Raspberry Kush Marijuana Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid Strain Indica Dominant Hybrid 80% Indica / 20% Sativa

THC: 16% - 23%

Raspberry Kush is one of the most commonly used Indica dominant hybrids. It was named after its berry flavour and aroma. The addition of the Kush at the end of the name denotes the origin of the strain, which is Hindu Kush. The strain offers Kush skunky aroma of eastern spices and summer fruits. It is known to provide a body melt. Its high potency immediately kicks in and offers a sudden boost to the body's energy levels. The effect of the strain starts off in the head and gradually spreads to the body, giving the smoker an energizing boost. The strain is a great way to chill after a long hard day and can also be great for parties and weekend hangouts. Many heavy smokers have reported a night of relaxed sleep after smoking Raspberry Kush. Medically, the strain is known to relieve various ailments that usually arise due to fatigue. If you are looking to smoke subtle fruit flavors, then Raspberry Kush is the right option for you. With more than 16-23% of HC level, the strain promises a long lasting effect on your mind and body.
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Great for racing negative thoughts helps calm them tastes like raspberry chai tea . Good for aches and pains.slightly energizing. A little bit sleepy for day time if you have to be up and peppy though. But it's a great high.

Great taste smell. Like raspberry cream tasting mildly spiced. Earthy berry spicy scent .tried .oil cartridge. Sparkly . Euphoric calmly dreamy.sleepy high.long lasting. Great rainy day high.

If sweet flavors pain relief and a mellow high or what you were into look no further

Killer kush. Strong medicine, but if you only take a few ripps you can still function and maintain at work or school or wherever and overcome your pain. I live with chronic pain and battle cancer. This one really helps. Highly recommended.

I had Raspberry Kush Shatter from Electric Extracts and I loved it. Not the best for daytime since it will make you sleepy. But it was wonderful for insomnia, stress, mood swings, headaches and muscle spasms. I have daytime bruxism and am constantly clenching my jaw, which in turn gives me very painful cluster headaches. A dab of Raspberry Kush instantly relaxed my jaw and I would manage to have a few hours free of pain and clenching. Tasted great, nice and sweet, with an earthy aftertaste.

Accurate description of a great strain. Smells like heaven, tastes like heaven ( a sweet raspberry cream flavor that truly lingers and subtle flavor comes on after few minutes) and it feels like heaven. If you love indicas, and indica dominant hybrids, this is a must. 22.7%. Chilly chilly chill...love this strain.

This is my new favorite strain! I love the bright purple accents to the leaves. Gave me a real mellow vibe but doesn't make me feel too "sedated", if you will. the mellow energy is a nice boost in your day!!!! XD ;)

Raspberry Kush is not Blackberry Kush..BBKush is straight hash with a little berry aftertaste and totally black by end of flowering....RKush has a musky, berry smell and my pheno is straight purple all the time, with a little more cerebral attributes than BBKush which is made for insomniacs

the raspberry Kush is aka blackberry Kush aka og name berry Kush. I was the grower that made that strain in the NW in 08. It as no flavor but has a god smell.

First I have to say that the flavor of this bud is AMAZING. Next, the effects are super fresh, making me happy and very sleepy. Great for when you need to take a nap or just want to kick it.

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