Bruce Banner Strain

Sativa Dominant Hybrid 60% Sativa / 40% Indica

THC: 24% - 29%, CBD: 1%, CBN: 1%

This homage to the comic book legend could turn even the Incredible Hulk into a mild-mannered everyman. It's powerfully relaxing, with sativa-dominant genes (60:40 sativa/indica ratio) that deliver a massive dose of THC: Nearly 29% in some tests. That makes this a holy grail of sorts for patients seeking the strongest high. CBD contents, however, are low, so this is not an ideal choice for conditions that respond to that chemical. The head high is intensely euphoric, combined with strong creativity and a whole-body mood boost. Energy levels are high, making this a good daytime strain. Bruce Banner is a highly effective painkiller, but it's also good for anxiety, depression, nausea, and sleeplessness. Dry mouth and bloodshot eyes are both common side effects, along with occasional paranoia and dizziness. The dominant flavor is sweet, with notes of citrus and a strong, pungent smell. The bud has a heavily frosted appearance due to a thick layer of resinous glands. It's most popular in Colorado, Arizona, and Oregon, though it can be found elsewhere. Expect this strain to increase in popularity thanks to its high THC concentrations.
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Real good stain, very nice and tasty bud!! This strain shoots for the sky, I will give it a 10!!

Killer strain. Taste awesome! As a daily I am looking for the hit and this does it ! Definitely recommend this strain and will get every time it’s available for sure! Buds are super sticky and beautiful looking

as a daily smoker, made me do a double take. excellently named, this shit is strong!

What an outstanding high. I find this amazingly helpful for energy, when I need to get up and clean.

Very Awesome high.

Your age is showing your buzz. I rarely get a decent buzz anymore, been tokin ( medicating ) for 35+ years.

This one is okay. I think you need to consume this as an extract. Its important to remember that Bruce Banner became popular when Colorado was leagues ahead of everybody else in concentrates. For a few years in the mid 2010s, Colorado was extract central. Bruce Banner does great as extract. Cured or live, I don't care. If you can find it for an affordable price, grab it. Its strawberry diesel x og kush. Cannot really go wrong with either of those two. Its not stellar/unique at this point though. This is the second "Diesel x OG" hybrid I have had in a row. At the end of the day, I find myself wanting either Strawberry D or OG Kush instead. I am dabbing the #1 pheno currently, which tends to lean towards the Strawberry Diesel side of things at the end of the day. #3 is slightly more OG. I tend to like #3 better but #1 seems more popular in Illinois. This crumble looks very similar in color (light tan) to the strawberry diesel BHO butter that was around in 2013ish. Flavor: Sweet, Floral, Hash (cured crumble), Mild Pop/Soda/Cola flavor towards the end Overall, Bruce Banner offers a high that is fun to visit but I wouldn't want to come daily. #1 is a great wake and bake strain for PTSD/Depression/Anxiety/OCD/ADD etc though.

You can always buy this buds from the wickr app name ..wufrank , he ships to every other state

Awesome bud, great smoking not harsh but strong herb that relaxes me to the point of sleeping well due to my nite mares

This is one of my favorites that Go Green has. It has an uplifting, creative and energetic sativa high with enough traces of indica to provide a relaxing body high. The buds are on the dense and sticky side rather than light and fluffy. Tastes great too.

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