Headbanger Marijuana Strain

Sativa Dominant Hybrid Strain Sativa Dominant Hybrid 70% Sativa / 30% Indica

THC: 25%

Headbanger is one of the finest hybrid strains you can possibly get your hands on. The strain is produced by crossing Biker Rush and Sour Diesel and also won the Amsterdam Cannabis Cup in 2013. Not only is it a sativa dominant strain but it has an exceptionally high THC content which falls anywhere in between 25 and 28%. Headbanger has a 30:70 indica/sativa ratio and it produces beautiful buds to medicate with. The buds are incredibly dense and it borrows extensively from its Kush heritage. Moreover, it smells sour and offers a blend of citrus and diesel flavors at the same time. The strain is known as headbanger for good reason. Its high will overwhelm your senses in no time. It primarily offers a cerebral high and will make it easier for you to focus and concentrate on the task at hand. You will feel happy and euphoric at the same time, which is just what you will need if you are finding it difficult to keep things interesting. Considering its effects, the strain is better suited for individuals who are suffering from medical problems like mood swings, anxiety, depression and other mood disorders.
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Such an excellent sativa! active but smooth, creative, good feeling weed! got a second order too good to pass. Among the best sativa strains for sure.

I recently bought this strain and tried it for the first time and it was a crazy hit for me first time one hitter quitter for me. But i loved how it made me feel energized uplifted and mellow. Would definitely recommended this strain. I have added this strain to my growing list of favs such as amnesia, bob marley, willie nelson, xj-13, and others

I just picked up an 1/8th from the grower, Dime Bag with a THC content of 22.57%. I'm a heavy daily smoker and this flower pummeled my ass! One bowl out of the pipe and the high settles in right between the eyes with an old school skunk bud high...two bowls and the spins might set in...seriously. It's sun grown too! If you're looking for a couch lock hybrid go grab some of this. The buds are small, dense, dark and covered in red and purple hairs. Best part...its on the bottom shelf at the dispensary. Keep this secret between us. :)

Strong enough that it's hard to smoke a whole joint. Up there with cheese on the flavour intensity, tastes so good. Seek out the headbanger.

I enjoyed Smoking this Strain. A Good Day time strain to medicate with. I hit this all day long. Not good before bedtime, at least for me, it had me up. Not energetic or anything, just couldnt sleep. Wound up surfing my phone before smoking something else and crashing out. But it was Great for the wakenbake. Could feel it in the face a bit. Nice Head high. Clear enough to function and drive with no problems. Got a nice Fuzzy kinda tingly Body buzz.

Tastes like Super Lemon Haze, but not quite as powerful, at least in the eighth I bought today. It was held out as being slightly more than 25% THC. The strong lemonene flavor stopped me halfway through a fatty, but left me wanting a little more pain relief.

very strong strain here 👌🏽Hits smooth, but rushes to the head quickly. The sativa is extremely noticeable, but it his the body hard too. Not a daytime bud imho, really a good stimulate for insightful conversations, the high coming down is mellow, it escapes your head and falls down to your chest.

love it really nice tastse nd wrecks you so not 4 the faint hearted this is 4 experienced smokers newbies beware lol keep smoking nd free the weed

Great effects. Keenly cerebral, yet efficiently down to earth. such a great combination,.

I like the taste,stone is kinda dank like. Seemed more intica.

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