Katsu Marijuana Strain

Indica Strain Indica

THC: 11%, CBD: 8%

Katsu is a pure indica strain and is a cross between Old World Kush, West Coast Dawg and OG Kush. The strain is also popularly known as Katsu Kush. The strain originated from the Hindu Kush Mountain Range and has grown immensely popular. Upon closer inspection you will come to realize the buds are quite different from any other indica strain you may have medicated with before. The buds are dense with pointed calyxes and purple leaves. As for the taste and aroma, it is musky, hashy and rich like coffee. Since it is a pure indica strain, it is perfect for use at night. Katsu primarily offers a body buzz and provides great relief for those suffering from conditions or diseases that cause physical discomfort including chronic pains, Sever and Fibromyalgia. Considering its calming and relaxing effects it manages to offer a cerebral feel of tranquility which is why many patients use it to treat anxiety as well. But then again, it will make you feel euphoric and happy which is why it can also be used to treat mood disorders, stress and depression at the same time.
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I just had a hit of Katsui Kasai--17% THC 0 CBD that I just bought at Oregon Bud. Very nice high. Body warmth, it seems to be taking care of my anxiety nicely--that means no tension body cramps. And for me, to work on my art some, with pleasing results. Why do I not do an abstract of one of these lovely heads? Now mind you, that's one hit. Please. I am a head from 1981; this is mighty fine. For the geezers, think Afi hash. peace.

Buddy of mine brought this home one day and graced me with a hit. All I can say is that my anxiety was gone. And I mean G.O.N.E. And I actually fell asleep right away that night for the first time in ages.

Small dense nugs lottsa red hairs with some purple also...a sweet earthy fast n smell...2nd hit n the mellow body buzz starts to do its magic...after a few n the pain in my lumbar disks was down to bearable...I will get more...some taste better but this does what s sposed too...ShoutOut to the BudTenders at NatureMed...never steer me wrong

Effects I Feel: Body HighHelp Me With: Anxiety
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