Lamb's Bread Marijuana Strain

Sativa Dominant Hybrid Strain Sativa Dominant Hybrid 95% Sativa / 5% Indica

THC: 16% - 21%, CBD: 1%

Lamb's Bread is a sativa dominant strain with a 5:95 indica/sativa ratio. The strain has a Jamaican heritage and was loved by the legend Bob Marley. With 16-21% of THC content, a hit or two is more than enough to keep you medicated for hours. The strain is also popularly known as Lamb's Breathe and has a cheese and grass aroma to go along with it. As for the taste, it is more or less the same. The buds are golden green in color with red hairs with hints of lime green inside. After smoking Lamb's Bread, you will immediately notice its uplifting effects. You will feel happy and euphoric all the while feeling incredibly creative at the same time. Due to it being a sativa dominant strain, its effects are cerebral. The mental stimulation is unlike any other and will lead you to another world entirely. You should not be surprised if you feel focused and energized after smoking the strain. Lamb's Bread is recommended for daytime use. It can be used to treat a variety of different medical conditions like ADHD, depression and anxiety as well. However, there are patients who use it to regain their appetites or manage inflammation, migraines and even glaucoma.

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Might be a little harsh for amateurs, but it can still be vaped in that case. Medical patients in MD (not MD 20/20) get much euphoria and happiness out if it. I like to purchase strains I like more than once, that way if they improve it at all. I can note what is different. Though I would not give a strain 1 star cause the grower did not know how to care for it. In that case I would rate the grower, and note what other growers here sell the same strain and are doing a better job. Either way, I need strains mainly for relief from pain and depression now. Though I benefit from all medical properties anyway :D

A nice strong smoke that goes right to me head. Can't believe that this is only 5% indica as I am relaxed too, so amazing.

One of the best Sativa's i have ever had. At 95% Sativa it had my mind racing with thoughts. My buds were beautiful. While not dense the buds were full and not as pop corn like buds of most Sativa's. The Trichomes were many and some so big they looked like mini diamonds among the bud. Smelled and taste of pine & skunk to me. Nice change of pace for an Indica lover as myself :) PEACE

I'm starting to track some of the psychoactive effects on blog...... Low Dosage: Psychoactive: Physical sensations are more abstract or distant. Significant time dilation. Mantra meditation music opened from texture of the words to a vision of the deity they embody. A feeing of connection with someone at a distance......... Creativity: High........... Cognitive: Various ideas and points of view...... Insight: Various insights from personal to quantum cosmology. Focus: Moderate........ Mood: Calm, content, contemplative...... Energy: Relaxed....... Sociable: Low-Moderate.......

Low Dosage Psychoactive: Physical sensations are more abstract or distant. Significant time dilation. Mantra meditation music opened from texture of the words to a vision of the deity they embody. A feeing of connection with someone at a distance. Creativity: High. Cognitive: Various ideas Insight: Various insights. Focus: Moderate Mood: Calm, content, contemplative Energy: Relaxed. Sociable: Low-Moderate I'm tracking psychoactive effects of different strains on a blog now.

Very potent and nice smoke. Strong sativa upbeat effects but not too overpowering. Very different cheese type taste. Buds themselves were fairly unimpressive as for looks. I give it a solid B

Awesome sativa.. uplifting & energizing boost 95:5 ratio.. a strong cerebral High very focused and creative mood

Had this in Jamaica in the 70's, and still look for it. All sativa. And it is NOT aka "Lamb's Breath". That is a completely different strain (Lambs Bread x Hog's Breath)

Got this at Marijuana Mart in Rochester, WA See pictures and detailed reviews on my blog the Aging Ent's Tastings -- Brand: Doc Croc -- Potency Analysis: TTL 20% THC 0 77% CBD 0 08% THCa 18 9% -- Cost: $12 25/gram -- It's very densely coated in crystals and the hairs are just as densely present The buds are fluffy like a great sativa is expected to be They're very light and not at all springy -- The smell is flat It's slightly dusty and herbal like old, dried, cut grass It has no real presence or spread -- The smoke is just as light and airy as I expected it to be, and much like the smell, there's only a flat grassy sort of dusty flavor -- The high was nice and relaxed, very mellow -- I got sincerely deep munchies after this -- Overall, a good mental, sativa high While it has some fair body relaxation and restfulness - the head is really where this high is at. It took 17 tries and I had to remove the periods to get this review to post. Allbud you need to work on this!

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