Woody Kush Marijuana Strain

Indica Strain Indica

THC: 23%, CBD: 4%

This is definitely not the type of Indica you smoke before going to work. As it has a high level of potency (20% and up,) it is recommended to be used as a nighttime medication toke. When you first smoke it, you won't really feel anything. However, after a few minutes have passed its effects will become noticeable, sending you into a weed induced coma. The aroma of Woody Kush is of a skunk like smell, with a pine like scent added in. After inhalation you will feel lazy, with creativeness experienced by some, while others feel sleepy and get the full psychoactive effects. Prescribed by doctors, it is used to treat stress and insomnia, however it is also used for pain, paranoia, and women PMS'ing. The drawbacks reported however, are not really different then what you're likely used to. The main ones worth a mention are anxiety, dry mouth syndrome, paranoia, dizziness, and dry eyes reported by some. In all, this is especially useful if you need help going to sleep city, just don't try and operate heavy machinery after smoking this weed.
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kick ass strain, I love it and it delivers on the woody always has thick stem a must try indica for anyone that is into indica

This strain is an excellent after work vegitate....picked up the shatter made from it and had never heard of it prior to. 5 star smasher, not for the lightweights or beginners!!!

For a strain named for Woody himself, I was pretty impressed. Great for helping me fall asleep at night and did wonders for my back spasms. BUT - don't take too much at once or you're going to have some batshit crazy dreams.

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