Dready Kush Marijuana Strain

Indica Strain Indica

THC: 22% - 24%

Dready Kush is a 100% pure indica hybrid strain created by and named for Humboldt breeder Dready Rob as a powerful cross of the hugely powerful Original Hindu Kush X Hindu Kush strains. This dank bud is infamous for its insanely potent THC level between 22-24% and its strong, almost overpowering effects. Almost immediately after smoking, you'll be hit with a heavy blow, leaving you with instant short-term memory loss and powerful mind relief. You'll be pulled into a focused yet extremely introspective state that leaves you spacey with deep thoughts and the tendency to zone out and be air-headed. This feeling can lead to paranoia and anxiety in less-experienced users, so Dready Kush should be avoided if you have a low tolerance. These long-lasting effects leave you completely relaxed and couch-locked as the high continues, ending in a deep and peaceful sleep. Because of these effects, Dready Kush is great for treating chronic pain, insomnia, depression, and tremors. Dready Kush buds have medium-sized forest green popcorn-shaped nugs with rich amber undertones, fiery orange hairs, and a fine layer of milky amber-hued trichomes. This bud has an aroma of pungent spicy earth and a taste of pungent earth that sweetens upon exhale.
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