Slimer OG Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid 70% Indica / 30% Sativa

THC: 15% - 22%

Slimer OG, also known more commonly as “Slimer” is an indica dominant hybrid strain created through crossing the powerful Ghost OG X White Fire Alien OG. With a super potent THC level that typically falls between 15-22% and heavy-hitting effects, Slimer OG is one bud that is not to be underestimated. The high hits you slowly with a creeping effect that suddenly washes over you and pulls you into a state of slightly stoney euphoria that's also somehow relaxing. You'll be hit with creative inspiration in this state, filling your mind with wild visions and artistic thought that you really won't be able to act on thanks to a deep body high. These hard-hitting effects and its high THC level give Slimer OG an edge in treating a variety of conditions including appetite loss, depression, cramps, chronic pain, and headaches or migraines. This bud has an earthy floral kush flavor with a sweet exhale that sticks to your tongue. The aroma is slightly pungent with a kushy skunky effect that's accented by sweet florals and earth. Slimer OG buds have cone-shaped forest green nugs with dark orange hairs and a super frosty coating of tiny amber colored crystal trichomes.
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This desription is NOT wrong. Its a common mistake though and is a bit confusing. Chernobyl, a tga genetics strain has a particular phenotype that is called slymer (with a y) this strain is slimer (with an i) and is correct.

🎯 this is the strongest shit ever for indica. 1 toke is too much for beginners

Excellent !!!! Just took one hit and I'm wasted, just waiting to see if it gives me a MIGRAINE!!!!

I second the other person's comment: other sources list "Chernobyl" as the parent of Slymer, which is a specific clone.

I'm very much enjoying this strain it is relaxing as well as taking my pain away a for both the body and mind helping my pain helping my pain immensely! Thank You Cam B. for the flavor!

this is wrong. its a chernoble phenotype from tha genetics

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