Triangle Larry Og Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid 70% Indica / 30% Sativa

THC: 30%

Triangle Larry OG is a powerful indica dominant hybrid strain created through crossing the classic Larry OG X Triangle Kush strains. This bud packs a punch of heavy relaxation that fills both mind and body with sweet relief for hours and hours on end. It starts with a subtle lift in the back of the head that slowly spreads throughout the rest of the body in lightly tingly warming waves that ease away any physical aches or pains and replaces them with soothing bliss. Soon, you'll feel yourself begin to drift away into a deep peaceful state that often ends in sleep. With these effects and its powerfully high 30-31% average THC level, Triangle Larry OG is often chosen by patients suffering from conditions such as insomnia, muscle spasms, chronic pain, and depression. This bud has a citrusy pine flavor with a sour herbal exhale that's incredibly smooth. The aroma is earthy and spicy with citrus herbal overtones that can become peppery at times. Triangle Larry OG buds have long almond-shaped dark forest green nugs with lots of long thin orange hairs and a super thick frosty coating of bright white crystal trichomes.
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