Dirty Girl Marijuana Strain

Sativa Dominant Hybrid 70% Sativa / 30% Indica

THC: 21% - 25%

This Sativa dominant cross uses Cinderella 99 and Arcata Lemon Wreck, a Trainwreck hybrid. It is a wonderful strain to elevate the mood, and it helps to keep the complications and symptoms of migraine headaches, anxiety, and depression at bay. The buzz is very creative and happy, almost boosting your energy along with your mood. This is not one of the best strains that you want to be smoking before bed, since it could cause you to lie awake from the uplifting feeling. There are no sudden spikes in your high - just a nice smooth buzz. The appearance of Dirty Girl is green with plenty of white crystals and lots of orange hairs. The aroma is similar to the household cleaner Pine-Sol, pungent and sharp, yet somewhat tropical with its tones of citrus fruit and pineapples. The taste is sweet and citrus - similar to sucking on a lemon candy.
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Very uplifting and calming. Gives off a soothing and euphoric feeling. It really helped treat my depression and anxiety. My morning went from bland to cheerful with this awesome strain :)

Tastes lemony with a touch of earthy pine great uplifting buzz to start the day off. high doesn't last to long, definitely a creative strain. I have smoked this more than once and I always enjoy playing guitar or maybe working out for a while.solid strain for sativa lovers.

Its taste like Pineapple Heaven..

buzz is def weak n dissipates quickly! It is not worth the $.. As im no newbie, its a very unimpressive strain comp to most.

Great strain, I'm mostly indica person, or leaning hybrids, but this is very good. Keeps ME chilled, but uplifted and going. Got .5g oil, disposable vape. Don't wanna mention brands, but this is the best disposable pen brand in WA I tried. (EDIT: few days later, both disposables died...tne brand? Ionic...stay away...great strain, bad pen) THC, 71%. Also got another, Berry White, 89%. The two go great. And the price was great...anyways, a great strain, for depression, mood, anxiety, pain, medically. Recreationally, it's a great name. Put on some Floyd, or old school scratchy LoFi hiphop...I need a Dirty Girl.

Best sativa I have had!!

very uplifting and happy the best wake n bake strain of all time

I use it to get shit done

A bit short lived, but worth the time to smoke!

love the deep red hairs of this bud and the great; your hands would get sticky quick playing with these buds.. The bud tastes great and lasts a long time which says a lot to me because i have never liked a bowl that burns right out. The T.C. amount on the product is usually in the mid 20's which is great. The only reason why it didn't get a five star is because the bud could have been flushed better.

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