White Dragon Strain


THC: 22%

White Dragon is a 100% pure indica strain created through a cross of the classic Northern Lights X Afghani strains. This bud is infamous for its crazy sticky appearance and actually won Most Resinous at the 2012 Spannabis Cup. This bud has thick chunky dense spade-shaped bright lime green nugs with dark olive green leaves, purple hairs and leaves, and a thick frosty coating of amber hued milky trichomes. The White Dragon high starts with an immediate wave of sedative relaxation and calming lethargic effects. These effects are incredibly strong and long-lasting in nature, often ending in a state of deep and peaceful sleep that lasts for hours on end. Because of these powerful effects and its insanely high THC level 22% and above, White Dragon is the perfect choice for patients suffering from chronic pain, insomnia, nightmares, and muscle spasms or tremors. White Dragon has a classically delicious smell of earthy spicy kush that has a woody pungent scent that's released as the nugs are broken apart and smoked. The taste is just as delicious – a sweet and spicy earthy kush with a pungent pine aftertaste that intensifies upon exhale with an almost sharp effect.
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White Dragon Strain has been discontinued by Eva. That means they do not care much about White Dragon. My Dragon was stale when I got it. Two weeks later it was rock-hard. I couldn't enjoy stale weed. Stay away from discontinued strains

9/10 had a nice smoke premium white dragon loved it not felt so stoned in years dont drive !!

7.7/10 so 4/5 level strain. Smooth indica nuggets on my jumper.

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