush buds have medium-sized lime green spade-shaped super airy nugs with rich amber hairs and a fine layer of crystal clear trichomes.
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Smoked one bowl and couldn't believe how high I was

Rockstar kush is now my favorite strain! HighlandHealth in Trinidabs Colorado has the best Rockstar Kush testing at 26.3%. It does have heavy couch lock and heavy munchies. The taste and smell is amazing. The high is strong and lasts. Indica lovers need to try this awesome bud. Rockstar kush is a top shelf strain.

Have been a cannabis user for 39yrs...everyday use for 35yrs ….now have medical prescription ….in Canada that doesn't mean shit yet...we have 40-60 licenced producers but very few have high THC numbers for patients like me that no longer get's strictly for specific pain points....Finally found small but incredible Licence Producer..WMMC ( Whistler Medical Marijuana )...I have a script for unlimited THC ( which means am allowed high THC strains over 25% ) before finding this dispensary I had medical cannabis between 15-24%...just wasn't cutting it. My new LP has Sour Jack at 25%...Acapulco Gold..100% sativa at 24.5%....Tangerine Dream at 25%....a 50/50 hybrid called Medical Glue at 27.2% !!! But my fave is their BC Rockstar ( also known as Rockstar Kush ) is 100% INDICA...and it is a whopping 28.6% Instant pain relief on my bulging disc in back and nerve pain....sleep comes within the hour.....****** only strain ever that had me coughing for 5 minutes straight...smoke always expands in lungs beyond my capabilities...even though I know it is coming !! *************

Rockstar Kush is a killer strain. You start to feel a buzz kicking in after just one hit and after a bowl you just get fried. I was having a really bad tooth pain and after smoking it the pain just vanished. I give this strain a 90/100. My sleep improved and woke up feeling more alive than ever. I high recommend trying this

Rockstar Kush is a true Indica, it's effects are very potent, it made me extremely tired which in turn meant I slept very well but couldn't remember any dreams that night and felt really slow the next morning. It was great for getting rid of the pain I experienced from working out, great for inflammation and made me very, very calm for an extended period of time (6 - 8 hours). I would highly recommend this strain for people with ADHD that want to get away from the chaotic thinking at times as it quiets everything down. Music sounded really good on this strain, I normally wouldn't recommend it for daytime use but it had enough of an effect with a single hit to level me out in terms of mental clarity/calmness which was helpful for my ADHD symptoms. 4/5.

Kills my anxiety right away! Helps me sleep, relax and gets rid of my chronic neck pain. It's God's medicine!

Excellent strain New Brunswick holding it down !!

Very chill high, it's strong but not overwhelming.

I like bubba better more relaxing

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