Lemon Skunk Marijuana Strain

Sativa Dominant Hybrid Strain Sativa Dominant Hybrid 60% Sativa / 40% Indica

THC: 15% - 22%, CBD: 1%, CBN: 1%

With THC levels that reach 22% in some tests, this is a very potent sativa-heavy hybrid. Lemon Skunk, which has a sativa/indica ratio of 60:40, is the award-winning descendant of two distinct Skunk phenotypes that were selected specifically for their tangy lemon traits. The aroma is Skunky and sweet while the flavor is reminiscent of sweet lemons and other citrus fruit. Lemon Skunk delivers a heady, peppy cerebral high that comes with a boost of energy and creativity, a dose of happiness, and a euphoric kick. It's an uplifting yet lazy experience. The sativa genes offer effective treatment for depression, nausea, chronic pain, and everyday stresses. CBD levels are a bit higher than average in this strain, roughly 0.5% in some tests, but not high enough to recommend it as treatment for conditions that respond to CBD, such as epilepsy. Dry mouth and watery eyes are the only widely reported negative effects of Lemon Skunk, though paranoia, anxiety, and dizziness are also possible. Found up and down the West Coast, this strain is also popular in Colorado. It occasionally circulates on the black market, as well.
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Mmm mmm! I love this strain, I’ve purchased it twice now, which is unusual. Excellent daytime strain, it’s energizing and helps me to focus. I’ve been on Adderral since 2008. This strain of weed helps more. I use it along with the Adderal. I’m going to keep a stash of this as much as possible. As always, moderation is key - otherwise it may couch-lock you (though not very long). Outstanding!

I have epilepsy. This is handle-able for me and makes the days go better. I don't vape because it is stupid and chemical-disease inducing so I can't relate to other reviews down there, but this is good daytime and has a mellow burnout afterward. Good high then a relaxing comedown.

Excellent lemon pepper flavor. 25.63 total THCs it is certainly not for beginners. Fast acting, energizing, focusing. I found no Skunky smell but strong citrus elements. At $40 for an eighth this was an excellent purchase that I would recommend highly.

Giggly, energetic, focused. Almost cures my anxiety and adhd. Helps my tremors which is amazing.

If you think THC is the only factor that determines potency then try some of this. My sample was 19% THC, but don't let the number fool you. It was much more intense than strains I've had that were 25% - 30% or more. Similar to Green Crack this stuff has something extra. Lemon Skunk should come with a warning label. "Cation, May Cause Panic Attacks!" I prefer mellow weed but I still gave it 5 stars because some people love the intensity, and it's great for fatigue.

Although I'm generally a heavy strain kind of guy, if it's a Skunk I'll always smoke it. Lemon Skunk is definitely a more cerebral strain though it does have a body high of it's own. This one jolts you awake with a hit it the dome while relaxing the body. You'll want to possibly do something bit not anything that requires too much activity.

Lemon Skunk us everything its described as... its amazing! The taste smell and high is phenomenal! Highly recommend this to all sativa or SDH conissuers! Grade A+!

SunMed has it at 28% really good...def re-up

Smells nothing like skunk. Smells like lemon custard/candy, somewhat similar to blackberry kush (but s lemony version). A dessert type of smell. The high is similar to black berry kush. Very pretty frosty flower but the effects were unsatisfying for me and the flavor was “ok” vaped but god smoking lemony flavored weed like this tastes dreadful. Like burnt lemons. Gassy or berry flavors carry into the smoke way more. Vape it or low temp dab it. This is for light sativa people only. Jack is heavier.

This is a keeper! when people talk about taste, they say citrus, skunk, gas, cheese, etc. I've been smoking for over 45 years, and there is that one taste that I have found GUARANTEES that you will get really stoned. I refer to it as the 'piss on the fire' taste, and this one has it all the way. Gets you really high, and it lasts a long time. What more can you ask?

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