Grape God Marijuana Strain

Sativa Dominant Hybrid 70% Sativa / 30% Indica

THC: 14% - 16%, CBD: 1%

Grape God is a cross between God Bud, an indica, and Grapefruit, a sativa. The sativa genes are dominant, though the exact numbers are hard to come by. The THC content of this useful strain is relatively modest, about 14%, while the CBD content is low, about 0.6%. But the combination of the two, plus the sativa genetics, makes for a focused head high that's ideal for anxiety and chronic pain. Grape God gets its name from its parents and from its strong, sweet grape smell, with hints of earth. This strain has a bright green appearance flecked with dark strands of gold. The effect is deeply relaxing, making this a good strain for treating PTSD, arthritis, migraines, and mood disorders. It can also help with insomnia and chronic pain. Its low CBD content makes it less effective for patients with seizure disorders, but it's a great choice for many other patients. Possible side effects include dry mouth and dry eyes, while dizziness is also possible. Grape God is most popular on the legal markets in Colorado and the Pacific Northwest, while it's also commonly found in Michigan, Arizona, and on the black market.
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Strong feel good medicine

Very nice. Relaxing as well as creative. The bud: smells great. Grapey sweet, earthy with a bit of under lying funk to her also. The smoke: Smooth on the inhale and exhale. Nice grape, semi sweet with earthy notes as well. Production: I need 4 per or out it goes. Keeper. Medium Heavy. The Grow: I was told it is 8 weeks, but closer to 9 for a bit of amber to show. Gorgeous fall colors during flush. Glad to have her in my coral.

Great for relaxing after work to unwind. This strand is totally built for calming the nerves. The taste is incredible and it's not harsh on the lungs.

Great for appetite issues.

...some of the prettiest buds I have seen in a LONG time...

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