LA Affie Marijuana Strain

Indica Strain Indica

THC: 23%

The LA Affie Strain, also known as “Affi,” has a sweet but strong flavor that reacts and makes you feel the effects of the strain quickly. The LA Affie Strain is known to be very effective for making you feel better when you have headaches. It is also especially effective for treating anxiety and nausea. The LA Affie Strain is also good for getting rid of insomnia as it presses down on the most stressed parts of the human brain and relaxes it. This allows the person to sleep without facing any kind of disturbance prior to sleeping or during sleep. The LA Affie Strain is also particularly helpful in alleviating many kinds of pain from the different parts of the human body. It also gives the person an energetic kick depending on the type of person inhaling the strain. The Strain is known popularly as a psychedelic. It is a 100% indicia strain, which can be easily grown in a matter of 8 to 9 weeks since that is the time it requires to flower itself. The LA Affie Strain comes with a powerful but a very beautiful aroma that many people tend to feel drawn to. If you want to relax, the LA Affie Strain is the one for you indeed.
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Relaxing, But not that strong of a indica.

Sweet pungent fragrance. Hits like old school Hash, expansive. Light green and VERY frosty. POTENT

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