Calm 101 Marijuana Strain

Indica Strain Indica

THC: 28%

Calm 101, also known as “Canndescent,” is a rare 100% pure indica hybrid strain created through a combination of unknown indica strains. If you're on the hunt for a super relaxing high that won't leave you anxious or antsy, this is it. With this bud, the name say it all – Calm 101 has one of the most peaceful, relaxing highs you'll ever experience. The high has a very slow build, creeping up behind the eyes and in the forehead before spreading through your mind, pushing out any negative thoughts and replacing them with pure blissful euphoria. As your mind settles into this happy relaxed state, your body will soon follow suit, dropping off into a deep peaceful couch-lock that can leave you sleepy and sedated. With these effects and its high 23-29% average THC level, Calm 101 is perfect for treating conditions such as chronic anxiety or stress, depression, chronic pain, and PTSD. This bud has a sweet light herbal flavor with a woody floral overtone that's slightly spicy. The aroma is very earthy and flowery with an herbal sweet overtone that turns slightly spicy as the nugs are burned. Calm 101 buds have small spade-shaped amber-tinted nugs with bright orange hairs and a coating of frosty amber-white crystal trichomes.
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This is a perfect strain. It makes me time travel. I helps me create music. It gets rid of politically induced stress. Hawaiians would say, “Dis da kine my Braddah” Buy two. They run out fast!

Dense pine green buds with orange pistils. Amber fine hairs & crystal trichomes cover the buds. Earthy & flowery were the scents & flavors. Smoked Calm 101 & 114 & it made me so SUPER relaxed & mellow. This Indica carried a nice 29% THC level. Sadly the one knock on Canndescent is not the product but, the very high price. I found a place with the only reasonable price in town & i go there or else i would pass on it as i did in the past. Protect The Harvest!!

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