Blue Dream Marijuana Strain

Sativa Dominant Hybrid Strain Sativa Dominant Hybrid 60% Sativa / 40% Indica

THC: 17% - 24%, CBD: 2%, CBN: 1%

Blue Dream is a slightly sativa dominant hybrid (60% sativa/40% indica) strain that is a potent cross between the hugely popular Blueberry X Haze strains. This infamous bud boasts a moderately high THC level that ranges from 17-24% on average and a myriad of both indica and sativa effects. Users describe the Blue Dream high as having an immediate onset of an uplifting cerebral head high that leaves you completely motivated and focused with waves of creative energy that hit quickly and hard. This is accompanied by a mellow relaxing body high that leaves you warmed, numb, and completely pain free. Due to these potent combination effects, Blue Dream is said to be an ideal strain for treating patients suffering from conditions such as chronic stress, chronic pain due to injury or illness, mild to moderate cases of depression, and sleep disorders, including insomnia. Blue Dream has a delicious aroma of sweet blueberry pie and a taste of sugary sweet blueberries that stays on your tongue long after smoking. This bud has large dense yet fluffy popcorn-shaped bright neon green nugs with amber and blue hairs and rich blue undertones. These nugs are dusted with a fine layer of sandy milky white trichomes and sweet sticky resin.
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My new favorite. Honestly, I've smoked crazy strong strains before but I have NEVER felt a strain that felt as different as Blue Dream compared to other strains. This strain literally lives up to its name, and you'll get a high that makes you feel like you arent even real. In other words, you ACTUALLY feel like you're in a dream. Its effects are quick, and I got an insane euphoria rush that literally left me curled into a ball on my bed LOL. Its kind of long lasting, and leaves you feeling really sleepy when it wears off, but you'll still have a haze-like effect that still feels like you are in some type of dream

Spot on description from allbud I couldn’t say it any better. Uplifting happy,aroused, energy, focus( I play vr games and the level of focus I get from this is awesome)

Great for daytime pain. Doesn’t make you drowsy, though it puts a serious chill on the body, which makes it great for stress. Still leaves a bit of inspiration to do things, though nothing to taxing. Good stuff. Gives you that hazy head. Love it. 😎🌱💨

My favorite strain. Used for chronic pain. It never left me sleepy, but focused and kept pain in check.

Helps me with sciatica nerve pain..

First time smoking Blue Dream last night and I have to say after a long day at work to really helped me complete all the task I had to check off before bed. Definitely recommend for those with chronic pain I was able to do what I had to do while forgetting I had pain in the first place

One of the best strains I have found for my arthritis in my lower legs. Leaves you feeling legitimately relaxed and pressure free.

5 star Rock star ... Blue Dream hits like a sunshine filled spring day. Without the pollen. A Jon boat floating with a bobber bobb’n on a summer evening, without the humidity. It has legs you’ll never forget.

I have depression, anxiety (social, amaxophobia, fears, etc.), ptsd, and had a psychotic break. I'm trying to transfer from the 6 different medications I'm prescribed to more natural and positive coping techniques. My depression sits at a 3 out of 10. With 5 being normal, 10 happiest ever, 0 most depressed ever. Anxiety sits at a 5/10 with spikes to 8 when my fears and triggers are activated. This strain puts my depression to a 7/10 for about 3 hours. I feel uplifted, giggly, good body buzz, energetic, focused and creative. It takes my mind out of the lack of willingness to do anything I used to enjoy. I have no interest in anything. BD gets rid of my anxiety by 90% with moments of pure peace and a energetic, focused mind. Pure euphoria and peace in these moments. Overall I highly recommended every cannabis smoker to try Blue Dream at least once, even if you're a indica lover. Sativa lovers are in for a treat.

It gives me a nice high and I feel extremely relaxed and it tastes great too

My favorite strain in the world. If its grown right this stuff is amazing. Nice sweet taste but the high is intense and uplifting. I remember being intensely high but fully awake and laser focussed. Great for creating art or gaming.

Blue Dream is a very nice Strain of Cannabis. The buds are bright green, popcorn sized, fluffy, dense and don't have any large sticks in the buds. The buds can be crushed and rolled, by hand. There is not any sedation with Blue Dream, that might shorten your lift. Now, I see why Blue Dream is so popular out West. I enjoyed Blue Dream as much as any herb that I smoke. All MMJ is very good.

Lovely trippy high with a relaxing muscle tone effect and a clear headed high. Love it

Super strong. Even at a low tested 14% thc it smacks and I have a medium tolerance and used to stronger thc like 20~29%ers. a bowl goes down so smooth that I went for a 2nd and it smacked me with euphoria and tingles and pain relief. I also suffer from IBS this helped me with it!!! I always knew this is a great MEDICAL strain. I am glad this exists and easy to grow it really helps people.

I got a 5 pack of pre-rolls from a recreational dispensary and enjoyed them for daytime use for depression. High was energetic and the taste was fruity.

A FAVORITE OF COURSE💖 This is the top dog of strains in my opinion for improving mental health. I struggle with a host of mental health problems and this strain always brings immense relief from my symptoms. I do prefer this strain for DAYTIME use only. I need a heavy indica to sleep at night :) Blue dream is energizing, not TOO much like racey, but too much for before bed. This strain erases my anxiety, motivates me in every way, enhances my endurance during exercise. Magical. Try this if you haven't💖

This strain is the scale. All other strains try to achieve what Blue Dream does. If you need to get something done, its done. If you have pain, it makes them disappear, if you have anxiety or adhd, it is for you. Perfect 11 on a 10 scale.

Love blue Dream strain it has both sativa and indica for a very long lasting effect

I love the way this smells and tastes like blueberry. It's nice and strong. Sometimes I don't finish the whole joint. I've been smoking weed for decades and my tolerance is quite high. I like pot that wakes me up so I can enjoy getting more done. This stuff is great for that. My dispensary had two versions and one was better than the other. The one I prefer is BC Organic Blue Dream by Simply Bare Organic.

I absolutely love my vape of blue dream. I suffer from chronic pain two hits and i feel fabulous. Gets rid of the pain so Fast its so much better than pain pills and IVE never been in such a great mood. I laugh and I m back in the game doing things instead of sitting and watching the world go by i participate. Highly recommend BLUE DREAM. HAPPY GMA

This is a must have! My all time favorite strain! It is perfect in every way! Pain, depression, stress, spasms, etc... disappeared. It has very long lasting effects!

This was the strongest high I ever experienced. My tolerance isn't that high, I prolly smoked about .15g of this and it hit me so hard. I felt a very strong body high even though it is apparently Sativa-dominant. For me this is as Indica as it goes, I don't need any stronger body-high. For now this is my #1 strain.

Best strain for back and neck pain anxiety and bi polar plus make great edibles that last doesnt matter how it gets in. It works..must be the high cbd and cbn levels.

An all time favorite right here next to purple haze. Strong effects. Brought a cart of this once on vacation and the motel had a porch screened in and I vaped my blue dream cart and although I was 3 floors up the blue dream took me higher. Every chance i get i try to grab an 8th or cart of this popular strain

Chiefing this shit out of a cart smacks! The taste is like a blissful bluberry field being in your mouth. The exhale leaves a very sweet taste which is a plus i.m.o. All around top notch fire right here. The effects are sativa enough to keep you awake but the indica heavy sedation effects linger too it's a great feeling.

Official ‘Blue Dream’ is one of those strains that is true to name. This is a true Haze descendant as it does in fact put a warm haze over you, everything does feel dreamy, floaty, and euphoric. Very pleasant, tart Blueberry taste with a smell that keeps you wanting to take another whiff.

One of my favorites! Nice mental with a nice body high. Great for days or evenings.😎

Wonderful and almost a giggly type strain. Definitely relieved stress and anxiety.

One of my favorites. Good medicinal properties in this strain for PTSD for sure. Copes with anxiety great. Anytime I can get this strain, I do.

With Super Silver Haze and Blueberry as it's parents, It's easy to see why Blue Dream continues to be featured at Dispensaries. This Sativa leaning Hybrid checks all the boxes for Taste, Aroma, and also Effects, which are upbeat and happy. A great Social and Outdoor activities type strain.

Love this strain it hits hard and is definitely great for daytime use. This is not intended for novice smokers if you are a light weight hit wisely. Blue dreams sativa effects will leave you blasted into space lol. Head high is lovely and it comes with a nice body high but the 60 % sativa gives you plenty of energy enjoy smoke wisely. Great for people that need some energy during the day.nice for nighttime to tho for sure. I sleep like a rock after smoking it all day

Dark green almost bluish nugs break up with a strong piney scent. Taste is similar and spicy. It only takes a few hits to send you over the edge. Very potent, smoke enough you'll be nodding out. Highly recommend if you wanna zone out or for medicinal purposes. The euphoria of a Sativa with a heavy Indica punch.

Another favorite strain for energy and anxiety. I enjoy it via vape.

Mellow smoke resulting in a very strong hit from just 1 puff. High goes way over the top into purely spiritual (non-visual) hallucinations within the hour. Can't even do basic data entry accounting because the blobs of dopamine march in like walls of steel at 160-180 BPM or faster. It's like floating gently on a vintage speed boat on an active flowing river. I'm beholden flat to the floor for minutes at a time because I'm wary of falling off this sloping forward deck. This weed might kill you. There's no brutality in this method but the depth is much too great to float out from. You forgot to gulp a full breath of oxygenated air before diving in!

So got this as an outdoor from Humboldt county. Interesting pungy smell with fruity/lemony notes. Taste is similar to the smell but more lemony. It's a good Sativa definitely recommending this as a daytime strain. Really clear headed high makes everything seem really bright.

One of my favorite strains, beautiful buds beautiful colors. It has a subtle blueberry aroma with a herbal scent Basil. It doesn't take more than a hit to feel the effects of Blue Dream with a comfortable head high that makes you feel really uplifted and focused and energized for anything that you can put your mind to.

Blue dream when I hear this it's like the chicken of the weed world its everywhere..But it does have a uplifting buzz that can help in many ways. This bud smells like blueberries tastes reminiscent of that, if you need to get something done this is the strain for you I found it will helped me eat when struggling with that. Solid strain 4 out of 5.🔥🔥🔥🔥

One of my favorite strain for sure. Use it for daytime and night, great for anxiety, depression, appetite loss

Wonderful, calm, strain. Excellent for anxiety and depression! Very nice 'chill' feeling!

First time trying Blue Dream, and I have to admit, I’m High af right now from 2 puffs. It’s a tangy pull, hard and soft at the same time... I found myself coughing once and was good for the second draw. I’m an indica type of person, and seek out indica or dominant indica strains over Sativa. This being more a sativa dominant strain, I was a little skeptical, but BD is changing my perception for sure. I’m horny as hell now also. I wonder if that’s from this? Hahaha

Great strain, great genetics! During the six years that I lived in San Francisco, this strain was very popular, and found just about everywhere for a while. I definitely had my period when this was the only strain that I was chiefing (vaporizing mostly). I just remember it being a HIGH energy buzz, with great clarity, and creativity. If there was anything that I could remember that I didn't like about Blue Dream, it was that I think I remember really feeling its Indica traits strong during the "Come Down" after medicating with this strain. In other words, I believe I remember the "Come Down" being a significantly increased appetite and couch-lock; two things that I can't stand, whether I'm ascending, plateauing, or descending. I'll have to revisit ole Blue, since I recently found that it's available at one of my favorite dispensaries, to see if my memory has correctly matched these attributes to this strain, because it's been years since I've had Blue Dream.

Living up to its reputation, blue dream is a strain that is super potent and stimulating. Large doses can cause you to enter psychedelic head spaces, but small to moderate doses make great medicine. Blue dream is a great example of a high THC strain with great medical use. The flavor of blue dream is extraordinary, having a variety of tastes. These include cheese, blueberry, vanilla, cream, herbs, and gas. Buds of this strain produce a thick, rich smoke. At times, it can be overwhelming to inhale but the flavor makes it worth it. Blue dream does everything it needs to as a medicinal and recreational plant. Don't expect to smoke this bud throughout the day though, as it can become overly euphoric and relaxing. It's among the most stimulating strains but that stimulation can quickly turn on its head!

I love the blue dream first time I tried it love the head high it does everything I'm pretty blazed

Outstanding mix of Sativa and Indica. Great for releaving stress. It was very hot today and really helped whst was otherwise a miserable day.

Blue Dream is my absolute FAVORITE!! I'm more of a straight up Indica kinda gal. But BD? Flat out is the best for pain and really bad anxiety. If you find it , snatch it up. I promise you won't go wrong with this strain. Nice body high, a nice strain to listen to music or game to.

Great body high , great before sex. Super powerful it will knock you out if you overdo!

Good head high but if you start with it in the morning you'll be comatose by mid afternoon.

I haven’t smoked Blue Dream in at least two years... I have lived in CO for about four years, it is very popular here so its hard to find nice cuts of it. But I just picked up some really fresh plump nugs of it and its wonderful! Much better than I recall. I was super happy from just a couple nice tokes. I mean giggly happy and I wasn’t out of it or anything at all, definitely more on that sativa feel. Smells like some sweet blue berry diesel chlorine to me! Get a good batch and really really enjoy!

It somehow manages to relax you but make you feel energized and focused. Excellent for creative work. Often called an "Indica Lovers Sativa" and is an excellent multi purpose herb good for seasoned and those new to cannabis. Don't like a strain that makes you eat your kitchen? Blue Dream fits the bill and I have used it even while fasting and had no munchies. Excellent for writing, music and artistic endevors but also good for cleaning up the house. This is not you grandpa's bud. Its a functional, useful strain that provides excellent mental and physical benefits for many. Doesn't give you the munchies and excellent for being productive. Not all Blue Dream are created equal though and some (Such as Tantalus Blue Dream) is more sedating so its good to try out different strains.

The BEST!!!! My favorite bud of all time. I dont find it a lot in Arizona unfortunately. When I do I'm excited 😁 I highly recommend this weed. Can't go wrong!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

I love blue dream. It is by far one of my favorites. I feel painfree and clear headed.

Head high, buzzed feeling, heavier body effects than I anticipated.

Blue dream is 1 of my all time favorite strains. This flower is grade A++! Its enjoyable day or night... I'd reccomend ALL to get some!!

My favorite always the hardest to find anywhere!

Its a pretty good Strain considering I'm a more Indica person myself. The Verdes Foundation in Albuquerque and Rio Rancho NM is what makes it good their always pretty consistent with making high testing popular and Rare Strains. For instance this time the Blue Dream I got was testing at 25%Thc 0.1%Cbd. A few more Indica Strains they carry that are my favorite and popular are Rare Darkness, Shoki, Kandy kush, and Sticky Papaya they have alot more but those are my main favorites on the Indica side besides Blue Dream.

Ah it wasn't bad. It wasn't off the charts either. Maybe a 3.5/5 rating. Many people with ADHD benefit from this strain. I, myself, have been diagnosed several times. This didn't seem to make me stupid. Good strain with good terps.

I think those 2 guys that rated this a one star had fake blue dream. No way even a 40+ year smoker would have a way higher reaction if it was real blue dream

I enjoyed this during the day time. Not heavy, nice & light. Stimulated the mind, but relaxed the body.

excellent taste great head high nice for pain uplifting as well

Truly for beginners ...I have been smoking for 22yrs ...the past few years alot of highgrade strains. This is the weakest I have ever smoked....This strain doesn't even get my eyes low...Kinda reminds me of that dude Reggie...Smh...

Moderate high, nice taste

Really great taste both inhale and exhale are consistent with an actual berry taste. Its parent Blueberry doesnt even have the same berry prolific berry flavor of blue dream which is crazy. Just smoked some flower blue dream 15 minutes ago and this stuff is crazy. Pretty potent. It's a time warp kindve high I got as a teenager. Maybe some of you can relate to the feeling. Except this strain I'm not experiencing any munchies. Only extreme thirst as the cottonmouth kicks in. The high really kicked me in the butt in the last few minutes so I would consider this a creeper. Expect to cough on this too. I can still feel it in my sinuses making me feel even more stoned. All in all: great flavor. Potent as sh*t. Pretty enjoyable. Any more than a few hits of this you'll definately lean more to its indica side of blueberry if that's what you're after. One or 2 nice hits off a joint and you're good to carry on about your day. Too much and I can guarantee you'll be wanting to sit lololol. Over all 4/5

Blue Dream by Elyon gets a “pass on” by me. The staples of Blue Dream is the nose tingling & mouth watering smell & taste. Tons of fruity blueberry sweetness. Sadly, Elyon’s production of Blue Dream is so “watered down” at one point while smoking I had to recall what it was :( Just not the strong awesome scents I have gotten with other brands of Blue Dream. Also, there was a whole bowl of shake in my eighth. On the plus side the eighth weighed over 3.5 grams & the 20% THC did get me high. Just get your Blue Dream on elsewhere!!

One of my favorites nice smooth rich taste

I remember this sweet signature strain from the 80's. Those Haze strains were special genetics.The # ONE THING I look for in a strain is how long an ounce get's me through. An ounce should last me exactly 2 weeks. And this strain DOES.This is a REAL 29%. And the UPLIFT? Blue Dream GG#4 & Girl Scout take the CAKE. I recommend this strain for DJ's who need to stay awake while they create. Probably the BEST strain for creating. AWSOME STRAIN #2 in my personal Fav's

Amazing strain. Great body high.

I enjoyed this strain a lot, minus the fact that it is named with my favorite color, funnily enough, But anywho, it is a wonderful pain-relieving strain for the blues(depression), cluster headaches, spasms. It is a good pick me up strain as well, highly recommend!

Tasty but disappointing high

I haven't smoked or ingested Blue Dreamream in about seven years or so, I will post my finding of this great strain in a few weeks. Growing five small dreams in scrog should be a good reference for the future, if it's still as great as it was I will post to boast about it a bit. All I can say about Blue Dream is that it was my fav strain, My grower specialized in this strain so when I decided to grow my own medicine I would not grow it because my friend was the best grower in the area of BD, instead, I have grown about 20 different strains over the years and still crave Blue Dream.

Long lasting effects , you won’t be in any hurry to smoke more .

I've enjoyed Blue Dream in flower, sugar, and crumble form. The aroma of the flower is so sweet and blueberry-like that it ranks as one of the best types of flower around on that alone. Beautiful uplift with good body relaxation. It gets even more intense in crumble and sugar form. Terpene heaven. Absolutely a strain you'll want.

Blue Dream is a very strong strain and has a great taste. Feels like the THC content is higher than what the packaging says. The description is accurate in terms of taste and effects. New users may feel this is too strong.

Pain be gone. Helps a lot with headaches, but it won't kill a migraine. Energizing and relaxing too. Buds smelled wonderful and were super sticky! One of the strains I try to keep on hand constantly for day pain. Method: Vape & flower.

The Blue Dream I have come across (including govt weed in Canada) has been very very strong, very potent, leaving me in a strong catatonic haze for at least an hour before any useful function returns. It is the kind of haze which makes it very hard to do pretty much anything except contemplate being supremely baked. Not my favorite way to get high these days, but if that's what you're after, it should do the trick.

I love Blue Dream. It’s e everything this description says. I get creatively motivated and totally pain free from the constant pain of my torn meniscus. 😊 And happy.

Grew a Blue Dream clone this year. Grew in a green house in the mountains of CO. The flower took on a blue tint after a couple hard freezes it the mountains. I’ve had strains go purple after cold snaps, but this is the first Blue from a cold snap. Blue Dream it is. Never saw this color on commercial dispensary versions of the strain. Smoke is light blueberry flavored but Hasn’t fully cured yet.

As a recreational smoker, this doesn't get me as stoned as I like, but it has a lot going for it. Much like the information section states, it has a real nice balance of Sativa and Indica effects. It makes you clear-headed, but stoned, while being very focused and VERY relaxed. A real good choice for day to day, morning to night use. I love this for at work, or any activity where you need to be 'sharp', such as playing pinball, or doing your taxes. But if I just want to get blitzed, or I'm looking for some creativity and freewheeling thought processes, I look elsewhere. But all in all, you really can't go wrong with this one.

Super strong, super legit sativa with a nice indica finish. The sativa had me writing up a storm. The indica helped with daytime pain and inflammation.

Excellent chronic pain reliever !! Good energy for a few hours, followed by a relaxing calm a few hrs later. Helps me get things done out in the yard, then relax when the work is done. The sativa side is not overwhelming.. does not cause anxiety. Just a nice cerebral lift and some balanced energy.

I love this strain! One of my favorites for sure. I smoke just a hit and I'm good for quite a stretch. (I'm not a heavy hitter) I find that it's great for getting things accomplished during the day or early evening. Enhances my creative mood when I'm painting and seems to help with some irritability & depression. I agree that it works on chronic pain. I have fibromyalgia and this strain seems to help with that. It doesn't make me overly tired when I crash, but helps me sleep at night, eliminating the need for a sleep aid. (TCS RI) It's 20.211% THC & .217% CBD S/I 60/40

Blue Dream is very good strain for peoples with chronic pain (neck in my case) but is one problem - there is no cerebral high, so i mix this strain with something like Strawberry Amnesia or something with make cerebral high and that joint is great :) - Krzysztof Ibisz poleca ;)

I bought this because I've been smoking mostly Indica and I got sick of waking up, smoking and going back to sleep.. Blue Dream is energetic but but the 40% Indica takes the edge off...perfect daytime strain in my opinion

Does it stand up to the hype...idk! It does work as advertised. And it does not matter which version I choose. We even have a high CBD version in MD too which also works great. Either way it helps me to focus, and gives me the desire to get stuff done. Plus while feeling much less pain and depression, it makes it easy to be active and even lose weight. Also it tastes great and is suggested that we try it before we die!

this is my go to strain especially to relieve the pain in my low back, neck, arms. I am able to get some house work done using this strain because it also gives me energy/motivation. I have had a couple different batches that were just so-so, but 99% of the time I have been very satisfied with Blue Dream

This strain is a migraine killer. Bravo!

Another soul here unmoved by this strain; I found it underpowered and 'meh', just didn't do much for me; I assume it was b/c there is a haze parent in here - the haze strains, to me, are kinda blah for getting a good buzz going (or, for that matter, in helping w/ any of my issues).

Yes this is a tasty treat good mind high for work are just getting stuff done. If u just want to relax good also as helps u sleep if u a heavy smoker #9


Blue Dream is the only strain that helps my chronic neck/shoulder/arm pain, from an injury, years ago. I can't take NSAIDS or steroids. Opiods literally have no effect on me. Gabapentin made my brain foggy, but did nothing for the pain. I've been trying strains from California and Arizona, for the past 2 years, with little to no results. I purchased Blue Dream for it's uplifting characteristics. Even though it has not been reviewed and advised for pain, it should be.

In the past few years, I have tried every strain imaginable, to help alleviate my neck/shoulder/arm pain, from an injury. I can't take NSAIDS or steroids. Opiods have, literally no effect on me. Gabapentin only made me foggy, but still in constant pain. And, after years of trying medical strains in both California and Arizona, I finally found the only thing that helps!

A classic its like the swiss army knife of weed useful for all conditions do give it a try if ya see it

Relaxing and kind of euphoric high

I read a review where someone says it best when they said it belongs in every medicine cabinet. A jack of all trades. Excellent for day or night, instant help with stress and difficulty with pain. Also it's great socially or for just chilling on the couch. It is no wonder this is a favorite by far. Taste wise it is smooth imo. Easily a go to strain. The blueberry flavor didnt come through in my vape oil. Still tasty though. Didnt have any flower to compare but blueberry x starfighter in flower form is heavy on the blueberry taste.

I guess i'm one of the unlucky ones with this strain. It gives me nothing but a depressed high with anxiety, an stomach knots. Much prefer Blue Cookies for relaxation and happier mood.

Very relaxing for anything Chronic :)

ooooh man the taste. When I smoke I look for three main factors other than the high. First, Smell. who doesn't like a dank ass weed or a super fruity stinker. This delivers almost ever time in the smell factor. A strong berry scent as well as a real gassy backup smell. Second is taste. Does the flavor match the smell. Yup this is one of the best tasting weeds out there. Last thing is lung expansion (does it make me cough) There are many strains I love, but they make me hack up a lung. Blue dream has been known to sit in the lungs. Although my experience is 50/50. I've had many that make me cough and many that didn't. Even with that said, i always order this strain when it's around because it's BOMB eh!!

Blue dream is my favorite strain. It makes me creative. I think about things differently. I know someone who loves it for his chronic pain. So I love Blue Dream and it will definitely light you up.

I tried this a little skeptical. I'm used to smoking a higher lever THC & this one came in at 19%.!! Blue Dream is something special. Old school early 80s high, very smooth, very social & laugh out loud silly, a hell of a lot of FUN!! To describe it for us older heads, it's that kind of wake & bake buzz you'd catch on a Saturday before heading to the mall in the late 70s, early 80s, get a second buzz later & catch a movie there too. I'm sure you remember what I mean... 😁 Works a treat for pain alleviation as well as being a fantastic strain to alleviate PTSD & is helpful in taking the edge off anxiety, stress and giving better control of several bi-polar symptoms. Sweet, mellow comedown too. Sweet taste, pleasant after taste too, somewhat like berry Bubble Yum IMO. Excellent strain for a visit a to a mall this weekend with some old friends or if you just want to take a trip down memory lane to one or maybe listen to albums, watch comedy or enjoy a cookout, this is a perfect smoke.

Not bad weed , good for day use if not working and just doing things around the house or yard....not a heavy hitter but smooth buzz , no body effects for me.

Blue Dream is a good one, though somehow didn't help with the pain. I loved the heady effects on this one. Good daytime strain. [Update September 29th, 2018] I got some private reserve blue dream, and I take back about not helping with pain. Had a back pain of 8 on the pain scale before vaping blue dream, a minute or 2 later, pain scale 0. Love this strain. Definitely one of my top 5 favourites.

great strain,does what it should,highly recommended

I am the dungeon master in one of my Dungeons and Dragons games. I’ve noticed that when I’m prepping for an upcoming game and doing some writing, sometimes I can’t come up with anything good...until I started smoking this haha. Whenever I hit a mental block, I take just one hit of this and it really seems to stimulate my creativity and I almost always immediately start coming up with ideas that are vastly superior to the material I had written down prior to smoking. Blue Dream rules!!

Takes care of most of my ailments in one lovely relaxing strain

I didn't care for this strain much. It will get you high But there's too many strains to brag or boast anything about it. Bought it a few times to try it out & build a better opinion on it to tell. So least to say I tried it but wouldn't but it again

Just bought some blue dream today for the first it..absolutely love it...I have sever back pain and very bad anxiety and lots of stress between work and my hectic life....instantly after only just a few tokes I felt so calm and peaceful and a full body relaxation out of this more pain..and so calm feeling..yet I felt happy and ready to do things and being productive still at the same time...while riding it out on a nice comfy cloud of peace and relaxation and body numbing this strain and highly recommend it to anyone.

Flower is ok, I prefer vaping BD oil so I can get the full effect. Does wonders for nerve disease.

Have tried a lot of diff strains but this one WOW. I was struck by lighting in 2005 and used alcohol to drown the demons. Now I have been sober for over a year and smoke has helped. My wife also has her problems and with in min’s she is relaxed and back to her. From PTSD to having your brain fried from some million or so volts, I can say thank you BLUE DREAM. :) last stand on the soap box quote. Do not —— I say from my last breath from my lungs —— DO NOT TAKE CIPRO antibiotic. Please look it up and read. The side affects almost killed my wife and it has killed people. It was intended for anthrax not for a UTI.

Blue Dream has been on top of every list of strains in most US stores, it has a great Aromas with a berry flavor. After a piece of joint you can feel and see the dramatic movement of people along Colorado springs streets, however to those folks out there who hasn't find a source or know where to grab some of these strain's should hit wgtopstrains420 at google mailing dot come and let have an amazing feeling together.

Nice big buds burns very well old school joints. Very good...

Blue dream is a all time classic. this is a perfect beach strain and for when you need to get shit done. i personally always have some in my inventory.

One of my top strains for sure. Taste, look, smell...ALL is good with this gem of a plant. Upbeat strain with a little bit of mellow to smooth out the ride...this is a winner.

Feeling good. I bought Blue Dream after reading a review it doesn’t instill maniac munchies. I’m curious about that aspect from other reviewers.

Found some at Emerald Pharms in Hopland, CA. It's now my favorite and it dried up 'round here. Very uplifting immediate affect, great flavor and mind clearing. Dig it if you want a nice mellow high and have shit to do that you can't be blazed off your tree to do.

This is 1 of the classic powerhouse strains! I loved it! Its grade A++! Super DANK! GREAT smoke!

Picked up a half at 27%.Excellent taste,color&also amazing strain during the day.😎🚬

This strain is AMAZING! A++!

I am new to using cannabis so I have been experimenting with what helps me the best. At first, the effect was nice and uplifting. Then I started to get anxious and worry. My boyfriend said he noticed I react best with Indica's or Indica dominant hybrids. The sativa strains make my PTSD worse. That said, the taste was a dreamy (pardon the play on words, I couldn't resist) flavor of light, crisp blueberries. The effects settled in pretty fast for me. Although it made my PTSD worse, I think that is due to my sensitivity to sativas. If you are not sensitive to sativa dominant strains, the taste and hit effects are there.

First time smoked...hit 3 times... asked my man if he drugged me... shit was fire.... favorite!!!!

This strain is like the dove chocolate of cannabis...made to be consumed by the masses. It's a legit daytime strain. You can do whatever you want to do during the day, and it has a nice euphoric frosting to the high...but it is missing that defining edge that makes a strain stand out. Why I gave Blue Dream four instead of three stars is the smell, taste, and smoothness to the smoke. THAT part was a truly enjoyable experience.

Yummy! This cannabis tastes and smells like berries. I prefer sweet tasting strains, and this one delivers. It's no wonder Blue Dream was a top strain in 2015 and remains a favourite today. It works amazingly as a pick me up and inspires me to get creative. I would recommend to beginners that they start with a small nug. I did smoke a little too much the first time. Which brought on a tad bit of anxiety. Within about 15 minutes I was feeling slightly euphoric and the anxiety was gone. For a family member, this is their strain of choice for battling anxiety. Still haven't met a Haze or a baby thereof that I haven't enjoyed yet. The Blue Dream infused dairy cream that I cook sure does make a cuppa relaxation and happy feelings. Blue Dream has earned a permanent spot in my medicine pouch.

first time user . found amazing. i call this "walking around stuff" clear mind, uplifting clean

I love blue dream, keeps me calm and motivated.

Just what the doctor ordered, this shall become a staple in my toolbox.

Amazing for my muscle spasms. Tastes really good. Enjoyed the high.

One of my least favorite strains. Blueberry always overpowers the better elements in a strain. The blue makes the vape more harsh, and doesn’t improve the cookies. Adding blueberry ruins the haze. If you don’t believe me try moby dick. Haze crossed with white widow, and it is much better.

really good dreams


Suffer from severe anxiety and PTSD and this works very well. Can finally work again!!

My favorite after Candyland,. Works great for my anxiety and pain.

Mmmm mmm mmmm! Love the super smooth dank flavor


Blue Dream can provide much peace and wellness for those suffering from multiple sclerosis (MS). While no two MS patient is the same, nor is the way to treat them. But, 17 years ago I could not walk nor see because of my MS. Today I have stopped all progression and am not on any DMDs. Natural, diet, healthy lifestyle and cannabis has been my saving grace. Horrible fatigue, pain, tremors and more have left me unable to live the active lifestyle I used to live, but I am able to do so much because of the medical marijuana. For me, blue dream can often be the answer to creative writing, steady energy, no pain and tons of productivity. it also seems to help my fingers and synapses sync up better. My award winning blog is at girlwithms. I am a patient expert, MS advocate, writer and speaker. I am also a health journalist. There is so much great research out there, but again, no two are the same. Research, ask questions and be safe. #takeTHATms! xo, Caroline aka @thegirlwithms

I consider this strain perfect for psychological problems. After using this magical strain, I felt completely free and loving and more compassionate about myself. Moreover, Blue Dream is a favorite for my patients who suffer from anxiety or are looking for a way to stay relaxed.

fruity high blueberry pankcakes taste alike I can hear the ice ceram man coming lol

blue dream have the gold star screw in .8 its the best for my back pain, my wife falls asleep under 10 blankets.. Northeast has tons of flowers and liquid of it... A+

It’s important to note that Blue Dream is everywhere in the northeast. I have many different degrees of quality. Most pretty good, however if you get a well grow fresh batch of Blue Dream it is flat out amazing. It coats your mouth with a flavor of milk and blueberry. You’ll have some serious cotton mouth. Just keep in mind that the more popular s strain gets the more people try to grow it and this is s strain that’s over produced and the quality varies greatly. Hope you get a good batch🤪!

Wonderful, sweet flavor. Mellow and chill impact. Relaxing and it did not leave me groggy. Tend to enjoy more sativa dominant strains, but this is a great mix of each types positive qualities.

The head effects definitely different but good body...pretty tasty however not my all time favorite...

I like the flavor and the initial feel, but anything with Space or Dream in the name tend to make me stare at the wall. For a Sativa, it is not energizing enough for me. Good weed to read by, but for mowing the lawn, I prefer something more Diesel like.

Wish I liked it as much as others do. I’m going to try it again soon, but I felt really anxious and my head felt heavy. It wasn’t a good high, actually I couldn’t wait for it to wear off. I usually smoke 80/20 hybrids as I like sativa dominant strains. I will update my review if needed.

Very informative and nice pics

Great with pain, anxiety... withdrawal symptoms...

It is uplifting, I like it during the day. Good for stress, and anxiety.

Helps with anxiety and depression

Works good for mood swings

Works excellent for anxiety and ptsd

I enjoy the mellow high but didn't get a very strong one and not as long lasting as I was hoping. All in all though, good choice. LJ

Sweet taste, smooth smoking. Definitely taste blueberry. Good for aches & pains.

Very good, long lasting heady effects. Great daytime focus.

My “Guy” has been getting different phenotypes of this strain for years which has always been on of my favorites. I picked up a 1/2 oz today because my guy said this strain was potent which he can be a good salesman sometimes but when he says better get fast before it’s gone I know he has some potent herbs! And WOW is all I can say. I’m a disabled vet that lives in Arkansas and we have been getting very AAA plus top self stuff from Colorado for a couple years now and nothing compares to this blue dream I’m smoking right now! Very mellow but energetic enuf now to really get into watching a movie without crashing! I watched wedding crashers and laughed my ass off all night! Doesn’t get any better then blue dream!!

Great for reliving Just about any illness or pain that you might have

Blue Dream, Chocolope, and Black Medicine Man are wicked good strains, at up here they are !!

This is one of my favorites so far for the treatment of my pain and severe nausea.

Sativas are tricky for me. HIgh THC Sativa strains can make me real anxious, real fast. This did give me some anxiety at first, but I have adjusted my dosage. After about 30 minutes, it does settle into a good pain reliever without heavy sedation. I am still learning how to use different strains for different purposes. At this point I am more comfortable with Indicas but I cannot use those during the day.

Best of both worlds. Basically a hybrid, this is one that no matter your preference you’ll enjoy. First off this really cool looking buds with a sweet smell. Then the flavor is sweet and smooth, but also has a bite to it. This is a great all day smoke. Must have for the avid smoker and a great compromise for both Sativa and Indica lovers.

Love me some blue dream be ready to eat and have some fun.....

Realiably Excellent no matter what the % . Happy, Euphoric blanketed and no pain after vaping. Most popular for good reason. Every Dispensary should carry it period.

I love this bud strong and effective weekend no work play video games and munch bud ;)-{~<

Love it and is my go to medicine!

Unlike many sativa strains this assists with sleep if you want to fall asleep. Great for anxiety and PTSD.Pain relief also.

It was a good mellow high but I had a headache after it worn off

Amazing effect. I've been really scattered lately with bouts of depression. Just felt like my mind was being invaded with thoughts. I also suffer with muscle spasms. This strand- has been amazingly effective. My thoughts became very focused, euphoric, my body was no longer in pain. This is an awesome, awesome strain!

mmmm, loving the uplifting euphoric feeling after a brief lag of nothing...but all very relaxed at the same time...hoping the wave of energy hits right as i'm getting into the pool to do my laps...should be entertaining if not psychedelic. carry on.

Love this strain leaves me feeling pain free and having energy

2 drags from a nicely hand rolled duby and I'm quite buzzed...........A+++++++

This strain has many Awesome pain relief characteristics

My favorite, period. I'm in my 60's, and have tried my share of flowers, this works best for me. Helps me relax, and lessens my leg cramping issues. Perfect - now to find the best crop for the best price!

Love this strain from the first time I smoked it. I love both Indica's and Sativa's. Preferably Sativa's so this 60-40% mix is just the perfect high. If you haven't tried it yet, please do then come back here and write your own review in the comments. Bet you there's more positive than negative. Peace....✌️

im going to try it i wanna do it bu scared wish me luck ill come back if i like it

One of my absolute favorites. I have a high tolerance so my review might not be accurate for newbies. Blue dream is one of those strains you can smoke at any time. It is the best of both worlds... It's sativa roots give you that initial burst of energy and creativity without making you anxious or jittery. Towards the end of the blue dream experience, you experience the relaxation and peace which is true to it's indica side. When I smoke blue dream I feel confident and capable of managing any type of stress the day or night brings on.

I have tried this several times and found it to be a extremely light buzz.Might be used for a daytime high that would reguire more functionality.I perfer more of a couchlock high.Higher % of indica

I have some blue dream extract. It's little crumb like pieces, smell just like hash. It's supposed to be used to make butter, but I wonder if I could smoke it bbright059

This is my all around favorite strain of all time. To be my favorite it must accomplish 2 things. At 53 years and with multiple orthopedic and nerve pain problems,ot must help pain and nerve pain. If it perks me up and makes me laugh, all the better. Being higher than I've ever been in all my life lost its appeal long ago in college or grad school. I don't know why, but nothing works for my mind and body like Blue Dream. I have a legal card in NJ and have to drive over 2 hours to the ONE dispensary that has it and pay more than anywhere else in the country for what is standard in other recreational and medical dispensaries. I could buy it black market for half the price; but I don't. I can't afford the legal risks and my body can't afford for me to waste money on inferior product. People who prefer indica's tire of Blue Dream quickly but if you are a pain patient, especially nerve pain, use a little for medicine and use more for what is to me a perfect high. PS. I vape more than ever smoke. Quality and freshness count when you vape, You need moisture when using a REAL vape.

Hits hard up front like BD does, but slowly subdued to calm and happy town! Oz please!!

Can't go wrong with blue dream but make me eat a lot lol....

As a person with Bipolar disorder... I don't smoke random herb. Blue Dream is one of my go to strains. Instant anxiety relief and creative boost. I already deal with depression, I don't need to be sedated, or deal with heavy Indicas all the time. Blue Dream, and Green Dream (a hybrid off of Blue Dream) are simply lovely. ST707

one of my all time favorites, ill never forget that smell and that taste... more sour tasting/smelling bud ive ever had, absolutely one of the best strains out there, no doubt, try it you will no tbe disapointed.

Probably one of my favorites. It leaves you with a nice mellow but joyous high. The taste varies off of how you smoke it. Bong rips, blunts/joints, bowls, or any other way y'all find to smoke it, that's what I've noticed. It's great for first time smokers, and the great thing about it, is whether you're a fairly new smoker, or a long time smoker, it's still very enjoyable. No, I don't smoke weak shit, sone don't say "It's because you don't smoke quality, or a lot"

I wish I could actually give it 3 and 1/2 stars but that's not available. It's not bad, and won't disappoint most, however if you're a heavy hitter, it's just gonna be average. Nice looks though and smell was sweet and earthy.

Very good!!! Great head high! Smells great!

On of my favorites

One of favorites, mixes medical and recreational perfectly.

Great in wax form, very tasty.

Pungent smell. Slow build but a decent top off.

This hits hard. An awesome strain that starts with a nice cerebral high and euphoria followed by a totally chill body high. It's the best of both worlds.

Just tried today for the first time, after waking up this morning with a horrible tooth ache and sit here right now worth no pain is AMAZING!!!!!!!


Has anyone tried the Girl Scout cookies they have?

Update to my earlier review... This is not a strain that is better than all others in one aspect. What makes this such a great strain is that is does so many different things so very good ! It will be one of my go to strains from now on.

Excellent review. Excellent herb. Thanks

Smooth tasty, motivational.

Writing this on 5/21. Very well cured and tastey buds. Light green with a blue hue generously frosted with milky tricomes. Very good sativa dominant blue dream, probably the best in the area at the moment for a sativa with moderate cbd.

My 1/8 I bought at Good Chemistry in Denver was an awesome nighttime strain for me. Also greatly increased the effect of my low dose chronic pain meds. I found if you wanted not so much couch lock then reduce the rate of consumption as in one good hit every so often. To my taste and smell buds it was very pine like and aromatic. Hits were very smooth with little gagging or coughing effects if any. Make no mistake - This is a great strain. The effects for you may differ but you WILL be affected - Its potent !

I would say that Blue Dream is the best for pain and PTSD... I have been using it for over 3 years. It has worked for me.

great for when I want to be physically active

Excellent bud. Pungent , a good bud for the day. Great high with an energy to keep movin, and do your chores. You might get lucky and get a free high later , that will creep up on you. 2 highs for one.

great feeling and experienced it when i started growing.

Loved it and smoked a great sample same time as the video by the end had a nice high going

Omg great stuff trichomes are vast and beautiful taste is uncanny

Puts a comfort blanket on all arthritic pain, relieves headache and defeats chronic pain .Feels euphric, energy, social uplift at beginning then coaches out. Hit it light and function. Hit it heavy and its music listenin' time. Every Dispensary should carry it, esp. in MA !!! A Superb favorite.

Good review, love the strain

The smell takes me back! I like to say this is more indica like for me. I was pretty stuck on watching movies and gaming. The high gets you hungry...this would probably a good go to for if I need some sleep. I'll always have some of this!

So good. Taste, high, and definitely aroma.

I really like this strain..high, but alert..smelled great..tastes the hints of blueberry..

Perfect 50 / 50 so clean and the high lasts! Veganic at SBAH too!

pretty good, iamI just woke up and did vape 3 balloons or 4 and a half litre of a blue dream I am stone, normal grass feling, but look really special, some kind beautiful, special, and taste nice, good for morning time,wake N bake

I like this strain!!!!!! Tastes great, the high is wonderful. Howeverrrr, I give it 4 stars because it gives me an uncontrollable case of the munchies!!!!!! lol

🍒🍓 Blue Dream...hits you like a laser beam... Downstream... into a bowl of Ice Cream. The legends ring truth. This sativa-dominant hybrid is the real deal. The smell is unbelievable, sweet and unique like a mixture of the ripest, darkest berries. The smoke is the same, smooth and tasty. Smoke this strain in the daytime or afternoon, as it has kept me up at night before. The euphoric effects will have you forgetting whatever problem you were trying to treat with this mystical herb. Such a positive mood lift and intense relaxation without weighing down the body too much. I am always able to function on Blue Dream and it is a wonderful strain for any social setting. She is a true classic. I am excited to see what the future holds for the stabilization of it's forthcoming lineages!

Love this strain! Always so euphoric and relaxing. It makes you feel happy and weightless! Great for pain, depression, anxiety, and lethargy. Always a great choice for all.

at the beginning of the month i received a 1/4 lb of this strain, Blue Dream, sent from the north coastal area to me here in Mililani Hawaii from a well known authority on the subject and out is everything claimed here on the review. What a job!

One of the Best strains I have tried. I love the effects. Uplifting enough so I can get stuff done with a clear head But I can still fall a sleep when I need to. Great on my pain issues

I have been an medical customer using Blue Dream now for over 3 years. For the first time I purchased this item at Royal Cannabins Store on Division. They had the best deals and their product was fresh. The person that help me knew his products. I just to purchase my medical from Kettle Falls area because I live 25 miles further north. However, it is worth my time and I plan on being one of their customers for now on. Thank you. One very happy customer. :)

I love this light relaxing, talkative and get the best sleep ever flower! My Top 3 go to for physical pain , cteativity & need to relax and sleep.

on point! great flower, always always will be my favorite.

One of the best strains I have ever smoked...Nice, pungent, fruity smell. I felt very creative and energetic in the AM and could still smoke at night and chill till bedtime!

One of my favorite hybrid strains, Blue Dream never fails to disappoint. It always works to kill my pain but at the same time it doesn't knock me out like most Indica strains do. I can smoke this and still have a clear enough head to get anything around the house done without getting couch locked 30 minutes into the session.

No munchies and feeling VERY creative.

A nice smoke for anyone for anytime. The Tylenol of marijuana.

Blue Dream is so nice. Calming and soothing. Lovely to mix with other blue strains like blueberry, Blue Cindy, Blue Widow and Blueberry Headband and it's nice on its own. It makes me sleep easily too.

pretty medication,nice pop buds,clear,creativeness,taking my thoughts of cancer away,feel good,am really satisfy for my pain release,and gets me high.yea taste good and is frosty full of tricones,diamonds of brightness.

This is so much better than Drama Queen when it comes to PTSD, anxiety, depression and chronic pain. Seperately or all at once.

Grow it every year, Alway bomb, Alway a great producer. If you grow it's a must to have in your garden

Very nice, cushioned medicinal plant. Quite like lemon haze but with not a lot of psychoactive hilarity. Worth a pop but if Blueberry Amnesia was up i'd might go for that.

I am a NJ medicinal user and cannot get Blue Dream at any dispensary. I visited Colorado this summer and already knew that Blue Dream was the PERFECT strain for my medical problems which include chronic nerve pain, spasms, adult ADD, chronic fatigue and sleep problems. In Colorado I was delighted to see it sold in both medical dispensaries and recreational shops. The folks in Fort Collins were nice enough to charge me the lower medicinal price even though I had to buy it from the recreational side of the dispensary because you can't use an out of state card. None of the NJ dispensaries can get Blue Dream. They get other things which work OK; but nothing works like Blue Dream. I can get maximum pain relief without munchies. A very small amount works on my symptoms without getting me high on work days but if I have severe pain or WANT to get high, well then it is truly a dream come true. When I have a flareup, I get angry that I cannot get the best medicine for me because of our lousy governor. With Blue Dream, I never need an OTC or RX pain medication. My pain is severe due to a cervical spine injury and autoimmune inflammatory disease. If there was away to get Blue Dream shipped to me, I'd do it in a second and this is the ONLY strain I can say that about.

Blue Dream I use for chronic pain and migraines. I no longer have to take pain meds and I have been able to control my pain level as well. All through cooking with cannaibus butter. Smoking the Bong never ever gave me the relief from pain as using it for cooking has. I have been only using it this way for 2 days and not once did I had to take a pain med. This is wonderful. Thank you my Lord.

I love this strain too. That's why I've flooded the tent with it. Blue Dream is one of the best. I'd choose this strain over others.

this is the best bud i have ever smoked it left me feeling like i wanted more i hit up my dealer 2 times a day for this lovely stuff if you can manage to get your hands on this stuff you are lucky.(going to smoke some more)

I have chronic pain and severe inflammation. It did nothing but get me high. No pain relief at all. In fact, my pain seemed more noticable. I smoked a tiny, tiny piece too. Maybe I didnt smoke enough. If I did, I'd have been totally wrecked and on my couch.

Head High no body high. Very relaxing

The Strand is excellent what a beautiful day so I have chronic pain this here is number one for inflammation and chronic pain try it you'll love it

This strain has achieved legendary status it hits you fast and leaves you motivated,sharp and baked., most of the stuff I've had was stronger on the sativa side but awesome. Always tops out at lower to mid twenties on the thc scale. For hybrids ,there is none better. One of the best for treating PTSD. Corrigan dose it yet again for veterans.

Really mellow and it's another strain that lives up to its name.

I would pick this over most other strains. Awesome high! Would love to grow this strain.

Never been disappointed with this strain. I've always found it tasty and smooth with a strong high.

This was very good indeed. There wasn't as much of a blueberry smell/taste as I had hoped, hence 4 stars rather than 5. However, the high was immediate and very pleasant. I also did feel motivated and focused rather than the usual, now I want to zone out and eat munchies. I would recommend this highly.

Great strain nice cross breed

All time favorite flower, one I look forward to smoking when I get home from work. I have had a few from different growers and TJ's Blue Dream is the best. Let's me work get about work, be in a chill mood and get stuff done around the house!!

its pretty bomb i love super silver haze so Blue berry wit it is bomb too but i want SSH BY ITSELF IN TEMPE AZ!!!!!!!!!?

My go too, when I'm kush'd out. Love the aroma it leaves after a sessh. I could bask in that smell all day.... Great for aroma therapy and great balanced high. As kid Cudi would say "Day and Night" left a picture from a batch @ AZO 23% Thc 1.3% CBD.

Blue Dream is a strain that I grab a lot. It is a nice headie with a good carry that seems to hold for up to 2 hours. Artizen does a nice job on this flower, the smell and taste is very nice through this farm. I do think the flower was a bit overripe and the machine clipping does remove a lot of trichomes. I couldn't consider them top shelf for these reasons, but as far a B grade farm, Artizen is a Bomb B grade farm with Burly Buds. If you can get them for $10/gram and under it is a good deal, if your shop puts them on the top shelf, and prices them so (+12.50/gram), then I would keep looking because there is better bang for your buck. In short, Artizen offers some great strains, and after trying the same strains through other farms I personally find Artizen seems to only fall short on the high (kind of a big deal) when compared to top shelf farms. But if you compare them to other B grade farms, then you will always be pleasantly surprised when smoking on some Artizen, be it Blue Dream or one of their other yummy strains.

Super favorite becausebitsbeuphoric and wears off quickly highly recommend

Artizen never disappoints , and this one is no exception their brand of blue dream is the best blue dream I have ever had its unique flavor is always recognizeable as their product ! I fully recommend. !

I found it very calming and perfect for deep restful sleep.

Blue dream is a pretty reliable marijuana strain without drastic differences by grower. It tends to be uplifting and mind relieving for me and energizing without paranoia, but at the same time I don't find it incredibly awesome.

Big high on this one. Fun and bright.


This really worked for me but in my opinion it doesn't last very long. I found myself having to medicate myself more than once or twice a day...that didn't bode well with me at all

Love this one! Perfect combination of all the right effects. Wish I could find it more often.

Dreamy little leaf, that is quick acting high, which is a good numbing agent that curbs pain nicely and allows you to sleep, once you've calmed down.

Very good strain. Helps with all my needs. Helps me eat, sleep, converse without the paranoia and definitely with the pain. Thumbs up!

Tastes like shit...but it gets the job done as only Blue Dream can ;)

Blue dream is a smooth smoke that tastes like it has been rolled in the finest hash. Muscles melt in to a relaxed state so chronic pain is eased. All the dreams have that deep relaxed effect.

Blue Dream is a strain that fluxgates with your body's and mind's needs. It allows you to get into the whatever you have to accomplish, while at the same time eases the pain and doesn't cloud the mind for the operation of anything you have in mind to do that day allowing you to be productive when needed and sleep when you finally relax.

Yep it's good. I do it again.

iv been smoking for over 35 years and right now blue dream is the best that's out there

>< This plant is a good tasting hybrid, that although harsh at first mellows out and calms a person as it sets in, making a very nice euphoric high, so that a person can get some rest and relieve some tension.

great strain - one of my favorites

Blue dreams helped me so far with my stress and having headaches as well. I ❤ bluedreams

Very natural looking leaf with that same tried and true taste and feel of Blue Dream. Yum!

I like the how I had a coherent calm. I think this would be better for me after stressful day and not an everyday use... I like a bit more sativa.

Blue dream is a favorite of mine, between the headie high and the body numbing medicinal properties I can't say anything bad about this bud. I smoke it when I feel down and it brings me right up. Even tends to make headaches go away that other strains caused... I think the most impressive is the fact that just about all growers seem to pull this one off, can't say that for all strains. This makes picking Blue Dream up at any shop from just about any farm a safe bet. Lifting happy high, decent legs, normally holds about 90-120 min, a good turn-on bud for most newbies, great for experienced smokers and a nice staple on the menu of any dedicated toker.

Blue Dream is a powerful yet balanced strain. Its full of energy and euphoria without heavy sedating effects. Savage THC always has gorgeous blue dream buds. Exotic Farms has an excellent example.

So far....medicinal geniuu! Saving me from pharmaceutical withdrawal. I SINCERELY thank the suggestion from compassionate sciences...

Artizen has good products, top quality strains every time

Great for the creative mind...

This is a great strain...! I have smoked some of the $18 a gram bud and this is just as good in my opinion...! Great relaxing high...! I will be back for

Love love this strain. Had been sick all day. Ask for the best stain for my nausea. Within minutes I felt better. Helped with sleep and pain too.

You can't go wrong with Blue Dream! It puts me into my creative zone. So sweet!

This strain is the only strain that has helped with my pain and helped me sleep through the entire night for the first time in years. I suffer from insomnia amongst other things.I suffer from chronic back pain, intercostal Neuritis. So I require something strong and blue dream is one of those strains along with Granddaddy purple

wonderful.....always a a great strain to go back a sativa person love to get high with coffee......its the dream...

Got this at Old Toby in Chehalis, WA. See pictures and detailed reviews on my blog the Aging Ent's Tastings -- Brand: Jackpot Seaweed (BMF Washington LLC) Strain: "Engaged" Blue Dream 20% Blueberry Indica, 80% Haze Sativa -- Potency analysis: TTL 20. 9% THC 20. 7% CBD 0. 2% THCA 0. 0% -- Harvested: 04/22/2015 Smoked: 06/15/2015 -- Packaging: 6.5"x3" 3mil clear plastic zip bag with stickers Cost: $10/gram -- This was a very animated sativa experience. The flavor was indeed Blue - just delicious as could be and juicy. The smoke had a real satisfying blueberry flavor on the exhale. Like most Hazes it was very sweet as well, lots of good tasty action in the front of the mouth. -- This didn't have a ton of hair on it but it definitely was crystal-covered. My attention was devoted to the task at hand - but I could not at all tell you what it was I did.

I am a Sativa lover but do not have a love for this strain. Blue dream has a Very Distinct and Pungent Smell and Taste. I would never say this has a Blueberry taste or smell to it ever.

My go-to strain. Love the tension-relieving, non-drowsy feeling this wonderful flower offers. Also perfect for relieving migraines.

Dreamin' of...... a berry taste and a creative, happy head high when I smoked this lovely sativa bud. That's exactly what I got from smoking this great bud!

The best part of blue dream is that the genetics seem to be pretty stable. Most strains come have multiple phenotypes and almost never looks the same plant to plant but blue dream has an unmistakable smell of blueberries and always looks the same. The interesting thing about this strain is that it is unusually high in the terpene alpha-pinene. Alpha-pinene is a bronchodilator, anti-convulsant, anti-inflammatory, and negate the short term memory loss side effects THC. An easy plant to grow

Blue dream is a pretty reliable marijuana strain without drastic differences by grower. It tends to be uplifting and mind relieving for me and energizing without paranoia, but at the same time I don't find it incredibly awesome.

How much do I use to get a buzz? A pinch, a full bud, 1/2 bud?

Great, calm, intimate strain. easy conversations and zero confusion. If you have trouble sleeping, this is a great choice without too much "couch lock." It will creep up on you, so just keep that in mind before loading another one.

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