Cindy's Bubbles Marijuana Strain

Sativa Dominant Hybrid Strain Sativa Dominant Hybrid 65% Sativa / 35% Indica

THC: 17% - 20%

Cindy's Bubbles is a sativa dominant hybrid strain (65% sativa/35% indica or 70% sativa/30% indica) created through crossing the delicious Cinderella 99 X Blueberry strains. A great sativa that's not the best wake-and-bake option, Cindy's Bubbles packs a hazy heady high that's filled with energy and creativity but severely lacks focus. You'll feel the energizing effects hit your brain almost as soon as you exhale, activating your senses and leaving you feeling like you're ready to take on the world. Even with this motivation, you'll be unable to do much of anything thanks to a stoney haziness that is soothing and blissful. Relaxing physical effects round out this heady high, helping you to feel totally at ease. Combined with its high 17-20% average THC level, these effects give Cindy's Bubbles an edge in treating conditions such as chronic pain, headaches or migraines, chronic stress or anxiety and depression or mood swings. This bud has a sweet and fruity berry blueberry candy flavor with hints of fresh flowers and spicy earthiness. The aroma follows the same profile with a blueberry candy overtone accented by spicy flowers and a hint of earthy pungency. Cindy's Bubbles buds have pepper-shaped emerald green nugs with golden undertones, rich golden-amber hairs and a coating of chunky golden-white crystal trichomes.
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