Facewreck Marijuana Strain

Sativa Dominant Hybrid Strain Sativa Dominant Hybrid 70% Sativa / 30% Indica

THC: 22% - 25%

Facewreck is a sativa dominant hybrid strain created through the insanely potent OG Faceoff X Neville's Wreck strains. Needless to say, this bud is not for the casual user – with a THC level that averages at about 22-25% on average and full-body effects, it can easily overwhelm the lesser experienced. The high hits you hard with a euphoric blast to he head almost immediately after smoking, leaving you insanely happy with a sense of creative energy that has you bouncing from place to place in an almost frenzied state. Your mind will flux between laser-sharp focus and hazy introspection, leaving you easily distracted and unproductive. Throughout this head high, your body will feel slightly tingly and relaxed, although not weighed down in the slightest. These effects make Facewreck a strain to avoid if you suffer from anxiety but one to seek out when treating conditions such as fatigue, depression, stress, mood swings, and pain. Facewreck has a pungent earthy flavor with hints of lemon and a very delicious and notable hint of rosemary and spices. The aroma is very pungent as well with a touch of sharp citrus and spicy earth. Facewreck buds have medium-sized leafy olive green nugs with dark undertones and hairs as well as a coating of tiny clear crystal trichomes.
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Awesome high! Very energetic!

Hazey skunky pine scent. Seems to creep stronger over the first half hour and settles to an upbeat, cerebral buzz for me. Definitely gives me energy but I get motived then end up staring into space.

DUDE this is laced with crack!! But I mean that in the HAPPIEST most energetic awesome type of way!! Bro...girly....whoever...if this comes around your way, GET IT!! I got mine from NETA in Brookline, MA...my and my girlfriend had the greatest ride home EVER after we smoked the damn pre-roll, MAN we are flying high off of some Sour Tsunami X Cataract Kush...but listen when I say, if you need some energy and a crazy mood boost....FACEWRECK KID!!! Time to smoke some more of it actually lol....probably end up cleaning haha....lata people!!

Great sativa. Uplifting and energetic. I can feel my brain opening up and the creativity flowing. I used the wax from NETA and the taste and effects are top notch. 2 dabs in the morning and my day is off to a great start. I’m ready for anything

This one got me facewrecked the first time I smoked it. The focus and energy level was through the roof. I decided this is a perfect sativa for microdosing with an one hitter. There's something about this strain that makes me a better basketball player because I was hitting on all cylinders.

This was a HARD hittin potent strain right here! It's a work of art! Grade A++! HIGHLY recommended!

Great for intense focus for me; was ecstatic able to stay put and productively code for hours taking a slight puff every now and then wonderful aftertaste.

Hazey flavor with sweet undertones and skunk. This THC-rich Sativa strain is great for energy and helps gives you that extra creative kick. Definitely helps out with clearing up your mood and helping you curb worrisome feelings and stress. This strain also creeps up on you so expect a gradual 15-20 minute on-set. This is a STRONG high. Those prone to anxiety and heart palpations may need to exercise extra care.

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