Jillybean Marijuana Strain

Sativa Dominant Hybrid Strain Sativa Dominant Hybrid 60% Sativa / 40% Indica

THC: 15% - 18%, CBD: 1%

This delightful cross of Space Queen and Orange Skunk hits THC levels of 18%, putting it in the upper tier of potency. The sativa/indica ratio is 60:40, a combination that creates an upbeat, euphoric head high with bursts of energy and creativity. CBD levels are very low, less than 1%, so this strain isn't very effective at treating seizures. But it is good at treating anxiety, depression, PTSD, bipolar disorder, ADHD, and pain (including migraines). Jillybean has a strong, sweet taste and a smell of oranges and mangoes. It has a shiny, frosted appearance created by a dense layer of trichomes, with flecks of green and gold. The flavor, as the name suggests, is similar to jelly beans. Dry mouth is common, while dry eyes, paranoia, and anxiety are more limited. Jillybean is a great daytime strain, ideal for getting things done and staying positive. The high is bubbly and cerebral, though the indica genes deliver limited body effects. This strain is most readily available on the West Coast, in Michigan, and in Colorado. Jillybean is definitely a popular choice, mostly due to its strong sativa effects and mood boost.

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This is my new favorite strain. As someone who smokes multiple times a day, my tolerance is really high. I picked up some jillybean because they were out of my first choice and got higher than I’d been in a while. I can’t remember the last time my eyes were red or I got the munchies but this strain had me feeling like I was new to smoking again. Plus it’s super potent. 31% thc and has a really strong citrusy smell and taste.

Love this strain! Not your parent's sleeper weed. If you want something like the giggly high you experienced in high school but at adult potency, this is it. Tasty too :)


As I smoked. A new me appeared. I was giggly, laughing, and creating. Great for creating awesome atmospheres. Btw ❤️❤️

Really quick to work. It doesn't put me to sleep, it doesn't drain you, and you can stay active and focused while feeling its full effects. You're calm, relaxed, and very at ease. The buds are gorgeous and a brighter green than the available photo of it. They're dense and sticky inside as well. It doesn't taste too harsh, and it has a very potent smell, but it's not a bad one. I highly recommend!

This strain got me through my college courses. I could medicate in the evening for my pain, but not be so high that i couldnt do my homework or online class quizzes. It helped me to concentrate and not be distracted by pain. I was initially worried about use affecting my grades, but i graduated with honors, so I recommend that people give it a try when it is available.

This hybrid definitely earns 5 stars, has the perfect balance of satvia/ indica which results in a clear-headed, energizing mind high. The euphoric effects are long lasting....nice dense,beautiful flower; props to Yavapai & Metro Meds! Great taste & aroma. Anytime enjoyment!

i always smoke a med bowl and that allows me to really taste the strain if its my 1st time tryn it.I got a citrus vibe at end.Almost immediately i felt calm,relaxed,and knew this strain is terrific!! I got it at Downtown Dispensary in Tucson Az.$15 a gram.

This is my favourite strain. It smells and tastes so good when I vape it. It makes me feel relaxed and calm all over. It also increases my tactile synesthesia.

Sweet relief and an odor that doesn't stink like some strains this potent. I'm a big fan of this strain. It burns nicely and tastes as good as it works. Sore muscles and stiff joints are forgotten,without a loss of cognitive powers. If I stop smoking when the pain is goine.

I'm puffing on a j as I type this review of Jilly bean from fruit of the earth organics and it's an excellent specimen with large dense nugz in the eighth i bought this is my third experience with Jilly so she must of done something right for our first two dates I like her because she is always a nice clear headed high just noticed it's a really smooth smoke I hadn't noticed because I have been mixing strains so I didn't know witch ones making me really coughing up a long and this ain't it it's so smooth and quite potent at 21.88%thc and Cbd is .25 so like it said not ideal for seizures or epilepsy,etc but it is a good strain for depression anxiety it's really good fo ptsd I do tend to p

Love, love, happy, happy Jillybean! Nab it whenever I see it. Hilarious jellybean scent, gorgeous and focused high. Lovely Sativa!

This strain was great. I will start with the fact that I have exclusively vaped for the past 2 years. I purchase a pre-rolled and shared with friends. I have to say it is a creeper. We were all fine outside at halftime during a game. By the time we made it inside to watch the second half, we were all slammed. One of my friends zombied out for about 15 minutes. Great body buzz and happiness, after the initial rush we all loved it. One a side not my mouth tasted last sh*t from the combustion.

Amazing smell and taste. Nice looking buds, crazy colors in flush. It definitely stretches so pay attension to your space

I have gotten Jilly a few times and always loves the flavor and the calm clear high :)

Rarely find this strain but when I do I always stock up! very upbeat and creative high.

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