Diablo Marijuana Strain

Sativa Dominant Hybrid Strain Sativa Dominant Hybrid 60% Sativa / 40% Indica

THC: 19% - 20%

Diablo or Diablo OG is a sativa dominant hybrid strain. It has a 40:60 indica/sativa ratio, which produces an amazing 20% THC content. Diablo is a cross between Next Generation's Diablo and OG Kush. Considering its heritage, one would assume it to be nothing more than your average Kush. Rest assured Diablo is incredibly potent and it is not to be underestimated at any costs. Upon closer inspection you will come to realize it has an incredible blend of taste and aroma. It is effectively mixes grapefruit and blueberry flavors with hash and black pepper undertones. Those who are new to smoking cannabis are advised to stay away from the strain. Not only does it last for hours but the strain offers a sensational clear headed high. Additionally, you will feel a soft buzz overcome your body. The effects of the strain can provide pain relief up to a certain extent and is perfect for individuals suffering from headaches and even migraines. Rest assured the strain does not knock you out for good. You will feel a bit euphoric and energized which is why it is recommended for day time use. That being said, the strain is most effective at treating medical conditions like depression, anxiety and even nausea.
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I'm just not digging this Diablo OG. I never really felt completely high on this stuff. Instead I'm left with that in-between state, like the purgatory of all highs. I have no history of any depression but if I keep smoking this stuff regularly I might. I found this strain to be anything but uplifting. Weird, I've never had a strain make me grumpy & down on myself like this has the tendency to do. I'm no rooky either; a very seasoned smoker. The one (& only) good thing I can say is the clear headed high is nice for working & socially. However, I dislike it so much that it earned the #1 spot on my least liked strains. Never to get again.

Great for kicking back after a rough day in the jobsite

So far my favorite like someone said for the older generation.. awesome does ne one know ne other kind for anxiety

My #1! Puts me in such a happy, giggly mood yet super relaxed.

Great high but leaves me tucked in ....i love it...smooth..🤘🏿

a good favorite

Excellent high for the older generation.

Not so sure how good this weed is for daytime. It always makes me sleepy after a hit or two. Has a nice high that makes me super hungry but I usually can't even get off the couch to find food after just a few hits.

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