True OG Marijuana Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid Strain Indica Dominant Hybrid 70% Indica / 30% Sativa

THC: 22%, CBD: 1%

Being an indica dominant strain, it is also referred to as the Kobe OG. Since it is a 100% indica phenotype, it creates an astounding 22% THC content that will blow you away, well not literally of course. It can easily be distinguished from any other strain because of its powerful skunky smell, which can be recognized almost immediately. Additionally, its smell is quite pungent with citrus undertones. As for the flavor, it is nothing different from what it smells like but you will detect a hint of fuel along with exotic spices. Not only is it a powerful weed, but it offers a high in the classic Kush tradition. However, True OG is not recommended to individuals who are new to smoking medical marijuana. It is perfect at relaxing your body and mind and is effective at treating several medical conditions. You have to keep in mind that the strain is one of the reasons why the term 'Couchlock' came into being. Not only will you feel exhausted but your eye lids will drop if you smoke higher doses. But then again, it is a great strain to treat insomnia, chronic pain, headaches and even nausea.
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Just tried True OG. Amazing. It's the real deal.

Picked this up as a Daily oz. Special from GSM in Antioch CA. Holy cow, this stuff is no joke. Am a daily smoker, and 2 hits of this put me DOWN. Very relaxing and great stress and pain relieving properties. An excellent strain! Highly recommended.

Some people take Benadryl to go to sleep ,I am myself roll up a nice fat blunt of true OG ,and then it’s night night after that. 😴😴😴😴😴😴😴

Wow. A lot of strains I tried were okay but don't usually leave a lasting impression on me, but this one definitely did. Trust me, the description is very accurate. If I enjoyed indicas more than sativas then I'd give it five stars to be honest.

Great Strain, head high and immediate relaxation! Just had knee surgery and my pain went from an 8 to 0! Great sleep-aid. Highly recommended! Stay up and Stay High πŸ™ŒπŸ½

True OG is the one I’ve been looking for. I tried so many different strains and this one does it all for me. It especially helped me with the constant nausea I’ve been dealing with. It also helped me with anxiety and chronic pain. It’s a two hit and quit Strain for me because of the 25% THC that it has. I love it!

It’s a great strain helps with my pain, and stress . That’s the pros the cons are you just want to relax after smoking

Top 10 great for anxiety

Works wonders for my epilepsy. Have seizures auras constantly every day. When I smoke True OG the seizure auras vanish

good pain relief, helps with stress and anxiety. great for napping

Great strain for a day of doing absolutely nothing... VERY indica. Deep body relaxation, pleasant head high with no edginess or anxiety, moderate pain relief. Two dry flower vape hits and I napped in and out all day AND slept the entire night uninterrupted. Don't expect to get anything at all done with this strain. It is 100% a lazy-day bud !! I'll keep this around always for help with sleeping..

In my top 10 strains of all time-if not top 5 or even three for that matter. I got this from Polaris in Las vegas which is hydroponically grown. The THC tops out over 28% and over 3% terps. That senteence alone should tell you something, the only thing that could have been better was a 0.50-1% cbd in its otherwwise amazing profile. I give this a very solid 4.7. This is claimed to be the from the folks who coined the term Ocean grown, which is often confused for original gangster (whic may be a strain all its own) but imo this is the eal deal as far as socal ocean grown goes.

True OG has got to be the best thing I've had for Pain and for Stress. Doesn't leave you couch bound. After just a few hits, I could actually feel the pains melting away. It's awesome. This is the first review of a strain for me. 10 out of 10

Very Indica, strong body, very terpy. It is a very good night time strain. I live in a lot of pain, so I like to overdose on cannabis till I pass out at night before bed and this is a good one for that.

Coming from a Indica Phenotype of OG Kush I can tell you this strain is amazing for pain and anxiety.

Fantastic bud, mellow but strong, really great.

I stopped going to the dispensary and use grow gods

Got some true OG and its so good my eyelids definitely drop

Its very good haha.

Just got a 1000Mg oil from Royal family private reserve. Very nice and very strong. Helped my back pain and totally relaxed my body.

Love the high from this, if you have trouble sleeping this is the weed for you

Got the kurvana master og strand it's on point a nice head &body high! Nice video dude! ^

Relieves my anxiety and pinched nerve symptoms. I also love it in the morning with a nice, bold coffee.

Good Stuff....

Very powerful skunky smell citrusy lemony flavor just a little twist to the OG Kush but it's way more Indica dominant

I have smoked several true OG grows, all are not equal. the best are amazing with up to 28% total THC and 1.5% humulene and several other terps below about 0.5%. the weakest was 17% and terps were all pretty low. Not sure the variation is due to phenotype or grower skill, but I suspect both are involved. Smell your bud before you buy, if the terps are not obviously evident, its not worth as much on a buy as its probably been sitting around losing its terps. The bet are top shelf the worst are not worth buying, but I like the strain.

Just got some True OG and taste and smells as mentioned by ALLBUD. I only gave it a 4 star because I save 5 for super badass. Helps with my pain and it looks like I'll crash early tonight. It's badass.

Its great for my static pain problems.

try this an you'll be hungry and sleepy too

Incredible pleasing strain definitely perfect for insomnia and lack of appetite πŸπŸ• 😴

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