Stardawg Marijuana Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid Strain Indica Dominant Hybrid 70% Indica / 30% Sativa

THC: 16% - 25%

Stardawg, also known as "Stardog" to most members of the cannabis community, is indica dominant hybrid (40% sativa/60% indica) strain that is a potent cross between the insanely popular Chemdawg 4 X Tres Dog strains. This dank bud boasts a THC level ranging from 16-22% and a potent effects length of up to 3 hours. Stardawg buds have small to medium-sized dense popcorn-shaped nugs that are bright minty green with olive green and rich amber undertones. These nugs are specked with fiery orange and deep amber hairs and a fine layer of white crystal trichomes and resin. Stardawg has an earthy pine aroma with hints of diesel and a taste of pungent earthy diesel with a hint of lemony pine upon exhale. Stardawg users describe the high as an extremely active and uplifting sativa head buzz with pressure felt behind the eyes and in the neck. You'll experience a huge burst of energy and urge to be social and talkative, although you may fall into fits of giggles here and there. These potent sativa effects are accompanied by a relaxing mellow indica body buzz. Stardawg is an ideal strain for treating conditions such as chronic stress, fatigue, and anxiety disorders.
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Yes I’ve bwen sampling stardog( not sure if it’s strain 2 or 4) I started sampling dope 38 years ago, as my Father used to supply it, he’s at rest now, so if the babilon are reading this it really doesn’t bother me at all. The effects remind me of some gold seal black of a 16 ounce hand rold ball that had the seal of the Afghan armed sevices written in gold ( it was not real, or I don’t believe it was real gold). I love indica and ten present doesn’t really do it for me, but, this is different! The 10 percent of indica and 90 percent sativa is just the right mixture- you can roll a joint anytime of the day and night Time too, it’s very social, it doesn’t make me paranoid, it an okay smoke. In fact it’s a lovely smoke- anytime.

Works the best for me helps with PTSD calms me i can focus its great high(ly) recommend listen to music and let yourself go its great and explore the backyard!

A dark olive green colour with bright orange hairs. Earthy and funky aroma, black pepper, broccoli and lemon flavours. High THC content with almost no CBD. A good daytime weed providing energy and clarity. Not recommended for those prone to anxiety or paranoia.

This strain is kind of fruity on the inhale which is awesome. It's a solid sativa, great for morning use. Definitely opened up creativity and lessened stress.

I've been smoking for 25 yrs. I used to read what strains are suppose to relieve. Suprisingly it relieved my pain in my knees. Wow 1st time ever. This strain is by far the best strain I've tried. It got all up in my head and mind f my pain right away. And left me with a nice indica relaxation. Definitely recommend it.

Got mine today from Trulieve at Bonita . It was a huge beautiful bud in there and 3 little ones .. I was suprised did not get the energy and social deal at all . my eyes are ok not tired its strange . with jack herer it gets me real happy and goofy nothing at all with this more like stare at something movie , just stoned may be i need to smoke more . 3 hits on a bong .. not huge i am conservitive at first

Best strain I've had for a long time, not saying the others are trash, this one's special vintage!

I have a vape pen with this stardawg terpenes in it and this is some really good stuff. Then pen has other multi strains in it but not specified. This stardawg does have a earthy taste to it as well. 2 👍👍 up for me.

The 1st 2 pics of dawg on all bud are mine I used to get it daily I struggle these days to get it here in the UK. It has a unique flavour tastes like diesel lemon and earthy the strength is what sets it apart and the effects that come with it one of my favourites. Its one of the best buds on the planet in my opinion I've been smoking weed on and off all my life I've tried cali and this is up there with the best weed on the planet for sure it just has to be grown to a mediocre standard and you will have top quality bud.

The Stardawg I got was a far more indica leaning hybrid. And it's amazing!! Coming in at 32%, it's no slouch & does not disappoint. A high pain & stress level day & Stardawg zapped that off the map across the board. Chilled out, comfortable, enjoying this Beatles LP - life is good.

Picked some in at Trulieve in FL. Coming in at 26%. Very good tasting/smelling and of course it works.

They call this a hybrid but what I have smokes and feels like a hardcore indica, the variant I came across was medical, in Florida, by Truflower ... strong as hell, and makes my eyes want to close for years. This would be good for sleep, insomnia, extreme relaxation in front of the tube with a something on that doesn't require too much brain power. For my purposes, useless. I definitely didn't get the 'social, talkative, active and uplifting' - I want to try that one !

smells amazing. For me the high is perfect, i have social anxiety to a degree - i can smoke this instead of taking a valium when im stressed out or something. Alot of strains make me more anxious but this really chills me. excellent weed. prefer it to the girl scout cookies and amnesia floating around my area. It can make me sleep or start the day with a coffee, if i over do it in the day though il just end up watching nature programs and get fuck all done. so i find it hard to believe its 90% sativa..if you told me to guess id say at least 70/30 indica heavy so who knows.

This strain is a fun, energetic, euphoric high. The buds are beautiful and coated in tons of trichromes - great under the magnifying glass! Very tasty and definitely sativa leaning.

Its horrible,most of the newer strains with stupid names are. Doesn't de-stress at all I smoke to chill not jaw grind I reckon this type of weed is grown for yield not effectiveness Bring back the old skool strains

Great strain to cross with. Great high some phenos only last for that quick head high the ones you can feel in your eyes and face but dosen't linger for to long. Other phenos I like is the ones that keep it going for like 2 hours but not fully intense just slowly creeps on you

Guys this is not a good strain for mood disorders don’t know why it says it is it’s almost a pure sativa if you’ve got bipolar disorder I don’t recommend smoking this

Spectacular strain. For me the onset is fast acting and intense and it last 5 minute long. After that it's another 4-5 hours of pure bliss. Widely available in med dispensaries in Massachusetts. Becoming my top 5 favorite

Why have red bull, coffee, or 5 hr energy when this exists. Makes chores fun. In oil form tasted delicious,,esp on the exhale. Prob a great choice for ADHD and helping people with getting appetites back. Found relief for neurological issues myself and the ADHD.

Got some today. THCA was 36%... Incredible high, decent taste, concise, compact bud...

This is one of those strains that has all the right numbers but the high doesn't equal those same numbers. I don't know what it is but smoking many of the newest strains leaves me feeling like I'm missing something in my herbs. In spite of incredibly high THC numbers I barely feel the strain.

Great smell and taste, good Sativa with some Indica effects. Good for stress and anxiety.

beautiful - lovely - happy daze!

I did not realize that this was mostly sativa. I am an Indica smoker OG old skool and this was as the posts read. Nice bright lime green, orange hairs laid across, and the popcorn indica shape from the ten percent, I think. Enjoyed it but kept going back to the strong stuff there after like platinum OG and cookies and cream. My boy always has variety here in Ohio where still hard to get what you want. I would not grow this as I prefer Indica dominate species. Andy B. Columbus, Ohio

Very good strain and strong high

Bit of a throat burn but nice high

It is very strong 😬

Love this strain...very nice high and seems to put me right to sleep after!

Fantastic Strain, was suffering from a horrific case of Sciatica.. 2 weeks later, obtained a beautiful batch of this glorious Med.. Mobility, and pain Lifted..

Loving the STARDAWG!!! Cleaned the house, mowed the lawn, washed the cars...Making moves with the Dawg!

This bud is very pungent tastes love but floors you definitely recommend it

I must be getting old, cos this mocked me sideways, lovely taste smell and highly recommend but it did give me a whack using half my normal amount! so tread carefully to start!

Close to the best sativa I've had as far as an up,laughing sociable long lasting buzz .Tastes is also nice. Good stuff !!

Loved it. I was energized, had a nice body buzz, and an easy comedown. No anxiety, no harshness - it was all good from beginning to end.

I love star dog 5 stars

🌎🎑 Stardawg is some seriously earthy stuff. With a slight diesel taste, this strain is very interesting. I tastes exactly how it smells. The high is very heady, and somewhat of a creeper. It is very relaxing after a few minutes but also gives you quite a bit of sociability. The body high is pretty substantial after an hour! I would recommend this strain to anybody seeking pain relief without restricting them to drooling on the couch. Green Therapeutics did a fine job! b-Caryophyllene: 2.009 mg/g, b-Myrcene: 3.776 mg/g, Limonene: 3.87 mg/g, Linalool: 0.657 mg/g, b-Pinene: 0.841 mg/g, a-Pinene 0.497 mg/g.

This is a great relaxing strain for an evening guaranteed to be chill. It produces wonderful visual clarity and produces a very classical type high. For those that get a little tense at night from a stressful day; this one will do wonders for you!

This is some fire dank right here! If this is indeed a cross of "Stardawg" & "GSC (Girl Scout Cookies)", I totally get why this is so f-bombing dank!!! The bud structure looks "GSC-dominant." It's tight and dense. The smell is where I'm puzzled. It's not pungent like her "parents." The smell is almost reminiscent to "The White." It's a faint earthy, "Kushy" scent...with a hint of GSC. If I had to describe the taste/flavor, it would be "smooth gas" in which I would attribute to the "Chemdawg" influence in Stardawg. I can't say I taste much GSC in this, but that Chem is definitely comin' through. What I can say for myself is that the "Star Cookie" was able to alleviate my sciatica pain, allow me to relax and be happy. I know that the strain may be considered "Sativa-dominant," but don't get it twisted. A bong rip of this might put the novice smoker straight on their keister and count sheep right quick. Gotta love it! Major big-ups to the growers, harvesters and processors of Northwest's Finest for procuring this awesome flower!

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