UBC Chemo Marijuana Strain

Indica Strain Indica

THC: 21%

UBC Chemo is a pure indica strain with about 21% THC content. The strain is immensely popular and is a legend amongst regular cannabis users. It is not only known for its effects but for its rarity and history as well. The strain originates from British Columbia and was primarily developed to treat cancer patients without having to undergo the disastrous side effects of chemotherapy, hence the name. The buds look like hash plant, the buds are frosty and dark green in color. As for the aroma, it is earthy and smells like crystals at the same time. Even though it tastes just like it smells, it is not extraordinary. The pure indica strain is one of a kind. It is completely different from what you may have imagined it to be. It is incredibly strong, enough to knock you out with continuous use. As for the effects, it will leave you light headed. Considering its potent high, you may be tempted to overdo it at times. The strain will give you the munchies in no time, which is perfect for patients suffering from a loss appetite. Additionally, it has also been used by patients suffering from panic attacks and paranoia.
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It's a knocker, for sure. I am a daily smoker and I am impressed with this strain. I feel light, happy and very relaxed at the same time. It's a stay in strain ; do not go for a walk with your dog lie I did . LOL

Very good bud.. the above description is pretty accurate to what you will feel.. I'm a daily all day smoker and this put me straight on my a$$ lol. One to be stayed at home with and enjoyed.

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