Hawaiian Cheesecake Marijuana Strain

Sativa Dominant Hybrid Strain Sativa Dominant Hybrid 90% Sativa / 10% Indica

THC: 20%

Hawaiian Cheesecake, also known as “Hawaii Cheesecake,” Hawaiian Cheese Cake” or “Waikiki Cheesecake,” is a heavily sativa dominant hybrid strain (90% sativa/10% indica) created through crossing the bold (Gouda Berry X Blue Steele) X (Gouda Berry X Blue Steele) strains. When it comes to the flavor of this bud, the name says it all. Hawaiian Cheesecake packs a sweet and fruity strawberry flavor with a rich and creamy cheesy exhale. The aroma is very similar, almost like a freshly cut slice of sugary strawberry cheesecake topped with fresh flowers. The Hawaiian Cheesecake will keep you coming back for more, with a happy overtone that is filled with lifted energy and motivation. You'll feel these effects hit you pretty soon after your first exhale, filling your mind with a lifted sense of happiness and ease. This boost is slightly tingly, activating your senses and filling you with motivation and focus. A light physical energy accompanies this heady boost, helping to get you up and moving. Thanks to these effects and its high 20% + average THC level, Hawaiian Cheesecake is often chosen to treat those suffering from conditions such as chronic fatigue, depression or mood swings, chronic pain, ADD or ADHD and chronic stress. This bud has airy heart-shaped emerald green nugs with thin orange hairs and tiny golden white crystal trichomes.
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i have P.T.S.D I 'ts make me mir good nostalgic ,you more optimist than Regular state of mind.

Consumption Method: PipesEffects I Feel: Body High, Depression, EnergeticHelp Me With: ADD/ADHD, PTSD
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