Razzleberry Kush Marijuana Strain

Though hard to find, Razzleberry Kush is an effective treatment for anxiety, depression, and pain. It can also help with insomnia, lack of appetite, and migraines. Razzleberry is a pure indica cross of Raspberry Kush and Purple Kush. It has a sweet flavor and smells like berries. The THC content is strong, making for a potent, calming body high. This strain also has large quantities of CBD. This chemical is thought to be helpful with severe seizure disorders, as well as other conditions. CBD is still relatively hard to find in high concentrations, so Razzleberry is an important strain for medical marijuana patients. This is a California original, and its fame is not widespread. Recreational users tend to seek heady sativas, so pure indica can be scarce in many places. That makes Razzleberry special for medical cannabis patients, who can find deep comfort in its soothing effects. This strain is relatively new, and it's still scarce, though it can be found in many places where marijuana is legal. Its parent strains are among the most popular in the world, making Razzleberry Kush a good choice for medical use.
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A fantastic indica! I tend to go for hybrids cause sativas are too heady and indicas are too stoney for my taste. But I picked up an 8th of the Razzleberry Kush after work today; and after finishing the 1st bowl, I am in love! It provides a perfect balance of relaxation, good/happy mood, anti-anxiety, anti-depression and excitement... Razzleberry Kush literally just made my top 5 list, and this is coming from 14 years of smoking the best herbage I could find! (if you can find some) Make sure you pick yourself up a decent stash! I promise you will not be disappointed...

It ok I'm a condasaure soo to me it was another strain not to heavy but deffinly a good relaxer ahh it was called razz but its a strain out of Oregon

Went to the ER with horrible back spasms and after IV meds I'm still in crazy pain. Came home and went straight for the other meds. I've never tried this one before but After trying it? I know the pain is there but I really don't care right now. The cat is a wee high 😂 Bottom line: Muscular Dystrophy sucks but this makes it feel better. 💖

PTSDkiller herb finally slept ect . Razzel get u some pure indica

Growing 2, bought them on a whim. Finally got around to buying an eighth to see what to expect. Wish I was growing a thousand. Feelin' the love...👍👍👍👍👍

Bomb ass weed would Fuck wit again

Great stuff ..........

Fresh taste, good burn and great smell. Highly recomend

All I got to say is this is perfect for pms, and cramps, and the migraine that goes along with it.

best i've ever had....grew 6 ladies a couple years ago....beautiful color, smell, and taste...hard to find the clones now

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