Grape Diesel Marijuana Strain

Sativa Dominant Hybrid Strain Sativa Dominant Hybrid 75% Sativa / 25% Indica

THC: 18% - 25%

Being a sativa dominant strain, Grape Diesel is unlike any other strain you may have come across before. With a 25:75 indica/sativa ratio and an amazing 20% THC content, the strain will keep you coming back for seconds. Looking at the strain, you will come to realize that the buds are not only good looking but quite tempting at the same time. The buds are large and covered with bluish pink spots all over it. Additionally, the strain has no stems at all, which is preferred by most experienced cannabis users. Even though it is bitter, the scent has citrus undertones to go along with it. The taste is very smooth with a fruity finish during the exhale. The high will give you an immediate headstone. After a few hits, you will realize your vision will start getting fuzzy. Smoking the strain in larger doses will knock you out which is why it is recommended specifically for night time use. The buzz is clear, but it will not numb your senses completely. You will still find it easier to focus and concentrate on tasks. That being said, the strain is incredibly useful for individuals suffering from asthma, migraines, stress, depression and even insomnia.
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After repeated use, Grape Diesel has very rapidly and unexpectedly ascended into my all time top 5. Typically, when i visit the dispensary i take a little time looking around at all the new shipments. On the day that Grape D caught my eye, however, all my discretion evaporated and i fell in love instantly with that perfect marriage of skunk araroma and dense purple Himalayan fur. Quite a tree. I bought it on the spot. But my favorite quality about Grape D is the high, naturally. Focused, yet with a euphoric fuzz that tunnels so exquisitely into the skull it seems to bend your vision. Maybe a little groggy feeling. No come down, only an afterglow. Smells amazing as it burns too. 10\10

Got a 28.69% thc strain of this today. What else can I say. It's the fucking bomb.

Really " this strain has no stems at all" then how do the buds stay on the plant I wonder

Great smoke. Incredibly fruity and taste amazing!!

Enjoyed this strain very much...pretty much what most people are lookin for...enjoyable high...great for your favorite physical or creative activities if ya have the opportunity to try it I recommend that you do...enjoy

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