Acapulco Gold Marijuana Strain

Sativa Dominant Hybrid Strain Sativa Dominant Hybrid 80% Sativa / 20% Indica

THC: 19% - 24%

This famous sativa-dominant hybrid, which has an 80:20 sativa/indica ratio, combines a powerful head high with a soothing body high that last for at least two hours. Acapulco Gold originated in Acapulco, Mexico, but no one seems to remember who first grew it or what parent strains were used. Acapulco Gold is pretty hard to find because it's difficult to grow indoors, but it's popular throughout the United States, especially in warmer climes. It's best used to treat anxiety, depression, and chronic pain, but it's also good for insomnia and headaches, as well as some mental disorders. This strain can be especially powerful, with THC levels as high as 24%. It has a distinct earthy flavor and aroma, with a taste of chestnut and tealeaves. As with most strains, the most likely adverse effects are dry eyes and dry mouth. Paranoia and dizziness are also possible but less common. Acapulco Gold is most popular in the Western United States, the Upper Midwest, and the desert Southwest. It often costs more than other strains because of its potency and the beautiful gold-tinged appearance of its bud.
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Good anytime bud. This one hits all my happy places and gets the head right. Calm happy, cerebral high and arousal comes easy. Very few strains tick all my boxes like this one. If I could only have one strain it would be Acapulco Gold.

I remember this stuff from when my mom would come back from her cruises from S.America.. Great stuff back then, looks good in the video now. But where can I score some seedlings or seeds ??

One plant and it was 6 ft tall and almost the same in diameter outside. Got half elbow of almost all colas 7-13 grams each. Sweetest bud you could imagine. Peppery and a slight taste of tea leaves and hash. Really gummy so it would be good for pressing oil. The smoke couldn't be better

Nice strain for the daytime hours. Lifted, clear and focused. 70s throwback strain at 19%THC is decent.

I am 62 today.But my mom and uncle were selling weed in the late 1970's I told my mom I wanted to grow some Acapulco Gold and I wanted to get ahold of some seeds. couple weeks passed It was almost the end of summer 1976 and I had just gotten my wisdom teeth pulled so the others had room to move, My face was very swollen. My mom knocked on my bedroom door and handed me 2 5 finger baggies of weed,, but it looked like solid fuzzy gold. The hairs were a reddish gold color and very long. there were crystals on the hairs, the buds were full and rich looking. I had a 2 person party bong It held a 1/4 oz in the glass bowl. I was so stoned, dude I forgot I had a face.

Damn, this is the Sativa I've been looking for! I'm usually an indica or hybrid kinda person, but Acapulco Gold has everything to love about the uplifting effects of sativas, with none of the undesirable side effects (anxiety, intrusive thoughts). I'm using a .5g cart by Bungie Bros, and it helps me focus, streamlines my thought process, and keeps me out of the doldrums, would highly recommend for fellow autistics and those with ADHD. The arousal effects don't start to hit unless you smoke a lot in a short period of time, more of a slight tingle that would be pleasant if acted upon but will not distract you if it isn't your M.O. As for taste, there is a somewhat Pine-Sol like taste on inhale, but the exhale strongly smells of Fruity Pebbles cereal.

I only tried this strain in 1975 kicked serious arse 35 tons brought into us..Gene's unaltered naturally very potent.also redbud rainbow colum ia. Shipped to tractortrailer drop at shoping centers..those were the days.2 eastern airlines landed at Dulles dropped 4 tons of hash fo. Middle east lera jet flying in and outa mexico. Goe payodie joe..

Acapulco Gold was the 1st Sativa Hybrid in Mexico. It was a breakthrough for lower density and is stellar today as one of the best-balanced Sativa strains, period. Very happy and not racy, happy and great for headaches! One of my top ten even today!

It's reputation is well-earned! Generally I usually avoid sativas because of the anxiety/racing thoughts they tend to produce, but given this strain's notoriety, I had to try it once. People's reaction to any of these strains can be different, but all I can write is that after a week I have had no issues with anxiety or anything else negative (save the usual munchies) with AG. Actually, this didn't seem like the kind of sativa I've seen described before; I was too mellow to begin any kind of work project, so perhaps a different sativa is better if you want to work on your car's transmission or something. If you just want a nice and chill late afternoon/evening, this strain is the best I've found to help make that possible.

It's great reputation is well-earned! I generally stay away from sativas because of the anxiety/racing thoughts they tend to cause, but given this strain's notoriety, I had to try it. After a week, I've had no issues with anxiety or anything negative (save the usual munchies)! Everybody's biology is different as far as how they react to any of these strains, but this doesn't seem like the kind of sativa I've heard described; I was too mellow to start any work project, so another sativa might be better if you plan to work on your car's transmission or something. If you just want a chill, late afternoon/evening strain, you'll be hard pressed to do better than AG!

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