Kosher Kush Strain


THC: 22% - 25%

Kosher Kush is famous for its enticing flavor and high potency ingredients. But that's not the only thing that makes this strain famous; Kosher Kush is the only strain that has been blessed by a Rabbi! In addition, it has been awarded the High Times Indica Cup in the years 2010 and 2011. The strain produces a strong aroma which allows the smokers to achieve a complete body relaxation and relieve stress. Many smokers have reported relief from depression. The strain will allow your body to transcend into a state of serenity, thereby draining your mind of all worries. It has been reported that it leaves a powerful effect on the smoker that stays for a long time. Many smokers have reported to have a peaceful sleep after smoking Kosher Kush. The most commonly reported side effects include headache, dry eyes and dizziness. However, heavy smokers might not experience the same kinds of effects as the beginners. It is recommended to practice extreme caution with the strain; high amounts of Kosher Kush can cause blurred vision and lack of clarity.
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it is aromatic and flavorful. it kept the pain from an injured shoulder and sore neck away quite well. for me, there was relaxation but no couch lock. improved sleep and dream recall after a couple days, but does not make me sleepy as such.

As a patient I'm a late 50s lifer, complex and kinda rare. THIS medication as a whole keeps tons of symptom-hiding pills away! Feeling back to normal espeially after having some wonderful Kosher Kush to relieve every little ailment and joint replacement pain after weight loss, giving much needed mental and physical ease,..relief. Relaxing sleep later on. It is a feel-good strain, I asked for a strain that lasts and it does, for a long while. Kosher Kush is definitely one of my favorites. I'm sure it will become one of yours too if not already. Enjoy.

Some.of the best tasting kush you can find love this bids.smells like it tastes tastes like it smells love it' haven't tried it I recommend finding it

Very a Relaxing, lots of couch lock, tastes better than most indices.

Great for insomnia. And i feel good the next morning .

This will definitely allow for a good night's sleep. Fairly good sedative properties that allow for some great night time relaxation. Definitely gives you the munchies.

One of the best OG’s out there. I’d call it a pretty heavy indica but not a narcotic throw down strain. Taste is simply amazing and the smoke is smooth and will fill the room of OG goodness.

excellent for night.

I suffer from the following: Depression, PTSD, Stress, Anxiety, Insomnia. Now Fixed with Kosher Kush!!!

Kosher kush is A+!

Got some Kosher Kush from Virginia Co...the high was bland but it put me to sleep. EDIT: I've changed Kosher Kush's rating from 2 to 3 stars because it mixes well with other strains and gently brings the high to a more relaxed, body level.

this is a must try strain if you get the chance. this strain has a super euphoric body high with great indica effects. it makes you tired enough to sleep, but not so tired that you have to sleep. great strain for watching movies or hanging out with friends while still being a great strain for sleep.

This strain has provided relief after a spike in my tolerance and helps me more than most strains I’ve tried.

Say nite nite! A wonderful strain for lack of sleep issues. A must try pure Indica! Really like this one all around for nite time smoking.

Kosher Kush is a good strain regardless of the time. In the morning it won't slow you down or make you tired, but at night it won't keep you up.

Truly an amazing strain. Honestly couldn’t be happier with this unexplainable rush throughout my entire body thank you goodbye.

Tried many many different strains since first review, and by far my fave overall strain ever. And the best indica ever. When I saw it back at local, was stoked! Rare, even in a legal state, and grabbed up quick. And that taste. Even through bong, old style, the taste upon exhale is pure flowery heaven. 11/10!

Excellent for pain and insomnia! So hard to find though, wish more places would carry it in Arizona.

Definitely relieves pain! I either pulled my lower back muscles, pinched a nerve, or popped my back the wrong way a couple of days ago. I don't know but I wasn't able to bend, sit, walk stairs nor was I able to stand for long periods of time. It hurt. I didn't go to the doctors because I wanted to see if it would go away on it's own. I took Advil PM pills-prior to buying more herbs-to help me sleep the night before. I was still in pain and only could lay a certain way. I buy this strain yesterday from a dispensary in Denver. Smoked it last night. The best decision than having to take more pills. My body was relaxed, I had very little to no pain in my back. It made me feel positive about my back: it's going to soon stop hurting (that kind of crap). On top of that, I have to deal with insomnia every night. I was able to get a good nights rest. I was laying on my back, sides, and my tummy. But be careful I woke up with my lower back feeling sore this morning. I think I was so happy to move around with very little pain that I think I may have overworked my back. So I'm sitting here smoking again. The pain is still there but I definitely feel the strain start to work it's magic.

My San Fernando valley much better

Makes you stupid giggly high. Bought a few grams at a dispensary in Denver, smoked a few bowls and went back abought an ounce. A favorite Rocky Mountain high.

Only of the few strains capable of relieving my insomnia, I buy it every chance I can

One of my favorites! It hits hard and fast. Euphoria directly follows and lasts a long time. Great taste to boot. Perfect storm for me!!!

Is exactly as described been on anxiety meds for 25 years now I don't need like 10 prescriptions my docs had me on in my mid 40s. Long story short there truly is a strain that is medicinal and I experience same thing and I been on Medicinal for 2 years maybe.

This is an all time fave, and might be my fave pure indica. Just got some CO2 oil, 76.68% THC, .86% CBD, 81.41% total cannabinoids. It hits fast, relaxing body and mind. The taste of the vaped oil is sweet, fruity, earthy, leaving a very fruity and piney aftertaste. A warmth washes over, glueing body to whatever you sit on, and relaxing the mind very quick. After 2 hits, I have a hard time typing. Spaced out, warm...pain gone, anxiety gone, nausea gone. A perfect Indica, a MUSt try for Indica lovers. Beginners, take it slow. Fuck I'm stoned now...Oivey EDIT: Although a huge fan of the flowers, this was my first exp. with oil. The taste is, like the flower, one of the best Indica ever. And the high...been doing Mango Haze & GG#4 all day...3 hits of the KK...knocked out...I love this strain so much!

Every time I have smoked this strain it has been as powerful as it is dank and sticky. This is one that I take a large solid pull and exhale slow.. savoring the colorful and sharp flavors of chem and citris. The impact is near immediate with a quick blast to the head and quickly washing over your body. Mind and muscle alike loosen up and couch lock sets in. A Fantastic strong body high and immediate mood enhancement can be expected. It isn't exactly the smoothest smoke but it's worth every cough! Recommend mid-late PM, chill mode activities or sleep. Enjoy!

I love this strain. I have chronic pain and gastrointestinal issues and etc... I Love the taste and it truly works on my symptoms. I find it to be very relaxing also.

hi,I am 60 and it remember me kush in the valley in Afghanistan and Pakistan,as an old stoner this will freeze yourself, and say thanks to shiva for the plant sacred

Not an Indica guy per se, but this is just an amazing strain. A must have, in my opinion. Nice woody, cinnamon-y, nutmeg-y taste; offers a glorious euphoria burst followed by some deep calm and concluding with some blazingly strong munchies. It's like a Jewish mother perhaps, always with the "Are you sure you've had enough to eat? They really don't feed you enough around here..." Anyway. Love it. This strain is not as common as I'd like (I'm running low as I write this), so if you find some from a good dispensary, snap it up a quarter at a time!

I picked up 3.5g of this by Fireline, in the form of budlets - an odd choice to me. I don't know if it's because of the budlets (which sounds a lot like a slight upgrade on shake to me), or the fact that it was harvested all the way back on 3/21/16, but this just doesn't have body high that I'm looking for in a Kush, or any strong Indica.

Absolutely one of my favorites. I experienced what is said here (only got a slight headache). Very sedating, drains pain away. Leaves you so mello and relaxed, you won't have a care in the world. Be somewhere comfortable; you might very well fall asleep.

My favorite go-to strain. Happy, lowers anxiety, relaxes me in social situations where I would rather be at home and lets me enjoy myself. Wish it was available more in my area.

I am a long time smoker. I've had it all, from OG Kush to Blue Dream to Girl Scout Cookies. Kosher Kush is top notch cannabis. Everything about this strain screams top shelf. The look, smell and effects are nothing short of spectacular. I smoke one bowl of Kosher Kush late in the evening, then lay on the couch in complete euphoria. This very well may be my new favorite strain.

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