Dark Star Marijuana Strain

Indica Strain Indica

THC: 19%

Dark Star, also known as DarkStar, is a pure indica (sativa/indica ratio of 0:100) that comes with relatively modest THC levels but several good medical uses. This strain is apparently the result of a cross between two popular originals, Purple Kush and Mazar-i-Sharif. Tests suggest THC levels can top 19%, putting this in the medium range as far as potency is concerned. The few available CBD tests show that chemical is scarce in this strain, too scarce to recommend Dark Star as treatment for epilepsy of other conditions that respond to CBD preparations. The indica genes in this strain produce a calming physical buzz with euphoria, happiness, and some limited cerebral effects. It's a good source of medicine for chronic body pain, everyday stress, and lack of appetite, as it can generate a powerful case of the munchies. The flavor and aroma of Dark Star both have strong, sweet notes of coffee and soil. There isn't much information on side effects, but patients should expect at least some of the usual culprits: dry mouth, dry eyes, paranoia, dizziness, and headaches. Available in both Europe and the United States, this strain sells best in Colorado, the Pacific Northwest, Arizona, Michigan, Spain, and the Netherlands.
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This strain deserves recognition, I think the pedigree speakes for its self. Both Purple Kush & Mazar-i-sharif are back bones on which many great strains were built. @ a modest 15% thc I was pleasantly surprised it was very euphoric. Obviously land race strains are potent, that's why they exist. With so many strains out there, it's easy to overlook some less attractive or sexy strains, but this game was built on the backs of these very precious strains! Don't get lost in the hype, the truth is a very straight road.

After developing really bad panic reactions to weed, this was the only strain that worked for me. Some indicas leave me feeling incredibly heavy and disoriented which can also lead to panic for me but dark star is mellow, gives a mild high when smoked in small amounts (I don't feel the need to be super careful with it like I do some others), and overall feels incredible. I still feel in control when I smoke this, but much more at ease. It also tastes and smells beautiful. It truly has one of the best tastes I've ever had. It's earthy and rich but also sweet. I highly recommend this to people who suffer from panic attacks from weed but still want to find something that will work for them. Be careful and take it slow if that's the case for you, but I was surprised how well I was still able to smoke this after developing a panic reaction. I had been smoking it throughout the time my panic started to take over and never had an issue with it. I can't wait until I get my hands on it again, it's a really incredible strain.

I got a huge package delivered with some Tom Ford, Huckleberry Cookies and Darkstar. The Darkstar was marked down that day so I really only got it because it was on sale. I always remembered Darkstar as being nice, mellow, higher grade, pretty buds and a great smell. But that was from a different dispensary a long time ago and I was curious what I would get. Besides the fact that they really went out of their way for me with a bunch of free keif pre rolls....I finally get to the Darkstar and it was exactly how it's supposed be. It's the kind of indica that will creep up on you with "lazy waves" of relaxation and slowed down ,calmed down thinking. It's the kind of weed you keep a joint of and put in the dresser next to your bed. Then if it was a long day and your kind of tired anyways , this is great for a nightcap after everyone leaves and you can clean tomorrow. Go grab that joint of Darkstar...

This is a beautiful strain for evening for chronic pain I suffer from a chronic form of blood cancer and I love this strain๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿค—โค

So loving this for my cancer and body aches I would recommended this to all.๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Ž

This strain does me right! Iโ€™m a chronic pain and insomnia sufferer and few strains alleviate my pain and allow me to sleep like this one. I smoked a nice bowl of this (along with a couple gummies) and I slept like a baby. Smooth smoke with a nice taste. I highly recommend this strain.

Great strain. Immediate effects upon exhaling. Has some couch lock at first- it hits you hard. After about 45 min... the couch lock seems to ease up and feel uplifted, yet relaxed. It has a pretty strong head high, yet still seem to be able to focus after the initial high calms down. Great smell and taste. Will seek this strain when available.

Bought this strain in a shatter from global refinery. The taste of soil definitely comes through more than the coffee but it definitely fills the room with an espresso smell. The taste overall is not bad also it hits heavy yet so smooth making it easier to haul on the banger for that last bit without coughing or double toking n capping. The high starts out slow with a cerebral trance some what almost relaxing to the point it awakens you from making you forget your worries, then you start to slowly melt into whatever it is you are doing but staying aware while sending you off into imagination land. Great for social setting as I feel like the party just began with every hit while also lifting you n stoning you up.

This is great indica strain. Smoked from joint,smoke is smooth and full of flavor.High is creeper at first until you notice your mind and body is totally relaxed.Great if you have to work at day and medicade.

This strain is just lovely. I am a lightweight and prefer to vape oil, so Iโ€™m not getting the full experience. Even so, itโ€™s nice for chilling and doing busywork. If you summer from PMDD, this might help with pain, severe irritation, sensitivity, tight muscles, and anxiety. Not incapacitating, which is good for some ;)

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