Monolith Marijuana Strain

Indica Strain Indica

THC: 24%, CBD: 1%

Monolith is a 100% pure Afghan indica strain popularized in the early 80’s that is just coming back on an upward swing in popularity among medical cannabis users. This bud packs a deep dank flavor with hints of sweet hash and earth and a super pungent aroma that’s both sweet and spicy with a dank overtone that can fill a room with its pungent stench. Monolith buds have round and super dense medium green nugs that are completely covered in furry amber hairs and coated with tiny clear crystal trichomes. The Monolith high is a classic treat, bringing out the best of your favorite indica effects with a smooth long-lasting effect. The high starts with a subtle lift that boosts your mood and lulls your mind into hazy bliss, leaving you unfocused and free of any mental pains or stress. As this head high continues, a creeping body buzz will suddenly overtake you, leaving you helplessly couch-locked and completely sedated. Be sure to have a stash of snacks on hand in case you get hit with the munchies! These heavy indica effects and its powerful 24% average THC level make Monolith perfect for treating conditions such as chronic pain, appetite loss, muscle spasms or cramps, and chronic stress or anxiety.
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Nearly 20 yr smoker here; not many strains knock me flat on my ass these days. But DAAAAMN! 4 hits off of a pre-roll, and my head just isn't attached anymore lol Best way to describe it.

Strong zone out effect.Not the couchiest of strains.Ridiculous munchies effect.Not for the overweight amongst us.

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