Berner's Snowman Marijuana Strain

Sativa Dominant Hybrid Strain Sativa Dominant Hybrid 70% Sativa / 30% Indica

THC: 20%

Berner's Snowman is a sativa dominant hybrid strain created as a descendant of the classic Girl Scout Cookies strain by infamous rapper and breeder, Berner, best known for being friends with Wiz Khalifa. Although its exact indica to sativa ratios are unknown, it is thought to be sativa dominant because of its heavy head hitting effects. The high starts with a happy and relaxed lift that leaves you feeling incredibly creative and motivated with a hazy sense of focus. This haze will slowly overtake your mind with a stoniness that leaves you lazy and introspective. As this head high builds, a slight body stone will take over the rest of you, leaving you hungry and sleepy, although not quite completely sedated. Because of these effects and its THC level that is said to be well over 20%, Berner's Snowman is perfect for treating conditions such as depression, chronic pain, insomnia, appetite loss, and chronic stress. This bud has large and lumpy dark forest green nugs with a spattering of thin amber hairs and an insanely frosty coating of tiny amber hued crystal trichomes. Like its parent strain, Berner's Snowman has a sweet kushy flavor that's nutty and savory with hints of vanilla spice, and an aroma that is said to be just like your favorite cookie, but with a pungent kick.
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Omg..I just got my hands on this strain, I LOVE it. It smells fire, and it tastes so good. It may be the kind of weed you can smoke half a joint and you're gonna be good.

Relaxing sleep with a touch of horneyness!

This is my favorite strain. It really helps with my depression and chronic pain. Highly recommended

Very good smoke. It really helps with my pain and bipolar. Highly recommended

Excellent grade and I also tried it with some; Granddaddy Prup and Jet Fuel.#carmellowed🤣

Some strong ishh!🍪🍇👀got me hella high right now nice earthy sweet taste similar to og or kosher kush...just effects are 10x stronger 😂👌🏻Bangin but jus not fruity enough try skittlez or smartiez for the real deal in flavour!!😏

It is hella piney tasting n frosty that's why I thought it's called snowman. So damn good I'm gonna get another 8th stickyicky approved piney almost like menthol(newports) but super clean good feeling smoke...#1 strain for me cuz the pineyness. #2 some lemonade #3 then that fruity desert stuff. Like ur smoking the dankest Christmas tree

TL;DR best strain of my life got me the second highest of any weed and it's on some one blast at a time shit, I have greened out off one bowl of this, I decided to be a fucking maniac and pack a gram bowl. I got some stuff called gelato right n I thought that was the closest kush I was gonna get to the best weed I ever had before, but then I go to buy some more and he says the new stuff is better n it's called snowman or some shit, I couldn't find this strain on leafly, I thought it wasn't even it's real name. I always just called it purple snowman, little did I know, it's fucking berner's snowman! I just found out today and some of these pictures on here are not great but the second one looks exactly like what I've got here and I can definitely tell you 100% this strain takes the cake for me. this stuff is great goes down real smooth, it's got that pungent kush smell to it like when your walking around the north or west sides of the city and you just smell weed alla sudden outta nowhere, that's what this reminds me of. The smell is manageable to keep out of the rest of the house,but whatever room it's kept in is gonna smell dank.

Barely smoked any of it, lost my goddamn mind and tripped out and lost my body and cried, off like half a bowl. So like one puff and you'd be good 😂

Legit had the hardest sleep of my life. This stuff is fire!

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